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[2022 College Promotion - blockchain College of Jiangxi University of Engineering] I: College profile

Time : 11/10/2021 Author : d8m4v9 Click : + -
        Blockchain technology is a new technology vigorously promoted by the country. The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in new technological innovation and industrial transformation. In the context of the country's vigorous development of blockchain technology, the university closely followed the national policy, combined with the actual situation of the University, "first try first", and officially established the blockchain college on December 1, 2019. The college has two undergraduate majors: blockchain engineering and information management and information system. The college has 362 full-time students, including 216 undergraduates. There are 17 teachers (including 2 full-time instructors), including 6 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 5 double qualified teachers, 10 teachers with master's degrees or above, and 5 guest lecturers in enterprises.
        The college has perfect hardware facilities and experimental equipment that can meet teaching needs. It has a blockchain laboratory, a smart contract laboratory, a blockchain team studio, and a blockchain and Information Security Industry Research Institute. Blockchain engineering major (major code: 080917t) takes go language, JavaEE, smart contract development, Ethereum development technology, super ledger development technology, Star Cloud chain development technology and other professional core courses. The major of information management and information system (major code: 120102) takes management information system, operations research, information management, web development technology, data structure, database principle, J2EE development technology, etc. as its core courses.
        Implement the "3+0.5+0.5" talent training mode, that is, complete the school teaching links specified in the talent training program in three years, complete the internship practice teaching with the enterprise in half a year, and complete the teaching of the graduation design stage with the enterprise in half a year. Students' employment direction: blockchain platform technology development and application, smart contract development, mobile app development, web software development and software testing, blockchain system operation, etc. The college attaches importance to the practice of engineering software design. In recent years, teachers and students have completed more than 120 military and civil software projects. Establish three school enterprise cooperation practice bases, jointly develop software projects with enterprises, and enterprises participate in the demonstration and formulation of college talent training programs.
        The college attaches importance to the engineering software design practice based on blockchain technology, and teachers have completed more than 120 military and civil software projects based on blockchain technology over the years. Establish three school enterprise cooperation practice bases, jointly develop software projects with enterprises, and enterprises participate in the demonstration and formulation of college talent training programs. College teachers actively carry out horizontal project cooperation, and have completed two horizontal projects, amounting to more than 300000 yuan. Since its establishment, the college has undertaken 5 scientific research projects at all levels, including 2 provincial-level projects; The teachers of the college have published 19 academic papers, including the first / corresponding author sci/ei, 6 EI, and 5 textbooks; Apply for 15 national patents; 10 software copyrights.
        The college attaches importance to "promoting learning through competition". Students won the second prize of the "Blue Bridge Cup" national competition 2 times, the third prize of the national competition 1 time, the National Excellence Award 3 times, the first prize of Jiangxi competition 6 times, the second prize 10 times, and the third prize 15 times. Two people won the second prize and two people won the excellent prize in the fourth national college students' program design competition. The team won the honorableideas award in the acm-icpc2021 undergraduate programming competition. There are 9 first prize winners and 1 third prize winner in Jiangxi information technology knowledge competition. In the second "netding Cup" cyber security competition, our "blockchain" team won 93 points and entered the top 20 in the university group.
        Since its establishment, the academy has always been based on education, and constantly strive to create a first-class brand of information technology. Through efforts, the teaching conditions can be improved, the teaching work can be implemented, the teaching management can be guaranteed, the teaching effect can be comprehensively improved, and gradually realize "the teaching conditions are basically up to standard, the teaching management is basically standardized, and the teaching quality is basically guaranteed". (contribution: Jiangxi Institute of Engineering) return to Sohu to see more.
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