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When blockchain meets movies, it can do both good and evil

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : esjumq Click : + -
        The most important thing this year is the information related to blockchain. Blockchain can raise cats, dogs and monsters, and blockchain can be used as refrigerator, color TV and microwave oven. Blockchain is everywhere, and even Hollywood has begun to distribute movies with blockchain. The American independent comedy nopostagenecessary (postage free), which will be released in June this year, will use the blockchain video application vevue for global distribution. Viewers can use digital currency to buy movie tickets for this film online. Since each node cannot copy, this may become a good attempt for the film and television industry to use blockchain technology to combat piracy.
        After watching the movie, viewers can also unlock the token as a reward by sending movie reviews. If the impact of blockchain on Hollywood and movies is so simple, there is nothing worth discussing. However, since the day when people began to make money by speculation with bitcoin, blockchain has become more than a technology. Nopostagenecessary claims to be the first movie distributed by blockchain technology in Hollywood. However, if the word distribution is ignored, there are quite a few blockchain projects related to Hollywood and film and television. These projects are mixed, and many of them may even just issue coins to China under the banner of Hollywood to defraud money.
        Hlwchain (Hollywood chain) is one of the blockchain projects that seems to have the closest relationship with Hollywood. It mainly takes Hollywood as its name, and has held several meetings in China. Hlwchain officially claims to be the world's first platform for the combination of film and television and blockchain. The founder has been struggling in Hollywood for more than ten years, and wants to improve the financing level of film and television projects, enhance the distribution power, reduce the distribution risk, and completely change the display and reservation mode of film and television works through blockchain intelligent technology. The officially announced technology and practice are not understood by ordinary people. It is true that they have tried to issue coins by ICO. To register on the official website of hlwchain, you need to fill in the Ethereum wallet account, and you can buy HLW virtual currency directly on their official website.
        According to the official information of the China meeting and the contact information on the website, hlwchain's founding company hlwchaintechnologyukltd (British Hollywood Chain Technology Co., Ltd.) is a British company, which is not located in the United States, where Hollywood is located at all. The introduction said that the founder Louis · Larry has worked in Hollywood for more than ten years, but such a name can't be found in IMDB and other foreign film information websites. Search hlwchain or Louis · on Google; Riley, apart from their own Facebook, medium and twitter pages and activities held in China, can't find any news about them abroad.
        At present, hlwchain has announced that there are two film and television programs cooperating with foreign countries, one is the Hong Kong Satellite TV's "Chinese merchants" and the other is the film "adventurer's paradise". Although it is claimed to be a foreign company, the two film and television programs are closely related to China and are full of loopholes. The program with the name of "Chinese merchants" belongs to CCTV-9 instead of Hong Kong Satellite TV. The program with similar name of Hong Kong Satellite TV is called "Chinese merchants in the world". On the other hand, in some online publicity drafts involving hlwchain, the film "the adventurer's paradise" was touted as an adaptation of the novel "Shanghai Daban" and "American Beauty" director Sam · Directed by Mendes, John · Made by nedep.
        According to the national film script filing announcement on the website of SARFT, the film "adventurer's paradise" adapted from the novel "Shanghai Daban" does exist, but the filing unit of domestic films is Shanghai adventurer Film Co., Ltd., which is not the Shenzhen new motion pictures mentioned by hlwchain in the Chinese publicity draft and the English publicity on the medium website. The enterprise news on the official website of Shenzhen Xindong group is frequently updated, but the film and the news of the cooperation between the two sides have never appeared on the official website of the so-called partner Xindong group. Taken together, hlwchain said that it wanted to solve the problem of trust in the use of funds in the film industry, but basically what it did was to raise funds and issue coins to retail investors.
        As for the future? More than a month after hlwchain completed 100% of the financing progress on its website, they excitedly told their fans on the Facebook Page: we have recently settled in the virtual currency trading platform, which has thousands of users, and the price of HLW tokens is about to rise. Announced that nopostagenecessary based on blockchain is an independent comedy shot on 35mm film by Jeremy · Directed by Culver and produced and distributed by the independent film company tworoad, it tells a story about computer hackers, bitcoin and love.
        The protagonist Sam is George ·, who once starred in the black mirror; Bragg Deng is a cynical single young hacker. He can crack billions of dollars worth of company accounts in a few minutes, but he has repeatedly made wrong life choices. In the process of stealing others' letters disguised as a postal worker, he obtained a letter from Josie to her late seaman husband. These gentle letters awakened Sam's inner warmth. He was eager to know Josie and start a relationship with her. But at the same time, the FBI is also looking for Sam and asking him for the previously lost bitcoin. This movie is distributed through the web application vevue, and users can unlock vevue's token as a reward by uploading comments after leaving the cinema.
        Director Calvert said that the advantage of this distribution method lies in the permanent proof of intellectual property purchase, and it can also make royalty payment more transparent. In such an attempt, blockchain may be just a gimmick used by movies to hype, but blockchain may indeed become one of the ways for small film companies to maintain copyright. At least tworoad, as a film company, does have several less famous film works, and nopostagenecessary is indeed a film that has been shot and will be released soon. No matter whether this attempt is successful or not, at least the way of obtaining tokens through comments will not cause economic losses to the audience of the film.
        Using blockchain technology to protect the pure copyright of films distributed by cinemas is not the mainstream practice in this field. The practice of most blockchain related content platforms is to allow content producers and viewers to trade directly on the platform through the digital currency issued by the platform. In the application of blockchain technology, Hollywood is not only thrown out of the street by Wall Street, but even the reaction of production companies can not catch up. Video and music production and distribution companies all over the world are constantly looking for effective solutions to the problem of copyright infringement, but adult content is undoubtedly more difficult than ordinary films in terms of user privacy and illegal sharing of copyright content.
        As early as October 2016, naughtyamerican, one of the major adult content production companies in the United States, reached a cooperation with decent, a Swiss blockchain company, to gradually improve the management of digital copyright through blockchain technology, digital video fingerprint recognition and the latest encryption technology. Decent has publicly explained that digital video fingerprint recognition is to record the characteristics of video such as motion changes, colors and key frame analysis as unique fingerprints through software, and then use this fingerprint to track and protect the video content on the network. At present, the widely used hash coding can only determine whether a file is exactly the same, while the digital fingerprint identification technology can systematically use the detailed characteristics of the file to distinguish the genuine and copied content.
        As for how to use blockchain to protect the copyright of film content, decent has not announced in its cooperation with naughtyamerican. But we can see one or two from the series of actions made after decent. In the beta version of decent launched in March 2017, users can browse, upload and purchase content through digital currency through desktop client, score authors and view transaction records. Later, in the official version, decent gradually added functions such as subscribing to authors and pricing content through mainstream legal currencies such as US dollars or euros. Whether it is decent or blockchain related content platforms such as lino and viewly, the practice in the transaction of film, television and music content is basically to allow content producers to trade directly with audiences, and P2P distribution of film, television and music content based on blockchain technology.
        One of the innovations of this form is that users can get platform tokens for uploading content, and fans or sponsors can also use tokens to pay for the content, and users can pay instead of advertising revenue; Reduce the participation of film companies and music companies. There is no middleman to earn the price difference. Content producers make more money and audiences spend less money. This part of the business model actually sounds not much different from that of station B, which mainly charges up and contracts dramas. On the other hand, the platform will ensure that copyright transactions will not be forged based on the non replicability of blockchain nodes, so as to ensure that content will not be infringed by piracy. Intermediate platforms cannot reduce the income of content creators by forging purchase data &mdash& mdash; Transactions are open and transparent. Creators can easily know their clicks and purchases, so as to know their due income, and will not be cheated by intermediate platforms.
        Of course, some platforms claim that they can encrypt the content through blockchain, so that the content can be stored in the network in a fragmented way, so as to keep the content confidential; Or by virtue of the non replicability of blockchain nodes to prevent other users from uploading copies of content, these are basically nonsense. In the future, blockchain is likely to become an important technology to subvert the film and television and music industries, just like the Internet and mobile Internet. But today, it is also our homework to polish our eyes and not be cut by the concept of blockchain film and television. After all, the first thing all blockchain film and television platforms mentioned and not mentioned in this article do after their establishment is to issue a coin to raise a wave of money.
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