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How can traditional finance achieve "from falsehood to reality"? Wuhou, Chengdu creates a new scene of "blockchain, finance"

Time : 06/04/2022 Author : w2chq8 Click : + -
        Chengdu, October 30 (Guo Ying) - digital economy is becoming a new driving force for China's innovation and growth. As an important part of the digital economy, the blockchain industry accelerates the integration with the real economy and promotes the transformation of traditional production relations and business models. How can blockchain empower traditional finance, explore more effective application methods in different fields, and realize the integration and innovation of financial technology?. Today, the blockchain Industry Development Summit of "chain driven Wuhou · enabling finance", hosted by the people's Government of Wuhou District, and hosted by the new economy and Technology Bureau of Wuhou District and the state owned assets and Finance Bureau of Wuhou District, Chengdu, was held in Chengdu.
        Hundreds of experts and scholars, blockchain technology leaders and blockchain investment business masters from all over the country gathered here. Discuss the development and challenges of blockchain in the financial industry. At the meeting, the 2020 Wuhou blockchain industry development blue book and the list of 32 blockchain industry development opportunities were officially released. According to the data released by the blockchain special committee of Chengdu big data association, although blockchain technology is far from mature in recent years, it has made great progress in Chengdu, covering financial services, supply chain, traceability, e-depository, e-government and other fields. Just take Wuhou District as an example. Before 2015, there were only 13 blockchain enterprises, but by October 2020, there were 94 enterprises including blockchain in the region's business scope, which extended to home decoration, smart environmental protection, education and training, urban environmental governance, agricultural ecological management, community media and other fields, and cultivated a number of local blockchain enterprises with great characteristics and potential.
        At this summit, the blue book on the development of block chain industry in Wuhou District in 2020 was released for the first time. It is worth mentioning that the blue book specifically puts forward the "Wuhou path" on how to drive the development of the financial industry, from "getting rid of the virtual to the real" &mdash& mdash; Through data chaining and data sharing through blockchain, we can improve the efficiency of collaboration among banks, open up processes and reduce costs, so as to achieve the purpose of solving the difficulties of risk control and department supervision. On this basis, Wuhou District will also integrate the transaction data of small and medium-sized enterprises into the chain to form chained basic contracts, documents, payment and other records, so as to solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises while reducing the cost of bank risk control.
        "The integration of blockchain and industrial finance helps to solve the problems of SME loan financing, bank risk control and department supervision." Guo Bing, Deputy Dean and professor of the school of computer science of Sichuan University, said that the financial industry is one of the leading industries in Wuhou District. The international financial market is active and the market potential is huge. Under the top-level design such as the blue book, scientific planning is carried out scientifically to open up all links in the industrial chain such as well-known blockchain enterprises, scientific research institutions, financial investment institutions, and create cross-border payment based on blockchain, which helps solve the problems of cross-border payment, settlement, loan Financing and other problems promote the deep integration of blockchain and financial industry. A good ecological environment of blockchain industry is a necessary condition for the development of blockchain industry.
        Unlike the traditional industrial market, the blockchain industry needs new technologies, new models, new formats and markets that can be implemented, including the application "proving ground" of new technologies, new products and new services driven by innovation and the application scenarios of market opportunities driven by consumption. Make the scene concrete into a perceptible, visual and participatory opportunity for urban development. At the summit, Wuhou District also released the "list of blockchain industrial development opportunities" to the society, releasing the opportunities for urban development to enterprises, allowing enterprises to achieve good development in the scene, and promoting the transformation of industrial support and enterprise development from "giving concessions" to "giving opportunities". "Blockchain government service" business support platform project construction needs, smart complex construction needs, innovative e-commerce platform for life services, factories and various data interfaces &hellip& hellip; According to the relevant person in charge of the new economy and science and Technology Bureau of Wuhou District, Chengdu, there are 32 lists of blockchain industry development opportunities, including 14 lists of blockchain industry development needs and 18 lists of blockchain industry development capabilities, involving many application scenarios such as "blockchain government services", "blockchain financial services", "blockchain urban governance".
        Thanks to the fact that Wuhou District is vigorously promoting urban organic renewal, the blockchain industry has been widely used in many fields, such as financial services, government services, new consumption, urban governance and so on, providing a broad application space for the development of blockchain. At present, Wuhou District takes the lead in building the first government service city link in China, laying out a new model of "blockchain government service", accelerating the building of a blockchain integrated financial service platform and laying out the "blockchain financial service" scenario. According to the 2020 China blockchain city innovation and development index, Chengdu ranks first in the central and western regions. At the summit, the Wuhou District blockchain industry development alliance, initiated by the school of computer science of Sichuan University, the blockchain finance and security professional technical group of the Chinese Institute of electronics, the blockchain special committee of Chengdu big data association, and Chengdu Wuhou SME Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., was announced.
        A number of well-known blockchain enterprises, scientific research institutions, and financial investment institutions will work together to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in technological innovation, application implementation, standard setting, investment and financing, standardize industry development, and build a new state of blockchain industry development with multi-party cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results.
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