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Blockchain released the "national chain plan": Joint Research on mobile mining with Beijing Post

Time : 21/09/2021 Author : l6kcgv Click : + -
        On August 25, China's first university blockchain research laboratory was announced to be established in Beijing. The laboratory was jointly built by Beijing blockchain and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. At the same time, the first blockchain e-commerce "media purchase" was officially launched. Beiyou blockchain laboratory was established by blockchain (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. It is a domestic university laboratory specializing in blockchain research, and its full name is "Beiyou blockchain - Joint Laboratory". Dr. mazhaofeng, director of the mobile Internet and big data security laboratory of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, pointed out that the establishment of the laboratory will be committed to studying the application of blockchain technology. Through the innovative use of state secret algorithm, mobile phone mining is realized with blockchain technology, so that the public can more easily access the advanced technology of blockchain.
        Wang Yongjian, director of the security evaluation center of the national Internet Emergency Center, pointed out that the centralized development mode of the Internet is the weakness of traditional network security. Therefore, in order to completely solve this problem, we must realize decentralized network. Blockchain technology can become a powerful tool to protect internet security. With the establishment of Beiyou blockchain link joint laboratory, a large number of blockchain technologies with state-owned intellectual property rights are put into application, which will certainly form a new model of Internet finance such as "global yu'ebao". While protecting everyone's money bag, it will also have a huge impact on the security of China's Internet finance. Haoyunan, executive director of blockchain connect, the general head of media shopping e-commerce, said: in the quarter before the end of this year, millions of R & D funds will be invested in the laboratory, and a larger investment will be made early next year according to the progress of the project.
        With the advent of the 5g era, the rapidity and accessibility of the network have made mobile mining a new direction and hot spot of blockchain technology. How to better apply blockchain technology in the 5g era will be the main research direction of the laboratory in the future. In the future, the laboratory will also develop in the direction of blockchain core technology principle research, blockchain security support technology research, blockchain e-commerce platform application research, blockchain Traceability Technology Research, blockchain privacy protection technology research and blockchain application innovation technology research. In the process of upgrading from "information internet" to "asset Internet", this will enhance China's research competitiveness and resource reserve.
        The press conference also officially announced the media purchase blockchain e-commerce, which is the world's first blockchain e-commerce. Build high-quality goods through blockchain technology, adopt the 5+3 model and mobile phone "mining" accounting technology, and realize the benefits of the whole people. Zheng Yu, CEO of blockchain connect, said: blockchain can make a very landing application, which can break through the barriers between industries and eliminate the barriers between industries. What the national chain wants to build is not a huge empire, but a cross-border Internet integrated ecological platform. Pan Haiqiong, the on-site guest and founder of Dezan women's entrepreneurship, believes that the national chain has solved our pain point. It allows consumers to keep accounts and has the concept of yu'e Bao at the same time.
        We can use blockchain to record your entrepreneurial traces, replace products with national chain, and enjoy the pleasure of yu'e Bao with blockchain. Blockchain e-commerce faces users who pursue "high quality and good price". Based on the needs of C-end users, it provides them with "witness" function. Zheng Yu disclosed that media purchase blockchain e-commerce should build an e-commerce platform with high quality, good price and verifiable quality. Through blockchain Traceability Technology to achieve the witness of high-quality goods, all merchants are matched by blockchain smart contracts, based on credit, trust as a bridge, and the platform seamlessly cross-border joint, so that the "high quality and good price" commodity model gradually completes the natural survival of the fittest in the market.
        Media purchasing e-commerce companies give full play to the advantages of blockchain technology and develop a new model &mdash& mdash; 5+3 mode, that is, integrate physical stores, TV media, new media, and wire channels, create a blockchain quality witness mechanism, and use the blockchain prepayment service platform, blockchain fourth party payment, and financial platform to closely integrate media, e-commerce, and physical stores, so as to attract end consumers to the greatest extent, conduct joint marketing, solve users' actual needs in a three-dimensional and multidimensional manner, and realize the most grounded blockchain project. At present, the offline store drainage and TV drainage of media shopping e-commerce have begun, and their own apps will be officially launched soon.
        The technical basis of media purchase e-commerce is the national chain. In addition to purchasing goods with real "high quality and good price", participants in the national chain can also obtain "national currency" by bookkeeping (mining), purchasing goods or exchanging other virtual tokens. While the currency value is growing, users can link all kinds of valuable and negotiable assets on the blockchain, such as virtual tokens, legal currencies and points, through the API interface, and exchange goods on the e-commerce platform. Media purchasing e-commerce providers can make it easier for users to use blockchain to pay, trade and enjoy benefits. 2016 is known as the "first year of blockchain", and it is also a year when the concept of blockchain has been constantly verified.
        In the first quarter of last year, blockchain startups received a total investment of $1billion. The enthusiasm shown by investors dwarfed that of Internet investors in the 1990s. Like "cloud computing" and "big data", the word "blockchain" has been widely used by regulators and business circles in various countries. In 2017, blockchain technology will break through the laboratory and enter the real market environment, and the wide application scenarios of blockchain will also give birth to more business models. In addition to being applied in the financial field, blockchain technology will also emerge a large number of innovative models different from centralized platforms in the fields of law, art, music, energy, supply chain, medicine and so on.
        In the past two years, some people in the investment community have invested in blockchain. Blockchain, an unfamiliar word, is gradually becoming a hot word. What is blockchain? What is it for?. On July 24, 2017, the "atmchain China community meeting" hosted by the World Federation of digital encryption technologies (wtco) was held in the China Science and technology hall, and a new product of "atmchain" based on blockchain technology was released. On June 14, 2017, the first global blockchain Summit Forum "driving innovation · linking the future" was held in Chengdu.
        Representatives from domestic and foreign blockchain financial institutions, industry leaders and investment institutions such as Tencent, Huawei, Deloitte, Microsoft China and IBM gathered together to share the development trends and innovative applications of global blockchain. On August 25, China's first university blockchain research laboratory was announced to be established in Beijing. The laboratory was jointly built by Beijing blockchain and Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications. At the same time, the first blockchain e-commerce "media purchase" was officially launched.
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