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Professor Xia Qi of xunja technology won the 2021 China blockchain Innovation Award

Time : 26/10/2021 Author : miv3n1 Click : + -
        Recently, the "2021 Fourth National College AI big data blockchain Innovation Forum" was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, the "2021 list of 60 blockchain innovators in China" was announced, and Professor Xia Qi, founder and CEO of xunla technology, was honored on the list and returned home with honors. The "2021 4th National College AI big data blockchain Innovation Forum" was guided by the China Education Development Strategy society of the Ministry of education and the science and technology talent exchange and development service center of the Ministry of science and technology, and hosted by the National College AI and big data innovation alliance. It was conducted synchronously in an online + offline manner, attracting more than 1000 people to watch online.
        More than 80 representatives from all walks of life, including production, learning and research, attended the scene and gathered together to discuss the topics of "industry university cooperation, collaborative education" and "Ai big data blockchain education and teaching innovation", providing innovative ideas and practical guidance for the development of AI big data blockchain education and teaching, professional construction, industry education integration, and school enterprise cooperation in Colleges and universities across the country in the "era of epidemic normalization". At the meeting, the 2021 "blockchain 60 people" list of Chinese blockchain innovators launched by the blockchain special committee of the National University AI and big data innovation alliance was announced. It is understood that the selection activity lasted two months, with wide coverage, strong radiation and large space span. It was finally launched with "openness, fairness and justice" as the selection principle, aiming to record growth, share experience and lead innovation.
        At the same time, the list is a group of innovative figures sorted out and recommended from thousands of people in the blockchain industry, committed to setting industry benchmarks, cultivating new trends of the times, and giving full play to the power of examples. The "blockchain 60 people" here refers to the epitome of the industry, not the specific number of people. Professor of University of Electronic Science and technology, Dean of Jiaozi blockchain Research Institute, founder and CEO of xunla Technology & mdash& mdash; With his outstanding contributions to the blockchain industry and his important influence in continuously promoting the construction and development of China's industrial blockchain in the field of industry, University and research, Professor Xia Qi won the 2021 "60 people in blockchain" award for empowering China's blockchain innovation.
        It is worth mentioning that Professor Xia Qi has long been engaged in the research of network security technology and its application, blockchain technology, big data security, access control and other fields. Preside over more than 30 projects as the person in charge; Published more than 60 papers; As a core member, he has led and participated in the formulation of many national and local standards for big data security and blockchain technology; He has won the first prize of Sichuan provincial scientific and technological progress award, the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award and many other honors. Here, I would like to thank the organizer, the special committee and the blockchain industry partners for their high recognition. In the future, under the leadership of Professor Xia Qi, fast ray technology will continue to focus on the "blockchain +" enabling field through the technical advantages of "data sovereign blockchain", and make more contributions to the upward and practical development of China's blockchain industry.
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