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Analysis of the upstream, middle and downstream markets of China's blockchain industry chain in 2021 (with a panoramic view of the industry chain)

Time : 03/08/2021 Author : y85z60 Click : + -
        China business intelligence network news: blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. In essence, it is a shared database, the data or information stored in it; From the perspective of science and technology, blockchain involves many scientific and technological issues such as mathematics, cryptography, Internet and computer programming; From the perspective of application, blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, tamper proof, full trace, traceability, collective maintenance, openness and transparency. The development of digital economy based on the integration of blockchain and new generation information technology is still a development boom. From the development trend at home and abroad and the development and evolution path of blockchain technology, the development of blockchain technology and applications requires new generation information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, 5g, cloud computing, Internet of things as infrastructure support. At the same time, the development of blockchain technology and applications plays an important role in promoting the development of the new generation information technology industry.
        The upstream of the industrial chain of blockchain industry provides the necessary technical products and components of blockchain for the underlying technology part, the midstream is the platform service part, which builds a blockchain platform that can run the corresponding industry applications based on the underlying technology, and the downstream is the industrial application part, which mainly uses blockchain Technology to develop industry applications and realize the innovation of business collaboration mode in the industry according to the actual scenarios of each industry. Blockchain technology components mainly include: consensus algorithm, encryption algorithm, distributed data storage, smart contract, etc. With the accelerating development of the blockchain industry, relevant technology companies have begun to layout the underlying technology research and development of blockchain to improve product performance and scene adaptability.
        In particular, expansion technology, cross chain technology and privacy protection technology have gradually become the key layout direction of manufacturers. State secret support has become the standard configuration of most alliance chains. The implementation of the password law of the people's Republic of China on January 1, 2020 has accelerated the support progress of the domestic alliance chain for the national secret algorithm, and the proportion of national secret support has gradually increased, gradually becoming the standard configuration of the alliance chain. According to the evaluation results of trusted blockchain in 2020, the tested manufacturers' current state secret support has reached 82%, of which SM2, SM3 and SM4 support 79%, 75% and 68% respectively. Hybrid networks that take into account both communication efficiency and decentralization have become the mainstream.
        According to the network structure, peer-to-peer networks can be divided into unstructured networks, structured networks and hybrid networks. The unstructured network has good robustness and high degree of decentralization, but the communication redundancy is serious, which is easy to form a network storm, such as the classic gossip network; Structured networks sacrifice the degree of decentralization, maintain the network topology according to certain strategies, and improve communication efficiency, such as DHT like networks; As a compromise scheme, hybrid network takes into account both communication efficiency and decentralization. With the expansion of blockchain network scale, hybrid network has gradually become the mainstream solution in the industry for the needs of efficient communication and network governance.
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