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The launch of Jingniu chain, the first sub chain of ETO public chain, will help physical enterprises enter a new era of "blockchain +"

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        It has been more than ten years since the birth of blockchain. In recent years, with the increasing maturity of blockchain technology and the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, blockchain has attracted more and more attention. Especially on April 20 this year, the national development and Reform Commission clearly proposed for the first time that blockchain should be included in the scope of China's "new infrastructure". Blockchain has become a key technology to improve the efficiency of China's stock assets and improve the medium and long-term industrial competitiveness. Why is blockchain so important? In essence, blockchain realizes the openness, transparency and tamperability of data through the consistent distribution and redundant storage of data throughout the network, reduces information asymmetry at the system level, and enables nodes to reorganize business relationships based on new information acquisition capabilities.
        While the information system is decentralized, blockchain realizes the improvement of overall efficiency by building the decentralization of business systems and the disintermediation of business processes. The essential requirement of real economy reform is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The purpose of developing digital economy is to serve the real economy. Blockchain plays a very important role in this process. The so-called "chain reform", on the one hand, is to reconstruct and reorganize the business process of the real economy through blockchain, and realize the distribution and storage of data on the chain with decentralized business system and disintermediated business process; On the other hand, by introducing token economy, we can adjust the benefit structure of different subjects in the business system, improve the value flow efficiency of the whole supply chain system, and reconstruct the benefit distribution model.
        This is why chain change is so important. From the technical level, the chain reform can solve the problems of trust, security, privacy protection, cost reduction and efficiency increase through the application of chain, information chain and asset chain. From the perspective of token economy, chain reform can change the way of economic value output, circulation and distribution, so that all contributors to the whole ecosystem can get corresponding returns for their own efforts. The chain reform will transform the identity of "consumers" into "consumers + communicators + investors", transform the three-dimensional interests into a community of interests, and improve the stickiness of end consumers; Through the design of incentive model, we can liberate production relations, improve the collaborative value of upstream and downstream supply chain, and promote the maximization of benefits.
        In the long run, chain reform is of great significance to the development and progress of the whole society and the promotion and protection of personal income. Jingniu chain is a world leading one-stop chain reform service platform focusing on real economy chain reform and digital equity of real enterprises. On the one hand, Jingniu chain is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises solve internal and external incentive problems through blockchain technology, obtain immediate incentive feedback internally, and externally improve the synergy efficiency of upstream and downstream industries; According to the product characteristics of different enterprises, provide personalized chain reform schemes to enable enterprises to obtain differentiated competitive advantages. On the other hand, Jingniu chain is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises solve the problems of enterprise financing, loans and low financing efficiency that cannot be solved by traditional equity or are difficult to solve in the short term, and open up new financing channels through services such as digital equity architecture design, token model design, digital equity issuance, listing financing, secondary market operation and maintenance; Reconstruct the business model, change the output, distribution and circulation of enterprise value, and realize the cost reduction, efficiency increase, freedom and fairness of the real economy.
        According to official news, Jingniu chain will be officially launched on July 28, which is good news for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. Jingniu chain is a sub chain developed by relying on ETO equity public chain. ETO equity public chain is initiated and established by the non-profit organization American eternal Foundation (ETT Foundation), which is committed to empowering equity financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. After the launch of Jingniu chain, it will provide small and medium-sized enterprises with chain reform, digital equity reform and other services, enabling the upgrading and transformation of the real economy. With the help of the technical services and digital equity integrated services of Jingniu chain, enterprises in agriculture, supply chain, games, e-commerce, finance, new retail, medical beauty, culture and tourism and other industries are expected to significantly improve in reducing operating costs, improving the efficiency of enterprise operation and capital turnover, activating internal activities, and enhancing the synergy between upstream and downstream supply chains.
        In fact, Jingniu chain has successfully implemented more than ten cases of chain reform services and digital equity integrated services. Chain reform service cases, such as digital financial applications, musicians' tour, Youxian times, citychain+ Hainan Wenchang Chicken, Dunhuang Caiyu, Shaolin Temple Cultural IP, as well as a medical beauty and travel agency, have been highly recognized by enterprises. Digital equity integrated service cases such as bfm&mdash& mdash; B4 flash chip project. The project is a semiconductor nonvolatile memory exclusively developed by Mr. Nakajima Shengyi. BFM is a new digital asset based on conditionedproofofcapacity (cpoc).
        It is characterized by using B4 flash memory chip as a consensus participant, reducing the consumption of power resources by encrypted digital assets, reducing the threshold of participation, making its production mode more decentralized, and more secure and credible. Credit and value are generated through mathematical algorithms and distributed mining. Given that Jingniu chain has made so many achievements in chain reform, Jingniu chain has also won the honorary title of "chain reform demonstration enterprise" awarded by the blockchain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association. The core team of Jingniu chain has been deeply involved in the blockchain field since 2017, and has successively established multiple research and operation centers in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hebei, Russia, Singapore, etc. at present, there are more than 300 team members. The main members of the team are from well-known companies such as Microsoft, Google, Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, 360, etc., and they have rich practical experience in development, operation, community, design and other fields.
        Jingniu chain has three business sectors: Jingniu Research Institute, Jingniu college and Jingniu maker, which aims to create professional services covering the whole life cycle of the blockchain industry, such as education and training, technology development, capital docking, enterprise level incubation, etc., provide customized solutions for governments and enterprises, improve industry efficiency and cultivate professionals, and jointly build a new economic entity for blockchain application. Among them, Jingniu Research Institute aims to build a blockchain industry development think tank. It has joined hands with Alibaba cloud to build a Jingniu cloud bass service platform, which has six advantages: rapid application construction, massive user support, visual operation and maintenance management, privacy permission strategy, built-in smart contract, and blockchain as a service. It is widely applicable to energy and chemical industry, real estate transactions, digital copyright, commodity traceability, public welfare charity, mutual insurance, supply chain finance Digital asset trading, asset securitization and other fields;.
        Jingniu college is an education and training institution dedicated to promoting blockchain enabled real economy, aiming to popularize blockchain education through online and offline training services, cultivate blockchain professionals, improve entrepreneurs' understanding and cognition of industrial structure, and contribute to blockchain enabled real economy;. Jingniu Zhongchuang aims to build a blockchain "The Innovation workshop provides the innovation and entrepreneurship team of blockchain projects with capital, business, technology, market, human resources, law, training and other related resources, and provides one-stop services such as technology implementation, project preparation, advertising, video publicity, copywriting design, operation promotion, listing and market value management. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation with nearly 10 international well-known investment institutions, such as ngcventures, catagonia, draperassociates, etc., and owns packages Including nearly 100 well-known media publicity channels in the industry with in-depth cooperation, such as golden finance and Mars finance, 30+ are deeply bound to the cooperative group, and have strong brand advantages in brand planning, government resource docking, roadshow plans, community operations, etc.
        In addition, Jingniu chain can also provide investment and M & A services to help high-quality traditional projects effectively connect with blockchain value asset projects, and realize in-depth services from project screening, preliminary contact, feasibility analysis, token model reconstruction, compliance architecture design, capital operation research plan, project investment / M & a plan to the whole process of exit, so as to achieve win-win results for all parties. Through Jingniu Research Institute, Jingniu college and Jingniu maker, Jingniu chain can help 7000 + projects connect to Silicon Valley, and has formed a complete service ecosystem. Jingniu chain has the service support of the whole ecosystem, including 1.47 million DAPP ( KYC users, 570000 blockchain game platform (rihuo users and 20000 + blockchain community city China paid shareholding users.
        In order to better serve cooperative enterprises and projects, Jingniu chain has reached a strategic cooperation with etex eternal exchange (etex). Etex, also initiated by the ETT foundation, is a global digital asset trading platform. Registered in the Republic of Malta, headquartered in Colorado, the United States, has obtained the US MSB digital currency and finance license. The core members of the etex team are from Silicon Valley, Google, the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Tencent, Huawei and other world-renowned Internet companies and financial institutions, with rich experience in the operation and management of trading platforms.
        Etex exchange aims to establish a safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain asset trading service platform to provide a safe, reliable, fair and open trading environment for blockchain and digital asset enthusiasts. Etex exchange is an important bridge for Jingniu chain to help the chain reform project realize the compliance issuance of digital equity, listing financing and secondary market transactions. In the future, Jingniu chain will also establish cooperative alliances with more well-known trading platforms around the world, such as bitfinex and Kraken, to provide more financing channels for chain reform projects. Jingniu chain is a sub chain based on ETO equity public chain. In order to better serve chain reform enterprises, Jingniu chain issued a sub currency JnL.
        Its total amount is 168million pieces, with an initial price of 147usdt/ piece for 30% of the shares of standard cattle chain company, of which 2% of JnL is allocated as the parent currency (a total of 3.36 million pieces), and the remaining 98% of JnL is allocated to the ore pool. The refined cattle chain is divided into six ore pools. The specific rules for the allocation of ore pools are static computing power 35%, dynamic computing power 50%, dynamic daily new computing power ranking 4% (top 99), community daily new computing power ranking 5% (top 39), personal pledge computing power ranking 1%, and destruction of ore pools 5%. In terms of ore output, 43200 ore pools are produced every day, with a reduction of 2% every 100 days; In terms of the rise and fall mechanism, the circuit breaker stops profits and losses ± 3% per day.
        The specific destruction mechanism is: every day, always put 5% of the quota as the destruction of the ore pool, and use the explosion mechanism to return to the participants. The miners need 3% equivalent ETO (i.e. the platform pass of ETO equity public chain) as the miners' fee to participate in the explosion. The ore pool will receive random returns ranging from 2 times, 3 times, 4 times and 5 times according to the destruction quota. The money returned by the miners will be released according to 2% of the balance / day until the destruction of the ore pool quota is completed, The unexploded amount on that day will be deposited in the destruction pit. In terms of miner's fees, the equivalent 1% ETO is required for pledge or withdrawal of JnL as a pass, and the equivalent 0.3% ETO is required for transactions as a handling fee.
        As the world's leading chain reform and digital equity service platform, Jingniu chain not only has an international top team lineup, covering the implementation cases of chain reform and digital equity services in many industries, but also can promote operations, investment mergers and acquisitions, digital equity transformation, listing and circulation transactions through all-round and multi-channel services. As the circulation medium of the value carrying capacity of the entire ecosystem, JnL plays an important role. In the future, as more and more small and medium-sized entities realize the importance of blockchain and the continuous development of chain reform platforms represented by Jingniu chain, more "blockchain +" industries will be launched, and then global entities will enter a new era of "blockchain +".
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