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Application of grapefruit alliance chain | application of grapefruit gongdao alliance chain in the field of warehousing intelligence

Time : 25/07/2022 Author : b5t6sx Click : + -
        As a leading overall solution provider in the blockchain +aiot application field, grapefruit gongdao is actively exploring the marketization of alliance chain technology. This article discusses the application of alliance chain in the field of warehouse intelligence for reference in the light of the actual project implementation of a logistics enterprise from warehousing intelligence to asset digitalization upgrading!. The traditional warehouse management system is a centralized management system. In the process of management, there are some problems, such as the warehouse data is not timely, the data is difficult to be shared across institutions, the manual operation efficiency of warehouse management is low, the access of intelligent system is lack of unified management, the construction cycle is long, paper documents are prone to errors, and the learning cost of operators is high.
        In short, the traditional warehouse management system has become inadequate. This project is a WMS system for traditional warehousing developed by grapefruit gongdao IOT Technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with a warehousing institution and relying on blockchain +aiot advanced scientific and technological capabilities. After low-cost, convenient and efficient transformation, it is upgraded to a new WMS system that is Internet-based, intelligent and scalable to support blockchain business. This project can not only ensure that the management functions and business processes of warehousing enterprises' traditional WMS, such as incoming and outgoing goods and warehousing, continue to be used smoothly in line with users' habits, but also introduce advanced technology, and add new functions including license plate recognition, label management, nameplate recognition, remote monitoring, warehouse video live broadcast and so on, so as to make warehousing management more convenient and efficient. At the same time, customers can query directly online through mobile phones or web pages in real time Make an appointment, place an order, etc., greatly reduce the communication cost with customers and increase customer trust.
        In addition, it can also register trusted blockchain warehouse receipts and waybills through external mature blockchain service platforms and IOT related systems, which can directly serve professional financial institutions to provide professional supply chain financial services or asset securitization services. During the reconstruction of grapefruit Road, blockchain and intelligent IOT equipment were applied, including blockchain bottom construction, automatic license plate recognition, cargo nameplate recognition, cargo labels, in warehouse video monitoring, electronic fence, vehicle tracking system, cargo counting, etc. 1) Quickly improve management efficiency: fast inventory, save labor costs, transparent information, operation traces, real-time data flow, multi work and fast coordinated operation;.
        4) Add service categories: including pledge supervision services, electronic warehouse receipt services, institutional delivery warehouses / custody warehouses, e-commerce services, etc., expanding value-added services and increasing benefits;. At present, although enterprises have recognized the importance of intelligent transformation of warehousing, there is no sign of large-scale expansion so far, either because the current technical means can not fully and effectively support the development of these innovative models, or because the recognition of banks and other financial institutions for new models is not high enough, but with the passage of time, the maturity of technology and the progress of cognition, such models can improve efficiency, ensure safety The win-win business model of reducing financing costs will eventually be recognized by all parties.
        The process of digital transformation of bulk supply chain enterprises needs a certain time of exploration and verification, but it will never stop because of temporary difficulties. The in stock financing of digital warehouse receipts has broken the situation. The traditional supply chain problem is just the beginning. In the future, there will be digital coverage of in transit links and even the whole process digitalization.
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