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Preachers are greedy and leeks are ignorant. On the correct posture of embracing blockchain

Time : 18/06/2022 Author : ct3pj0 Click : + -
        Blockchain has become a new outlet in the Post Internet era, which is irrefutable at this stage. Today, I want to remind you that while ecstatic about the many changes this technology has brought to the traditional Internet development model, you should carefully choose a good hug posture!. House prices are soaring, cities are expanding madly, and assets are shrinking... The competition for scarce education / medical resources is intensifying, and ordinary people who have no access to rise are becoming more and more uneasy. They feel that something is wrong. Where is the problem? Daming on the left caught up with the development of the Internet more than a decade ago. Those who got equity became rich and reached the peak of their lives. On the right, Xiao Ming bought three suites with leverage five years earlier, with a beauty in his arms and a luxury car with him; No matter how bad it is, Xiao Mao next door bought a few bitcoins two years ago, and now he is also a young model of the club.
        When this exploitation anxiety spreads in everyone's mind, when the speed of conventional appreciation of wealth is gradually hopeless to catch up with the unattainable class barrier, but in reality, there is no way to fight this "Exploitation", anxiety turns into panic, and panic breeds gamblers! Get in the car, get in the car, and the inner OS is roaring. In 1898, the beginning of the Spring Festival. The gods of the coin circle gather, accompanied by venture capital celebrities and entertainment stars. The "three o'clock blockchain community" came on stage, stirring people's hearts! Netease was exposed to be testing the blockchain cat game "Netease Zhaocai cat", baidu launched the blockchain dog game "laizi dog", 360 also launched the blockchain cat....... The gongs and drums of the blockchain made the trance "leeks" stand at the crossroads again.
        Allinorout?。 The leeks have just dried the chicken soup of "3 o'clock sleepless blockchain". Someone immediately jumped out to testify that most of the big guys were abroad. At three o'clock in the morning, they were sunny. Oh, the so-called community in the currency circle is only responsible for the major task of realizing information. Insomnia and anxiety have become the pass to enter the industry. The big guys just harvest the leeks after the IPO. Now they are going to cut the leeks of ICO. In "behind the excitement of the" 3o'clock sleepless blockchain ", some people want to be on the top, and all creatures are very anxious", He Xi even showed that: from the rhythm of the popularity of the "3o'clock blockchain", it is more like a premeditated spread.
        At the Spring Festival, when everyone has free time and blockchain is hot, it is difficult to organize a group of industry celebrities to discuss blockchain without fire. The popularity of "3o'clock blockchain" is due to the popularity of blockchain, and the wechat group of "3o'clock blockchain" has gathered a group of business leaders who have achieved success in the Internet era. Ten years ago, the secondary market staged the same drama. Company listing, media hype, retail investors entering the market, capital harvest. The first batch of people who transplanted the methodology to the primary market may have completed the original accumulation of capital long ago. Now they are harvesting the second crop on the blockchain and standing at the top of the food chain.
        As a part of the historical process, the most important task in life is not only to follow the direction of history, but also not to be run over by history for no reason. Take a look at the following definitions of leeks (the screenshot below is really meaningful)...... despite their contempt for the gods of leeks, comrade Xiaolai has a sentence that is reasonable: unqualified investors should not enter the market before they are "educated". Without the blessing of capital and information channels, coupled with the absence of supervision, leeks are very easy to be controlled by makers. As for whether to harvest or not, it depends on the conscience of the big guys. Most of the time, people can only earn money within their cognitive range. Their cognition cannot reach a certain height, and their professional level is not up to standard. They are extremely easy to be harvested, and they are harvested by their own greed. Laymen exist like leeks in any field, and give their heads away.
        So before calling for revolution, the first step is to get rid of your brain. What blockchain lacks now is not sexy concept, but killer level application. The value of blockchain lies in the reconstruction and innovation of future business logic in the final analysis. Taking the Internet as an analogy, the public doesn't care what the Internet is. The public only cares about what the Internet can do and what pain points users can solve. Looking at many problems, we still need to jump out of the display of technology and functions and return to the normality of product users. What can users do with you and what pain points can they solve? If you really want to participate in the new industrial revolution of blockchain, start with the industry you know best and see if you have the opportunity to blockchain the part you are good at.
        If not, think about whether there are similar projects in blockchain and choose high-quality targets. Compared with traditional financial markets, the annual loss of digital currency is terrifying, but its yield is even more amazing. A recent Bloomberg report said that the nine hedge funds related to cryptocurrency investment of eurekahedge, a Singapore hedge fund research institution, rose 1167% as a whole. By contrast, the overall yield of global hedge funds last year was only 8%. It is worth noting that the performance of these nine digital money funds still lags behind that of bitcoin, which rose by 1403% as a whole in 2017. This is not counting the industry chain, mining, disguised ICO, selling shovel to sell water, the world is bright, all for profit; The world is bustling, all for benefit.
        Due to the inconsistent pace of global regulation, the interests of all parties are mixed. It is hard to say that today's situation is caused by a certain factor. At present, in terms of supervision in China, the development of blockchain technology is strongly supported, but its derivative digital currency, ICO, and disguised supervision are becoming stricter. From the perspective of financial regulation, the government can tolerate risks, because finance is risk management. If you don't want risks, finance will have no logic. Therefore, you should allow risks, but you can't allow systemic risks, which is characterized by large scale. At present, some blockchain application projects have unrealistic publicity and speculation, which makes the market valuation deviate from the basic value or are given too high expectations.
        In addition, some projects did not really use blockchain technology in essence, but obtained valuations completely inconsistent with the actual value under the banner of blockchain. Some institutions estimate that such projects with foam account for 95% of blockchain applications. Now the global blockchain industry has a serious foam, huge risks, and continuous superposition. It has to be said that on the whole, blockchain projects have fallen out of reality and become virtual. On the evening of March 2, the wechat official account of the digital trading platform Huo coin and okex was abnormal. The official account of "Huo coin" was suddenly renamed "huobicom", and okex official account was also blocked. There are already some currency groups in the crazy money market, and it is getting closer and closer to crack down on 315. All major media have begun to prepare the topic of 315 crackdown on counterfeiting. In terms of the chain circle, it is difficult to estimate the impact on the participants whether it is to crack down on counterfeit air currency, the platform of crackdown on counterfeiters, or the exchange.
        Once the regulatory hand is extended, we don't know what kind of trampling will happen to the chain and currency circle, and where the wealth of investors will go. They are committed to creating a "free" Kingdom. It is hoped that the new rules will destroy the existing "centralized" order, relocate indigenous people to "decentralize" and regain a "free world". As a decentralized, shared and encrypted distributed ledger technology, blockchain has three remarkable characteristics: decentralization, traceability and tamper proof. Therefore, blockchain technology has the advantages of transaction autonomy, saving regulatory costs, excellent confidentiality and security. Its birth is even considered to be the fourth industrial revolution.
        However, blockchain is also a technology in the final analysis. No matter how powerful the technology is, it also has its development cycle. Blockchain has been an underlying technology for a long time in the past, and the implementation of application scenarios has not been so smooth. The famous consulting agency Gartner has a research method for new technologies, which is widely used in the market. According to the theory, a new technology will go through five stages from its emergence to the formation of productivity. After the embryonic stage of technology, new technologies quickly received a lot of attention, began to be sought after and overestimated, and reached the peak of the expected expansion period in a very short time. Then the expectation fell, and the attention fell sharply, entering the trough of the foam burst, then slowly and steadily climbing recovery period, and finally formed a stable productivity and entered the production maturity period.
        However, even if the current blockchain belongs to the stage of sacrificing efficiency to achieve consensus, it is still in the early stage of technological development. Gartner believes that the current blockchain technology is in the first stage, that is, the stage of "irrational prosperity", which is characterized by "evolution" and "peddling". At present, every investor is afraid to miss the next bat and ignores that the development of blockchain technology is still in its early stage. The current blockchain lacks a killer application, which is still a certain stage away from the application. Blockchain is still in its early stage. The birth of a new technology, the concept of crazy hype is also a necessary stage. Looking back on the development stage of the Internet, it took only a few years from the formation to the bursting of the Internet foam in 2002.
        In September, 1998, the Nasdaq composite index rose all the way from 1500 points to 4000 points in 1999. In 2000, the valuation of the enterprise was sky high, and the trading volume continued to expand. On March 10 of that year, it closed at 5048.62 points, a full three times. The market value depends on the expectation. Once the expectation is not met, the foam will burst at any time. Because the profits could not be realized, they were all fried outside and inside, flying down 3000 feet from the peak of the market dream rate. From a macro point of view, a major technological and commercial change will inevitably have a foam, and with the bursting of this rapidly accumulated foam, it is bound to accelerate the process of reshuffling the entire industry and promote the benign development of the industry.
        Today, hundreds of blockchain start-ups that received venture capital money failed to meet expectations after their "market value" was hyped up, and only after they were killed and injured could a dozen unicorns tenaciously go out and conduct PK at the level of bat. At this stage, the best use of blockchain is in finance. Zeng Ming, a military strategist of Alibaba, said: "blockchain technology is trying to redesign the economic system of human society", which is reasonable. From the perspective of social level: for hundreds of years, companies in the capitalist system have occupied the main body of the economy, and their status has not changed. The symbol of the industrial age &mdash& mdash; The bureaucratic vertical structure still dominates.
        Now, human beings are on the edge of a new digital revolution, and the Internet has begun to enter a new stage of decentralization. The decentralized general ledger system removes intermediaries, thereby eliminating all kinds of transaction frictions and even solving the rent-seeking problem of power. This will undoubtedly rewrite the order of the whole social operation, eliminate middlemen, and make the whole society more fair and efficient. Today, some people are so fascinated by blockchain coins, which is essentially fascinated by the dividends brought by the change of production relations. Therefore, the best application of blockchain is in financial transactions, because the essence of finance is credit. The research on trust mechanism has been pursued in the financial field. In the past two to three years, China has no breakthrough innovation projects in the new economy and new finance, while the innovation achievements of the new technological revolution in the United States have developed by leaps and bounds. Due to the particularity of the field of finance, domestic blockchain layout and in-depth research are generally, or low-key giants with financial licenses.
        As shown in the figure below, China is at the top of the list of global blockchain patent acquisition in 2017, which is of this nature. Back to the beginning of the article, including Baidu, Netease, 360 and other companies, the introduction of blockchain pets is also a financial oriented process, probably using the product itself to collect user data + cultivate users' habits of the company's related financial products. At this stage, for blockchain projects testing the water in many other fields, due to the characteristics of blockchain, exploring blockchain applications at the phenomenal level requires a certain stage. The 2017 global blockchain technology patent list above also illustrates this point. The whole chain circle is now mixed. In addition, blockchain is in the early stage of development. Investors must be cautious when choosing projects.
        In a sense, human financial history is also a ridiculous history of human madness and blind obedience. Investors who can make in-depth thinking and research are smart investors. Conform to the development of the times and think more about blockchain (not buying money), otherwise the wind will hit you and you will not be able to catch it. As for the development of blockchain, there is no solitary Yin and no solitary Yang. Any new thing has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to fully purify. The tide of speculation caused by token system is an incurable disease of blockchain technology in the process of penetration and promotion. But after the foam, we can embrace the sun. Return to Sohu to see more.
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