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It occurred to me that the first school of blockchain specialty was not selected from the list of national blockchain innovation and application pilots

Time : 22/01/2022 Author : d2fceq Click : + -
        The central cyberspace Office released the publicity on the list of selected national blockchain innovation and application pilots. Wuhan University, Peking University, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and other 16 universities were selected. It is reported that in order to implement the important deployment of the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 on the development of key digital economy industries such as blockchain, and give full play to the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency, and building a credible system, 17 departments and units, including the central network information office, Organize and carry out national blockchain innovation and application pilot actions.
        Note that the specifications of these 17 departments and units are still very high! Let's look at the list of schools first!. In 2020, Chengdu University of information engineering, the first undergraduate major in blockchain engineering in China, was set up, which is not on the list! In the official website of the University, the school describes itself as: the cradle of Chinese blockchain talents, Huangpu Military Academy of Chinese blockchain talents! I also made a video before, saying that blockchain majors in this university can confide in me if you need it!. 1. A university majoring in block chain should have a certain strength and level in at least related disciplines. Blockchain technology is not a single information technology. It is an integrated innovation of mathematics, cryptography, computer science and even social science.
        2. There are two universities in the list. You can choose Guizhou Normal University and Tianjin Ren'ai University. Why are these two universities selected? Unfortunately, I didn't find relevant information on the official websites of Tianjin Ren'ai college and Guizhou Normal University, which is a little strange!. 3. Blockchain major is an emerging major. It is suggested to choose a famous university or a university in an economically developed province, and its development will be relatively more guaranteed! The above list is only a reference index. It is recommended to find more blockchain indicators for reference!. Volunteer to fill in the volunteer filling system course that Xiaobai can also learn. Don't worry about learning. The course is simple, practical and easy to understand.
        Purchase a copy of the electronic form of the provincial filing line data (including the number of seats, which can be edited and screened on the computer). According to your child's college entrance examination scores and ranking, combined with the special rules and calculation methods of each major in previous years, recommend suitable universities and majors. The college entrance examination is coming. After the college entrance examination, you will fill in the form of volunteers. If you are still waiting, you really have no time! Time is really too late! It's really too late! It's really too late this time! I have said important things four times. 8. Send the examinee a copy of the provincial filing line data spreadsheet (including the number of seats, which can be edited and screened on the computer) with a value of 29.9 yuan, and a special data sheet for practical operation with a value of 199 yuan.
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