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Building a highway for blockchain value interconnection; interpreting the financial interoperability elements of Shanda public chain's Cross Chain

Time : 18/03/2022 Author : fn9u51 Click : + -
        Cross chain can not only support the interconnection between heterogeneous blockchains, but also help the homogeneous blockchain platform to expand. Common expansion schemes such as multi-channel, multi group and multi chain need to rely on cross chain components to open up channels, groups and chain to chain interactions. With the evolution of cross chain business collaboration, more and more businesses have the need to connect with each other. One-to-one cross chain will evolve into a one-to-many, many to many, or even more complex topology. This requires that the cross chain components themselves have enough flexibility to cope with a variety of complex network models and business needs. To this end, based on reality, Shanda public chain follows the design concept of supporting hierarchical expansion of cross chain network, designs cross chain routing protocols and modules, supports distributed interconnection of multiple blockchains, carries various topological structures such as tree and star, and supports multi-level in-depth cross chain collaboration.
        At the same time, we should design a governance framework of multi-party co construction and co governance to realize the sustainable expansion of cross chain networks. Moreover, based on the practical experience and technical testing of financial business, Shanda public chain has formed the ability of financial technology export. 1. Transformation of business model: from self operated financial business to enabling financial institutions. On the one hand, it is the pressure from financial supervision. The direction of global financial regulation is functional regulation, that is, the same business has the same requirements and reduces regulatory arbitrage. Specific to the financial business sectors of Shanda public chain, they are facing different regulatory impacts, especially the increased pressure brought by scale expansion. Through technology export, we can reduce the regulatory pressure of proprietary financial business and support the long-term stable growth of related businesses.
        On the other hand, from the perspective of the capital market, the technology export model can obtain a higher valuation level. 2. Output technology that has been verified by its own business. Underlying technology is the foundation to support business development. In particular, financial institutions have high requirements for the stability and security of technology. Shanda public chain continuously develops, tests and iterates within its own business system, and outputs mature technologies to external financial institutions and other partners. 3. Technology and data services. Shanda public chain is different from traditional financial it. The main delivery mode of traditional financial it is the project system, which builds the system according to customer needs. The technology output mode of Shanda public chain is financial cloud service, standardized functional modules and customized solutions, combined with its own accumulated risk control ability and operation ability. At the same time, it also provides customer guidance for financial institutions, with strong comprehensiveness of services.
        4. Strengthen cooperation with traditional financial IT manufacturers. In terms of the expansion of customers of financial institutions, in addition to the direct selling mode, Shanda public chain also actively forms an alliance with traditional financial IT manufacturers through equity participation or strategic cooperation, and accelerates the digital transformation of financial institutions by combining the advantages of these partners in customer resources and service capabilities and the advantages of Shanda public chain in technical capabilities. 5. Expand target customers to other industries. As the output platform of technical services, the target customers of Shanda public chain are not only enterprises in the financial industry, but also the underlying technology and functional modules are universal, which can also be applied to the digital transformation of other industries.
        6. Mature product modules. The product module of STD can be roughly divided into foundation layer and application layer. The basic layer mainly includes cloud basic services, financial distributed architecture (sofastack), distributed relational database (oceanbase), mobile development platform (mpaas), etc. these basic tools can help customers quickly build the underlying system architecture to meet the performance requirements of various business scenarios. The products of the application layer are more focused on functions, and specific functions are realized by integrating different technical modules. At this level, we will combine data and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve customers' business pain points.
        7. Integrated solutions. The industry solution is a comprehensive solution for specific business entities and scenarios. The solution will involve the above-mentioned multiple product modules. Shanda public chain forms a complete business system through the combination of building blocks. At present, the landing customers of the solution include not only financial institutions such as banks, insurance and securities, but also enterprises, government departments, regulators, etc. The core reason why today's Shanda public chain can maintain its leading position in science and technology lies in the advantages of system and mechanism, which can attract the best talents and stimulate innovation power, and the flexible organizational structure ensures the efficiency of technological development. The partnership system and corporate culture construction ensure the continuity of the company's vision and values, effective decision-making mechanism and fault-tolerant mechanism, reduce the possibility of strategic mistakes, and give consideration to business orientation and cutting-edge exploration in R & D investment.
        At the business level, Shanda public chain has followed the previous digital gene. The rich scenes and closed-loop transactions help to precipitate data and maintain the rapid iteration of technology. The financial business itself is also a transaction. It is suitable for the technology system of STD. through strategies, we can strengthen the underlying technology and functional modules and improve the efficiency of front office business development. Statement: This article is written by the author who has settled in golden finance. His views only represent the author himself, and it does not mean that golden finance agrees with his views or confirms his description.
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