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2020 year-end series: the total number of domestic blockchain patents authorized is less than 3000 Necklace tower think tanks

Time : 16/08/2021 Author : a45i07 Click : + -
        In recent years, domestic blockchain technology has developed very rapidly, and various blockchain applications continue to be implemented. Both giants in traditional industries and new blockchain enterprises are involved in it. For the development of technology industry, patent application has always been a more important dimension. After entering 2020, the number of domestic blockchain related patent applications has fallen compared with 2019, mainly due to the epidemic, which will have a certain impact on related technology research and development, application demand, etc. Affected by the epidemic, the number of blockchain patent applications has declined this year, with 7047 so far, the lowest in nearly three years. However, as the epidemic is under control, the negative impact will gradually decrease. It is expected that the number of blockchain patent applications will reach a new high next year.
        Compared with the number of patent applications, the number of disclosure and authorization has maintained a continuous growth every year, mainly because the overall process of patent applications requires a long cycle of review. At the same time, we also see that blockchain patents have actually passed various audits, and the number of final authorizations is not high. At present, the total number of domestic blockchain patents is less than 3000. For a technology industry, this number is far from enough, and it still needs to be accumulated for a long time. The development time of the domestic blockchain industry is still short, and the most important technical force comes from the traditional giants entering the blockchain industry, mainly domestic Internet and financial industry giants, because of their strong basic ability of technology development, strong internal use demand and sufficient capital support.
        According to the statistics of all blockchain patent applications in China, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has the highest number of applications, exceeding 1300. However, Tencent, Alibaba and Ping An are all group systems composed of multiple applicants. If combined, the total number of patent applications of Alibaba is more than 1600, ranking first in China. The total number of Tencent is slightly more than 1500, and the total number of Ping An is nearly 1500. The gap between the three departments in the total number of patent applications is not obvious, but in 2020, the number of applications of Ping An department is about 1.5 times that of Alibaba and Tencent combined. In 2020, among the top ten single applicants, Alipay has the largest number of applications, with 364, Ping An technology 355 ranking second, and Tencent technology 346 ranking third.
        In terms of the number of applications of all applicants in the three systems, Ping An Department has obvious advantages, with a total number of applications of more than 1100, ranking first. Alibaba applied for more than 400 items, and Tencent applied for more than 300 items, ranking second and third in 2020. In 2020, of the more than 7000 patent applications, more than 97% were invention patents, the other 1.96% were utility model patents, and 0.45% were appearance patents. Compared with 2019, the proportion of invention patents increased, and the proportion of the other two types of patents fell to the lowest level in three years. Among the 1931 patents authorized this year, 1504 were invention patents, 335 were utility model patents, and 92 were appearance patents.
        The business history of enterprises in traditional industries is much longer than that of blockchain enterprises. Through years of accumulation, they have obvious advantages in both technology development ability and financial support. For technology-based industries, the advantage in technology research and development is very important. Among the top 100 applicants for patent applications in 2020, more than 70 are enterprises in traditional industries, of which 9 are traditional enterprises in the top 10 and 16 are traditional enterprises in the top 20. At present, the advantages of leading enterprises are difficult to be wiped out in the short term, and this advantage will continue to be maintained. The number of patents applied for by the three major traditional enterprises this year accounted for about 27% of all patent applications, an increase of about 3.5 percentage points compared with last year.
        Leading enterprises have stronger resistance to risks such as epidemic, and can maintain continuous investment every year, so that leading enterprises have hundreds or even thousands of patent applications every year. The disadvantages of blockchain enterprises in the number of patent applications in a single year and the sustainability of patent applications will widen the gap between blockchain enterprises. Among the 1931 patents authorized this year, 1504 were invention patents, 335 were utility model patents, and 92 were appearance patents. According to the statistics of blockchain patent applicants in 2020 (with an annual application number of more than 20), due to factors such as urban positioning, many enterprises live in Beijing, and the proportion advantage of applicants is smaller than that of last year.
        Hangzhou and Shenzhen continue to maintain a high proportion of applicants due to factors such as policy openness, support and the drive of traditional giants. This year, Shenzhen surpassed Hangzhou by a narrow margin for the first time, ranking second. The three major cities of Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou account for 89% in total, showing a trend of regional concentration of domestic blockchain development. Among the more than 7000 patent applications in this year, the number belonging to g06f electrical digital data processing category is the largest, with 2624; G06q sub category belonging to data processing system or method is next, accounting for 1993 items; The number of items belonging to the category of digital information output h04l is 1269. The rest, such as g06k data identification, data representation, g16h health care informatics and other sub categories, are relatively small, with no more than 300 items.
        The sub categories of the three basic technology types account for about 83.5% in total. Now, due to the epidemic, some enterprises have made some exploration in the medical application of blockchain technology, but the total number of relevant patent applications is only 168, accounting for about 2.38%. The number of patent applications for other application landing items is less. On the whole, the main work of domestic blockchain technology research is still in the early stage of basic technology research and architecture construction. Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. has the largest number of blockchain patent applications this year, with a total of 364. In addition to the g06f16 group of basic technology, it has applied for 63 in the g06q20 payment architecture and scheme agreement group, 59 in the g06f21 protection computer program and data group, and 42 in the g06q40 finance, insurance and tax group.
        Half of the patent applications cover payment, security and other subdivisions in the financial field, and do not involve other additional new businesses, indicating that Alipay focuses on the financial field in blockchain applications. Ping An Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the second largest blockchain patent applicant this year, has applied for 355 patents, including 40 patents in the g16h healthcare informatics category, which are mainly developed to deal with the epidemic this year. The rest are mainly g06f16 group, g06f40 group and g06k9 group, all of which are used for data expression, storage and other functions. At present, in addition to the basic technology developed by the blockchain of the company, it mainly focuses on the landing applications related to the epidemic. Due to the large number of applicants from Ping An department, different applicants focus on different fields. For example, Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd. has applied for 39 patents in the g06k9 category of image recognition, including AI recognition, face recognition, AR interaction, etc., which is more in line with the company's main business direction; Shenzhen oneconnect Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. because its main business is in the field of financial technology, the large group of patent applications is basically the same as that of Alipay.
        Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. applied for 346 blockchain patents this year. Except for the g06f16 group of basic technology, it is mainly distributed in the g06q20, 30, 40 and other financial groups, including cn111260415a, cn111292176a, cn111464823a and many other patents related to live broadcast e-commerce, including advertising recommendation algorithm, tax collection, virtual gifts and so on. In addition, there are many patents for bill issuance, processing, verification and data processing based on blockchain technology. It shows that Tencent has also focused on live e-commerce business in addition to blockchain bills that have been operating for some time this year.
        This year, domestic blockchain patent applications have declined due to the impact of the epidemic, but the overall growth trend remains unchanged. It is expected that there will be more than 10000 patent applications per year in the next three years. In dealing with unexpected risks, traditional large companies have greater advantages. Blockchain companies have a small number of patent applications in a single year, unable to maintain a stable number of applications every year, and have obvious disadvantages in R & D capacity and financial support. This state will be maintained for a long time. Many entities of Ping An Department continue to make efforts in blockchain technology research and development, covering a wide range, and gradually catch up with Alibaba and Tencent. Tencent has invested more in live e-commerce. 2020 "blockchain top 100 list" selection & The compilation of the Yearbook is fully started. If your enterprise wants to participate in the selection or appear in the Yearbook, please scan the code and contact miaya2019.
        Linktower think tank is a leading blockchain research and industrial service organization, providing customers with comprehensive services such as research reports, think tank consulting, talent training, industry activities, capital docking, technical support and so on. It is committed to promoting the development of China's blockchain and becoming a trusted partner of blockchain enterprises.
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