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Hdao, the implementation of new projects drives a new round of bull market in blockchain,Successful operation of blockchain project

Time : 24/06/2021 Author : kuai72 Click : + -
        Hdao is a one-stop decentralized financial service ecosystem. The goal of hdao is to provide users with a complete decentralized financial infrastructure. Defi is "decentralized finance", and its core is openness, fairness and interconnection. Based on distributed ledger and blockchain technology, hdao will build a financial service ecosystem platform integrating decentralized stable currency, decentralized community crowdfunding, decentralized wallet, cloud exchange, market forecasting, asset management, Inclusive Finance and e-citizen information system. In the years after its establishment, hdao has continuously improved and innovated new services to promote the development of the blockchain industry.
        Hdao has also made many achievements in the past, such as:. One year ago, on February 26, hdao's IEO was the first project launched on okexjumpstart. And won the highest growth potential award and the most competitive award issued by the China Academy of Economic Research (cberi). In 2020, hdao will integrate the market leading chainlink world-class decentralized Oracle into the default Oracle, so as to enable the defi products and provide high security and high-quality market data. Hdao is committed to creating an efficient, transparent and achievable digital asset financial ecosystem to meet the financial needs of users and provide them with a complete one-stop decentralized financial infrastructure.
        In July 2020, hdao launched its first product, hdao mobile application, which makes it easier to invest, trade, borrow and share information. Hdao plans to start on hdao Upgrade the IO platform to provide decentralized IDO and community crowdfunding services. Let's take a look at the concepts of IDO and community crowdfunding respectively. The original DEX product or IDO is a new fund-raising model that can provide better encrypted asset liquidity, faster, open and fair transactions. Ido model is the successor of ICO, sto and Ido. Ido is a method of raising funds, in which Ido coins are issued through decentralized liquidity exchange.
        Decentralized liquidity exchange is a way of encrypted asset trading, which depends on the liquidity pool where traders can exchange tokens. Liquidity pool is a pair of encrypted assets and stable coins. For example, usdt/eth is a liquidity pair. Traders can exchange encrypted assets and stable coins according to market conditions. Since the volatility of the stable currency can be ignored, it provides a safe choice for traders to manage the high volatility of encrypted tokens and assets by exchanging with each other. As a result, decentralized liquidity exchange enables companies to activate tokens and obtain immediate liquidity. Starting with a successful blockchain crowdfunding platform, hdao is committed to solving the financing problems of excellent blockchain projects, and has provided financing services for more than 70 blockchain projects.
        After the upgrade, hdao will further upgrade its original crowdfunding function to decentralized community crowdfunding services. Hdao platform currency hdao will be used as a governance token for crowdfunding platform rating, voting, recommending projects, etc., and can also be used to crowdfunding projects. The upcoming hdao upgrade will be similar to in terms of core functions, but it will still be different in terms of service execution and operation process. HDAO. IO plays an important role because hdao can host Ido for other platforms and help them raise funds for their own projects. The main difference between the two projects is that the upcoming hdao project will operate in a fully decentralized manner.
        This is similar to complete community governance. The community can vote on the details of the project (such as the amount raised and the time of raising and unlocking). In the original hdao In io, the conditions of projects are determined by hdao. The IO platform negotiates with the project itself, and the community has no say in this. The implementation of this decentralization enables the community to indicate the direction of development. With the successful upgrade of the immediate platform to hdao, the functions originally envisaged by leekcoin will be reflected in the new hdao platform. Leekcoin was originally intended to be used as the platform currency of leek's crowdfunding platform. However, because leek has been integrated into hdao, and the new platform has created a booming ecosystem, including cryptocurrency wallets, lending services, community forums and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) mechanisms, leek's current token design is not suitable for use on hdao system.
        After hdao's team conducted Ido on okex on February 25th, 2020, hdao reserved for the team will begin linear unlocking in 2021. The price of hdao token will also have the risk of fluctuation in the future. At present, the exchange rate between leek and hdao is 1:1. In order to provide users with a smoother mapping experience, hdao has reached a cooperation with wallets that are mainly online hdao, and it is recommended that coin holders map through wallets. In this way, there is no need to understand the technical details of mapping, the principle and operation of blockchain technology such as signature. Users can directly convert erc20leek to erc20hdao.
        Once the mapping is successful, reverse conversion is not supported. It is recommended that community members recharge leek to the exchange or wallet that supports mapping in advance. Hdao has been continuously improving, innovating and integrating new services to expand its ecosystem. Please keep in sync with hdao social media, and we will strive to provide you with information about the upcoming decentralized Ido project.
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