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Blockchain business dynamics of listed companies (11110): 12 companies enter the market, and multi layout supply chain finance

Time : 19/05/2022 Author : ml5vgr Click : + -
        Since the "1024" speech, domestic listed companies have been more active in disclosing and distributing blockchain business; The release of Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index further promotes the development of blockchain of listed companies. According to the pulse of cross chain, just 10 days after 2020, 12 listed companies have announced the progress of blockchain related businesses. To this end, the inter chain pulse will sort out the details. After that, it will also bring readers the latest trends in the blockchain field of Listed Companies in the form of weekly reports. Rendong Holdings (002647) plans to make strategic investment in Beijing crowdsource or Zhihui Xinyuan through capital increase and / or stock share transfer. The two sides will form a strategic partner to jointly establish a supply chain financial platform and a trade finance platform through the combination of blockchain technology, smart contract technology and industry scenarios, so as to promote all-round cooperation in innovative financial businesses.
        Donghua software (002065) and Ningbo Telecom closely focus on the overall ecological development plan of "5g+ pengxiao". With the accurate grasp of the direction of technology development and customer needs, through the localization integration of new generation information technology such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and domestic actual needs, both sides continue to output practical, forward-looking Strategic product and management concepts. Shenzhou information (000555) has set up a special team to study the underlying technology. The alliance chain open source working group has created an open source platform, and has also conducted a lot of research on the full financial restructuring. In addition, the company is empowering various fields with technology in supply chain finance.
        Jin Gu Co., Ltd. (002488) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Jianan Yunzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. on October 27, 2019. Hangzhou Jianan blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jianan Yunzhi, plans to establish a joint venture with the company's subsidiary teweilun network technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. with a planned registered capital of 10million yuan, and teweilun network technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. holds 51% of the shares, Hangzhou Jianan blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. holds 49% of the shares. Recently, the joint venture company completed the relevant industrial and commercial registration and obtained the business license of enterprise legal person. Lakala (300773) was entrusted by the Guangzhou financial bureau to help build a blockchain and digital supervision service platform for the supervision of the small loan industry based on blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other financial technology, so as to realize the timely and effective supervision and management of the operation of the main body of the small loan industry by the local government.
        Agricultural Bank of China takes Zhongzhuang construction (002822) blockchain supply chain financial platform as a partner, and actively carries out financial service product innovation for Zhongzhuang construction and its holding subsidiaries, upstream and downstream enterprises, blockchain supply chain financial platform access enterprises, etc. Agricultural Bank of China accesses through system connection, and based on platform blockchain technology and data, it makes customized transformation for Party A's blockchain supply chain financial platform, and provides supporting financial products and supply chain financial financing support. Yuxin Technology (300674) and Baidu jointly build products including the financial industry cloud, Internet finance core overall products and solutions, databases, big data intelligent analysis platform, blockchain and trusted computing.
        The company will assist Baidu AI Cloud to promote the industry-class solutions of blockchain + finance, including but not limited to supply chain finance, integral chain, trusted computing, compliance token and so on. Shenzhen Jilian blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jihong Co., Ltd. (002803), signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tianjin Evergreen Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing zhongxiangbit Technology Co., Ltd. on January 5, 2020. The parties intend to cooperate in technology research and development, customer development and industrial ecology. Both parties jointly set up a research and development team to implement the application scenarios of "blockchain + Finance (such as supply chain and financial leasing)", "blockchain + high-end equipment (such as piecework payment and equipment sharing)" and "blockchain + digital industrial control" based on Party B's accumulation of a large number of blockchain underlying core technologies for Party A's packaging and printing equipment / equipment manufacturing, supporting technologies and financial services.
        Venture Huikang (300451) held a new generation of "polymorphic Zhilian" product launch. Propose a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment solution based on blockchain 3.0: use blockchain 3.0 technology to link all medical resources of the medical community, realize one account of medical resources, and ensure the full opening of medical resources. Wantong Technology (002331) signed the strategic cooperation agreement between fazhijin Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Wantong Technology Co., Ltd. with fazhijin Group Co., Ltd. on December 16, 2019. The two sides intend to conduct strategic cooperation in the fields of expressway, port shipping, urban intelligent transportation and IDC based on the blockchain economic model, so as to jointly build an innovative value consensus, CO governance and shared ecosystem.
        Zhidu and Guoguang electric (002045) have established a joint venture in artificial intelligence voice products. Zhidu blockchain business is in the application scenario. Guoguang Electric's high-quality industrial foundation helps to promote the implementation of blockchain applications in supply chain finance and other aspects.
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