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be vigilant! There are a large number of blockchain enterprises registered, but only more than 1000 have been filed

Time : 28/08/2021 Author : hg8w2n Click : + -
        Beijing business daily (reporter Yue Pinyu, Liao Meng) on September 10, the 2021 China (Beijing) digital Finance Forum was held by the Beijing local financial supervision and Administration Bureau in conjunction with the digital currency Institute of the people's Bank of China, the people's Government of Fengtai District, the Asian Financial Cooperation Association and other units in the Lize financial business district, Fengtai, Beijing. At the meeting, regarding the development trend of China's blockchain industry, Lu Wei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the national Internet Emergency Center, said that the current situation of the blockchain industry has the characteristics of "two more and two less", of which "two more" refers to the large number of blockchain enterprises registered and many security risks; "Two less" means that there are few enterprises that really operate and operate, and there are few comprehensive protective measures.
        Lu Wei pointed out that since 2016, the number of enterprise registrations of blockchain has increased rapidly, three times that of 2016 in 2017, three times that of 2017 in 2018, reaching 16000, and more than 20000 after 2020. From the perspective of registration and filing, only more than 1000 blockchain enterprises have been filed, including data storage, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, supply chain finance, etc.
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