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The whole process quality traceability of blockchain agricultural products, Daqing, one platform docking "four agriculture"

Time : 05/05/2022 Author : b9zykf Click : + -
        Every bag of rice, every stick of fresh corn, and every box of melons, fruits, and vegetables have their own "ID card". By scanning the source code on the inner package, you can see the planting environment, growth process, soil indicators, organic fertilizer application, biological pest control, food safety inspection reports and other information, with pictures and texts, as well as dynamic videos, you can buy at ease and eat at ease, This is the effect of the digital agriculture quality and efficiency improvement platform created by Longfeng District of Daqing city to implement the "science and technology agriculture, green agriculture, quality agriculture and brand agriculture" proposed by the 13th provincial Party Congress. Zhang Haichao, the head of Longfeng lvjue farmers' cooperative, told the reporter with a smile: "now I can use the mobile app to check the growth of cantaloupes in the shed in real time. The platform also reminds me of the best watering time through the planting model. The milk cantaloupes in our cooperative taste sweet, creamy, sweet and crisp without residue, but I didn't know how to tell consumers before that good melons can't sell at a good price.
        Since going to the digital agricultural quality improvement and efficiency enhancement platform in our district, consumers can scan the source code and know the whole process of land preparation, seed selection, cultivation and harvest in autumn, as well as the test reports of soil, water and cantaloupe issued by the international authoritative testing agency SGS. They are not worried about selling at once. In previous years, it was only sold for 15 yuan per kilogram when it was transported to Beijing and Shanghai. This year, it was sold for 20 yuan locally, making more than 600000 yuan in a quarter! On this platform, there are real-time meteorological information, online guidance of agricultural technology experts, reliable agricultural means of production enterprises, and convenient agricultural loan services, which greatly reduce the cost and risk of our planting. The cooperative decided to expand the planting scale next year, bringing out the strength of our black land and melon farmers.
        ”。 The platform mentioned by Zhang Haichao is the "agricultural product quality traceability and digital agriculture quality improvement and efficiency enhancement platform" developed by Meiya Weiyun Technology Co., Ltd. introduced from Longfeng District, Daqing city. It is the first digital agriculture platform based on localization in China. It has passed the evaluation of China software evaluation center and obtained the software copyright registration certificate. Chen Feng, the general manager of the company, introduced that this platform is based on "the whole process quality traceability of blockchain agricultural products" and takes twelve functions such as soil testing formula, geographic information, remote sensing monitoring, Internet of things, agricultural technology services, meteorological services as the supporting system to ensure that agricultural products are "one product, one code and one source". Through quality endorsement, technology empowerment and platform trust, we can connect high-quality agricultural products with high-quality agricultural clothing, supermarkets and high-end users, and achieve the goal of "growing good grain, selling good prices, and making good rice grow in Longjiang".
        In addition to helping products sell at a good price, the platform also helps high-end agricultural products find corresponding users. Divide the paddy field into grids according to the longitude and latitude coordinates, "one grid per mu" and "three grids per mu". Claim and trace the source according to the grid. The new method of selling rice is interesting and affordable. Zhaoyuan catyugou Co., Ltd. grows nearly 400000 mu of alkaline rice every year. With traditional sales channels, the price is low and the payment collection is slow. With the support of the platform, this year, some high-quality paddy fields were taken out to carry out the marketing activity of "my one mu three Fen land". The predetermined price of a kilogram of organic rice was 13 yuan, which not only increased the income of more than 2400 yuan per mu, but also greatly improved the brand popularity of "catfish ditch". Hongyichang rice industry in Zhaoyuan County is an enterprise that supplies raw materials for infant rice noodles for Nestle. The rice quality is very good. It launched the activity of "I have mu of fields in Longjiang" through the platform. On the day of sale, 80 mu of paddy fields were "auctioned" at the price of 5888 yuan / mu. At the same time, it also created a new modern agricultural model of "collecting money first and then planting land", Let scientific and technological agricultural producers in the new era further expand production and improve quality, and have more confidence in the development of "two high and one excellent" agriculture.
        Long fields, full of vitality, digital empowerment, science and technology to enrich farmers, a picture full of hope and power is slowly unfolding on the journey of striving for a new journey and making new achievements.
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