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Don't blindly enter the blockchain. Be careful to be cut as leeks

Time : 14/04/2022 Author : x7nvca Click : + -
        Recently, I believe everyone in the circle of friends has been more or less swiped by "blockchain". Many friends who have nothing to do with blockchain are also sharing blockchain related information. Maybe you just brush your circle of friends every day, and you almost know the recent blockchain news. Blockchain articles are brushed in the circle of friends every day, so do you really know what blockchain is? And what aspects of blockchain should we pay attention to?. What is blockchain? Encyclopedia means that blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, etc. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm to establish trust and obtain rights and interests between different nodes in the blockchain system.
        The main technical characteristics of blockchain technology are decentralization, trustworthiness and traceability. Decentralization means that there is no definite center in the ecosystem of blockchain, but every node is the center. For example, we are now using RMB every day. RMB is issued by the center of "bank", but now because of various digital currencies derived from blockchain technology, there is no such center to issue, which is "dug" by miners through their own labor. Trustworthiness and willfulness means that in the ecosystem of blockchain, every information circulating has been confirmed by the vast majority of nodes. For example, the digital currency we mentioned above was "dug" by the miners themselves, but it's not just the miners who said "I dug the currency". It can be counted as "dug" only after the confirmation of many nodes in this ecosystem.
        At the same time, the trustworthiness and willfulness of blockchain also includes the independence of each node. Each node has no public identity and is anonymous. Even if there is a direct transaction between the two nodes, there is no need to disclose their identities to each other, which ensures the security of the blockchain. In the blockchain ecosystem, because every piece of information has been confirmed by most nodes, it is easy to find the source of information, which is the traceability of blockchain. The existence of this nature can also ensure that information will not spread false information due to the loss of data in the process of dissemination. In today's extremely popular blockchain, everyone feels sorry for not keeping up with the trend. However, I would like to advise you not to blindly believe the recommendations of some so-called "big guys" and "experts". You should beware of pyramid selling. The blockchain industry is full of fake money. If you always want to get rich overnight, it is easy to be cheated and cut off as leeks.
        You can first enter a blockchain community, concentrate on learning for a period of time, have your own basic knowledge, and enter the currency circle market. At this stage, most blockchain communities will use a community management tool called youwencaida. This tool can help you better understand blockchain. As long as you enter keywords, you can automatically obtain the latest industry information, query the real-time price and circulation of relevant currencies, etc., saving you the time to look around for information and query information.
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