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Blockchain games (which blockchain games can be played in China now)

Time : 03/12/2021 Author : suh5v8 Click : + -
        After Ethereum landed on Ethereum blockchain, it set off a revolution of cloud sucking cats. Cloud pet store is a small spray derived from this big wave. It is the first virtual pet nurturing game on the game platform of blockmoney startup "pet chain". At this time, it is the first blockchain game in China. It uses blockchain technology to integrate the pet supply chain in real society to make the whole pet ecological chain more real, The whole chain is also healthier, and a new play method of "cat and dog dig ether" is added. Players must buy electronic pets in Ethereum, and the selling price and auction price are entirely up to the players themselves. This way can make players quickly become blockchain millionaires.
        This game is produced by Rongsheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. cash out. The circulating currency is not ether, but linkcoin. Others raise cats and chickens. Linkcoin chicken farm has created a new playing system. By upgrading chicken algebra to lay eggs, broken eggs have the opportunity to obtain linkcoin. The process is very transparent and the risk is very small. After the Netease Fortune Cat project hit the streets, Netease is another masterpiece based on blockchain, which generates Black Diamond rewards through personal planet activities for consumption and fund-raising on the planet. Players with force greater than 35 have the opportunity to obtain additional rewards, but the total amount of black diamonds is limited, and with the passage of time, it will be more and more difficult to obtain black diamonds. It may also attract participants through this rule.
        At present, blockchain based games are changing. Many people believe that blockchain will soon overturn traditional finance and change the value of games. Those who miss bitcoin don't want to miss blockchain, but we are not professional investors. We still hope you can keep your eyes open and don't blindly follow the trend. Some of the content, pictures, videos and other template presentation data covered by this site could not be contacted with the original author. If copyright issues are involved, please inform us in time and provide relevant supporting materials, and we will delete them in time! Thank you for your understanding and support!.
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