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Hashbang heavy online! Blockchain people's "Wikipedia" enables you to better understand blockchain.

Time : 30/09/2021 Author : mnrfua Click : + -
        On August 28, 2018, it was the first blockchain comprehensive information query platform &mdash& mdash; Hashbang was officially launched. Hashbang aims to eliminate the false and preserve the true. On August 28, 2018, hashbang, the first blockchain integrated information query platform based on the real information query of people in the blockchain industry, supplemented by chain information, chain evaluation, and then to the currency market, was officially launched. Hashbang aims to eliminate the false and preserve the true, purify the industry. The arrival of hashbang will make more people understand blockchain better and bring new changes to the blockchain industry.
        Nowadays, blockchain personnel information is blocked, and air coins and MLM teams are everywhere. Blockchain projects are mixed, true and false are difficult to distinguish, investors complain a lot, high-quality projects are difficult to stand out, and investors are difficult to choose, which has become a well-known pain point in the industry. Therefore, hashibang will establish a real and reliable big data center based on people, chains, and currencies to provide data support for all people who have entered or will enter the blockchain industry; At the same time, we will interpret blockchain for you with the best products and the most professional attitude. Based on the wechat ecological layout, hashbang takes the applet as the tool entry and the official account as the information source, which is convenient for users to view and operate at any time.
        We will provide 1000+ Online + chain information query and evaluation, 2200+ currency market, 1000+ white paper... To establish a comprehensive and accurate blockchain Industry Data Center for users, provide valuable information analysis, and push the latest data reports. At the same time, hashibang has a strong support team. Its founder, Wen Shuang, is a senior Internet practitioner. He has served as a product technology director in many well-known Internet enterprises and has rich experience in R & D and management. Other members of the team are from famous universities and enterprises such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Baidu, etc., with senior investment analysts, blockchain technology experts, etc. a mature and comprehensive team will escort the next development of hashibang.
        According to statistics, the market size of the blockchain industry has reached 15billion yuan by 2017, and will continue to maintain high-speed development in the next few years, with a compound annual growth rate of about 42.8%. Hashbang is committed to building a blockchain based big data artificial intelligence platform to comprehensively open up the information channels of people, chains and currencies, which will bring practical benefits and development to more blockchain people.
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