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Recently, I have been talking about blockchain for 3 minutes to understand what it is

Time : 21/04/2022 Author : k54gpd Click : + -
        It's hot recently, and no one can match blockchain. According to Baidu index data, the blockchain search index Mobile has increased by 1628% year-on-year in the past seven days. But I also believe that many friends go in and out with doubts, talking about blockchain. What is blockchain?. Blockchain is a series of transaction records (also known as blocks) connected and protected by cryptography. It is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and so on. Because the bank belongs to the state and is an individual enough for us to trust, we will go to him to save and borrow money, so that those who borrow money can borrow appropriate interest, and those who save money can get a guarantee, not afraid of people and money running away.
        In this way, transactions between people must pass through the center of the bank. The bank is equivalent to a general ledger, and the changes and balances of your money are recorded in its central database. But the problem comes. As a credit intermediary, banks provide storage and lending services for both customers, which requires additional costs, and these costs are also transferred to both depositors and borrowers in a different way. What should I do? It seems to be exploited?. Where there is oppression, there is resistance. Where there is money, there is someone who wants to save money. This is an eternal truth. So someone thought about whether the bank could be removed, so that the intermediary fee would be saved?. However, if you are seen by a group of people about borrowing money, you are not only seen, but also photographed in small videos, and all the details of you are sketched on the account book. If you want to cheat, it is also easy to go around the world, coercion and inducement, and persuade more than 51% of people to wipe the book together.
        It's not a long time. I circle the earth 180 times a year. After several lifetimes, I can still visit it. Even if you have nuclear weapons and destroy a point, there will still be thousands of points standing up, so there is no way to fake it, and there is no way to destroy the corpse destruction certificate. This mode of abandoning the central ledger and keeping one ledger for each person is the core concept of blockchain. Each bookkeeping is equivalent to a node. The process of recording is mining, and the recorder is commonly known as the miner. Computers running bitcoin client software will record bitcoin transactions. These computers are called nodes. A large number of node computers are connected to each other to form a spider web like network. The process of bitcoin transactions is like express packaging, and the packages are called blocks and stamped with time stamps.
        Each block is connected in chronological order to form an irreversible chain, so it is called a blockchain. In order to encourage people to use nodes to record hard, the system will give a certain number of bitcoin as a reward to the node that records the transaction first, and the system sets that the number given will be halved every four years, so the total number of bitcoin is also limited. Since each record has only one reward, in order to prevent the wrangling caused by multi node records, the computer will do hash operation to decide who to eat the steamed bread of this reward. In fact, bat, a domestic Internet giant, has been quietly involved in blockchain many years ago, and has been applied to many products. Alibaba's blockchain related patents are also firmly ranked first in the world.
        Wu Ji may ask, why didn't I see Ali's father issue money?.
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