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The China Science and technology intelligence national blockchain education industry strategic cooperation meeting was successfully held

Time : 22/09/2021 Author : r1nygv Click : + -
        From April 9 to 10, 2021, the national education industry strategic cooperation conference organized by Guangdong Zhongke intelligent blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Guangzhou. Representatives of vocational training institutions and colleges and universities from 10 provinces and 21 cities in China gathered together to discuss the talent training and innovation of new infrastructure blockchain, the establishment of alliance system, the establishment of training standards, and the national blockchain training pilot work. At the meeting, Qi Xianwei, CEO of Zhongke intelligent, introduced the scientific research achievements and application cases of Zhongke intelligent's domestic blockchain underlying technology, and focused on the certification of Zhongke blockchain technical engineers, the construction of blockchain training system standards, and the training outline of six blockchain posts.
        CIIC has reached a strategic cooperation consensus with a number of enterprises, institutions and universities, and signed strategic cooperation agreements to jointly promote the construction and development of China's blockchain talent training system!. Zhongke intelligent focuses on the R & D and application of domestic blockchain underlying technology, drives productivity with cutting-edge technology, promotes industrial incubation with ecosystem, drives innovative development with talent training, and helps government social governance and enables the development of digital economy.
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