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Hangzhou Internet Court judicial blockchain goes online

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : js03l2 Click : + -
        With the advent of the Internet era, people's production and life have gradually migrated from offline to online, resulting in a large number of network related disputes. These disputes that occur every day can only be settled because the subject matter of the dispute is small, the cost of safeguarding rights is high, and it is difficult to identify electronic evidence. On September 18, the Hangzhou Internet court held a press conference. Under the strong leadership of the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People's court and the Hangzhou intermediate people's court, it announced that the judicial blockchain of the Hangzhou Internet court was officially put into operation, becoming the first court in China to apply blockchain technology to settle disputes. The judicial blockchain makes the whole process of electronic data generation, storage, dissemination and use credible.
        Blockchain is composed of three-tier structure: first, blockchain program, through which users can directly record the whole process of operation behavior in the blockchain, such as online submission of electronic contracts, rights protection process, service process details and other electronic evidence; The second is the blockchain full link capability layer, which mainly provides real name authentication, electronic signature, timestamp, data storage certificate and trusted services for the whole process of blockchain; The third is the judicial alliance layer, which uses blockchain technology to connect notarial offices, ca/ra institutions, judicial expertise centers and courts, and each unit becomes a node on the chain. Through the overall complete structure, it can solve the generation, storage, dissemination and use of electronic data in the whole life cycle on the Internet, especially the whole process credibility of the generation end.
        In Internet behavior, there are still various problems in the generation of electronic data, such as scattered, incomplete or lost evidence; The evidence stored in the infringer's equipment is forged or tampered with; The time of electronic evidence is reset by the machine, thus losing legal effect &hellip& hellip; All these will make it difficult for prosecutors to safeguard their rights to the end. This pass is therefore known as the "last mile" of the trial involving the Internet. "Blockchain technology is the best technical solution to get through this ‘ last mile ’." Wang Jiangqiao, executive vice president of Hangzhou Internet court, told reporters that the judicial blockchain of Hangzhou Internet court can solve the authentication problem of data "generation" through six dimensions: time, place, person, before, during and after the event, so as to truly realize the whole process of electronic data recording, full link credibility and full node witness.
        Taking website infringement as an example, the parties open the blockchain program of the judicial chain, and the whole blockchain program recording mode can be opened through real person authentication and verification. The parties search the infringing website with the search engine, click the infringing website, open the infringing works on the infringing website, and the users download and save the infringing works. The overall process, including the evidence collection process, is fully recorded through hash value. When suing, the parties submit an application for prosecution on the litigation platform of Hangzhou Internet court for real name authentication. After the real name authentication is successful, they can view the documented infringement records and submit evidence directly. Then, the system will automatically submit the plaintext record of the infringement process. The Hangzhou Internet court system will verify the hash data in the blockchain on the local machine and compare the plaintext and hash. If the comparison passes, an evidence chain will be generated, and if the comparison fails, this evidence will be invalid.
        In this way, the whole infringement evidence chain is linked to ensure the authenticity of electronic evidence. "We launched such a judicial blockchain through the Internet court, which is intended to solve the credibility problem of electronic data at the source. As long as the parties can submit complete and credible evidence, many disputes can be resolved directly through negotiation without going to the court under the witness of the institutions on the chain. Through such a judicial blockchain, Internet behavior is standardized, and the governance of Internet space can be said to be a fundamental change. The use of Internet thinking turns simple management into mutual restriction and common governance of Internet related people, which is the goal and direction of the pilot reform of Hangzhou Internet court.
        ”Wang Jiangqiao said. The technician said that the blockchain technology introduced by Hangzhou Internet court has a high-performance consensus method with 20000tps deposit performance (bitcoin only has 8tps); The complete privacy security protection capability and cross global deployment capability have been widely used in the Internet Finance cross-border payment, electronic bill traceability, public welfare traceability, and supply chain finance industry. At the same time, it breaks through the technical challenges of storing large files such as video and protecting privacy while ensuring performance. Many alliance chains involving the confirmation and protection of rights will gradually join the judicial blockchain of Hangzhou Internet court, forming a rich ecosystem on the chain. For example, the copyright Alliance launched by Xinhua Zhiyun is about to be accessed, and defenders can complete the whole process from creation to rights protection online.
        Du Qian, President of Hangzhou Internet court, said: "For judicial trials, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies are not only new problems and challenges, but also new opportunities and new starting points. From the launch of the country's first electronic evidence platform, to the public sentencing of the country's first blockchain certificate case, and then to the launch of the country's first judicial chain, Hangzhou Internet court will uphold an open and inclusive attitude, and strive to build a judicial process and trial mechanism that is more in line with the laws of the network, so that the people can share There is more sense of gain in the achievements of Internet development. " (reporter Wang Chun, correspondent zhangmingyang, Wu Wei). The procuratorate of Huangmei County, Hubei Province recently launched a special procuratorial and supervision activity of "3· 15". Police officers went deep into Farmers' markets and retail outlets of fireworks and firecrackers in villages and towns to supervise the performance of administrative and law enforcement departments, so as to provide judicial guarantee for the stable and harmonious life of local people.
        Photographed by our reporter Dai Xiaowei and correspondent Zhang Qi, on March 12, prosecutors from the Jimo District Procuratorate of Qingdao, Shandong Province went to the stolen goods warehouse of the public security department to sample clothes with fake registered trademarks& hellip;。 "Fleeing overseas has brought great pain to me and my family … …" Not long ago, LAN Changhai, a staff member of the local tax bureau who has been fleeing for 22 years, made an actual statement at the warning education meeting of "talking about discipline with cases, talking about morality with cases, and talking about responsibility with cases" held by Chongqing Rongchang district tax bureau. "It's just a fool's dream to want to run away after getting greedy for taxes. ….
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