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The Chinese Academy of communications released the blockchain white paper (2020): capital enthusiasm is cooling, and the industry is returning to rationality

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        China Securities Network News (reporter Yang Jie) recently, the "2020 trusted blockchain summit" co hosted by the China Academy of communications and communications, the China Communications Standardization Association, and the trusted blockchain promotion plan, and co organized by science and technology practitioners, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Shi delinian, deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of communications and communications, released the blockchain white paper (2020). According to Shi delinian, 2017 and 2018 are the most active periods for the development of blockchain. In 2019 and 2020, the development of the global blockchain industry has cooled, the amount of industrial investment and financing has decreased compared with the average year of 2018, the enthusiasm of capital has cooled, and the industry has returned to rationality. According to the statistics of the China Academy of communications technology, the global total number of blockchain patent applications still shows a rapid growth trend, and China maintains a high growth level.
        According to Shi delinian, from 2013 to September 2020, the number of blockchain invention patent applications worldwide reached 35000, and the number of authorizations reached 2165. However, he admitted that although China ranks high in the number of patent applications, the community has a weak voice and insufficient investment in core technology research and development and basic algorithms. According to Shi delinian, China's policy environment for blockchain is favorable, and all regions have accelerated the deployment of relevant applications. Basically all provinces in China have started the layout of blockchain. In the first half of 2020, the number of policy releases in first tier cities increased significantly, more than the total number of policy releases in previous years. Shi delinian also pointed out that China's current blockchain policies are mainly guided by slogans, supplemented by ground-based promotion, supplemented by individual supervision. The guiding policies account for about 80% of the issued policies, and the regulatory policies account for only 7.6%.
        Shi delinian said that the development of China's blockchain industry has basically kept pace with that of other countries in the world. As of October 2020, China's Internet Information Office has released four batches of blockchain filing enterprises, with 809 filing blockchain enterprises. The filing enterprises are mainly distributed in finance, traceability and other application fields, and are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang. In terms of blockchain technology, Shi delinian said that the current blockchain technology architecture remains stable and has entered a period of technological optimization and improvement. It is understood that the alliance chain technology has gradually supported the needs of large-scale scenario applications, and the performance of read-write throughput and latency has increased year by year. In the future, the alliance chain will evolve in a faster, larger, more interconnected, safer and more controllable direction.
        Shi delinian introduced that at this stage, the blockchain technology system composed of core technology, expansion technology and supporting technology has gradually taken shape. In the future, blockchain technology will innovate and evolve in data circulation, network scale, technology operation and maintenance, platform security and so on. "Security is the vitality guarantee of blockchain in the future. How to build a security system around physics, data, application systems, etc. is the main problem faced by blockchain at present, in which contract security and privacy protection are the two focuses of security." Shi delinian said. At the same time, Shi delinian also pointed out that China's blockchain projects are dominated by industry chain building, and there are problems of repeated construction and difficult interoperability. The future development of blockchain faces three challenges: first, technological independent innovation needs to be broken through.
        Blockchain systems will encounter the balancing problem of performance, security and distribution. Cross chain interoperability of blockchain not only involves the trusted interaction of data, but also needs to achieve mutual identity, consensus transformation and governance collaboration. Second, the application mode and path of blockchain still need to be explored. Insufficient public awareness of the importance of blockchain and immature technology restrict the implementation of commercial applications, and the driving effect of leading enterprises has not yet been highlighted. Third, it is still necessary to explore a reasonable organizational form, so that all participants in the blockchain have relevant interests, participate in collaboration, and jointly promote the construction of the platform.
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