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Blockchain information,Business information blockchain is popular at the "national level"! What is "blockchain"?

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        Looking at the whole country, "cultural tourism fever" swept across the river, and the development of cultural tourism projects is also in full swing. On April 8, 2018, the newly established "Ministry of culture and tourism" was officially listed. By the end of 2018, the institutional reform of the cultural and tourism departments in 31 provinces and cities has been completed, all of which were listed and established, and the new era of deep integration of culture and tourism has arrived! According to a report released by Zhihui, a tourism media organization, up to now, 57% of the top 100 domestic real estate enterprises have been involved in the field of cultural tourism real estate. "Eclipse" releases a few minute food healing video in each issue through a media account, and has a large number of fans on the Internet. At present, eclipses has moved from online to offline. Its store name is eclipses life hall, which provides staple food, coffee and Japanese daily necessities. It has become a cross-border experience from online to offline, allowing content to intersect with retail, experiential activities to collide with business space, and fans and readers to become the new traffic of shopping centers.
        While the online popularity, clock in and personalization of commercial space have become more distinct, and the transformation of commercial real estate is quietly taking place. Qiaoda · Maochen square is located in the core of Yubei airport, close to the moon observation station of light rail line 3, the bus hub in the north, the airport Sports Park in the West and Jiangbei International Airport. The commercial volume is 69600 square meters, including life supermarkets, catering and entertainment, star rated cinemas and other business forms, creating a diversified experience life shopping center integrating "theme experience + children's experience + art and culture experience + service experience + food experience + Intelligent experience". At present, it has entered the stage of centralized investment attraction and is expected to open in September 2020.
        Recently, officially "officially announced" the Chongqing store of appliance super experience store on the official Weibo, which will open on November 11. This means that the offline layout of's retail business has officially achieved full coverage. Jingdong electric appliance super experience stores in first and second tier cities, Jingdong five-star electric appliance experience stores, Jingdong home for large and medium-sized cities, and Jingdong home appliance stores, Jingdong computer digital stores, and Jingdong stores for county and town markets spell out a complete offline business map of Jingdong electric appliance. On October 24, the first IKEA mall in Guizhou and the 29th nationwide was officially opened. The project is located at No. 2, Jinqing Avenue, guanshanhu District, Guiyang city. It is reported that the total investment of Guiyang IKEA is nearly 825 million yuan, covering an area of more than 33000 square meters (standard store), which is divided into three floors. It is planned to have 48 sample rooms, including home exhibition rooms, household goods areas, home self-service areas and Swedish restaurants with more than 700 seats. It provides more than 9000 choices of furniture and household products, as well as more than 800 free parking spaces.
        As the headquarters of Alibaba group, Hangzhou's physical business has been hit hardest by "e-commerce", but it has also been pushed forward faster. From traditional department stores to shopping malls to commercial complexes, Hangzhou has a surprising speed of renewal; It is surprising that only local "land snakes" such as Hangzhou Jiebai, Hangzhou building, Yintai, etc., to real estate developers such as China Resources Land, CapitaLand, Longhu, Kerry construction, Baolong, Wanda, COSCO, and even Hang Lung, new world, etc. Now, Hangzhou has set up business centers in the southeast and northwest, and there will be more in the future. Recently, there is a word that appears frequently on the Internet. Seeing this word will make people feel very powerful, but they often don't know exactly what it means.
        This word is called "blockchain"! What is "blockchain"?. From an academic perspective, blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. Blockchain can be understood as an irreversible shared ledger, which facilitates recording transactions and tracking assets in specific business networks. With this single and open record book, we can maintain high transparency in real estate transactions. Blockchain can enable the seller to prove property ownership and the buyer to prove that they have the necessary funds in hand. In addition to increasing transparency and reducing the possibility of fraud, the use of blockchain in real estate transactions also facilitates asset management and prevents unexpected events such as reversal of records.
        Some experts stressed that by using blockchain in real estate, buying a house can be as simple as online shopping. In addition to influencing the sales and purchase of personal real estate, blockchain also has the ability to change the way people invest in the real estate market. By tokenizing real estate on the blockchain, developers no longer need to obtain traditional bank financing and get rid of the constraints of the sales schedule. When houses are converted into tokens, they can provide a reliable "stock market" solution to transfer assets to a larger owner base. Real estate tokenization has attracted many real estate agents to use blockchain technology, thereby increasing the demand of blockchain development companies.
        In blockchain real estate projects, the digital ownership, contracts and documents of real estate are directly related to blockchain. This factor makes rental fraud, false lists and forged documents almost impossible. All records displayed on the blockchain are transparent, immutable and permanent, and absolutely no one can change them in any way. Everyone on the network can see any transaction related to digital assets. Smart contract is a completely guaranteed transaction or protocol, which can be implemented with the help of computer protocol without human intervention. These agreements are used to check the legitimacy of real estate transactions. If the terms of the agreements cannot fully meet the established standards, they cannot be reached.
        Once the requirements of real estate transactions are met, smart contracts will be automatically executed. It is transparent to everyone on the network, and is often permanent and immutable. This element of blockchain can even make commercial real estate and rental housing transactions more secure and convenient. By applying smart contract and blockchain technology in real estate, investors may get rich returns with minimal fraud risk. Softbank, which spent $10billion, has been unable to get away. I don't know whether this $9.5 billion is the salvation of son Zhengyi or the last big bet. In this chess game, Wework's failed IPO was the first domino to fall.
        Since then, Wework, hidden behind the curtain of capital, began to show a real gloomy face. The foam broke one by one, but Softbank, which hit $10billion, could not get out. I don't know whether this $9.5 billion is son Zhengyi's redemption or the last big bet. On October 22, us time, McDonald's released its third quarterly report, which showed that its revenue increased by 1% year-on-year to $5.43 billion, or about 38.5 billion yuan; Net profit fell 2% to US $1.61 billion, or about 11.4 billion yuan, which was lower than analysts' expectations. Dragged down by the financial report, McDonald's share price fell 5%, and its market value evaporated $8billion, about 56.6 billion yuan.
        The famous financial saying - failure is opportunity - makes you clearer when you start again. If an enterprise can focus on services, there is only too much profit left to worry about.
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