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Are blockchain training holes? Domestic famous schools offer blockchain related courses

Time : 26/06/2021 Author : 8m6i1p Click : + -
        Blockchain is in the early stage of development, and there is a great demand for talents. However, as this is a relatively new industry, the total number of relevant talents is very small. This has triggered a blockchain training boom in the market. In March, Tsinghua University opened a 7-15 week open blockchain course "cybersmart economy and blockchain". The whole course covers a wide range, including P2P principles of blockchain, data storage, asymmetric encryption, visual automatic contract and other contents, to help students establish a distributed and holistic world view. It has also set up a blockchain financial research center and held a blockchain National College League to promote the application of blockchain technology in major vertical fields and business model innovation, accelerate the popularization and application of blockchain in the commercial field, and promote the integration of scientific research innovation and blockchain application.
        This autumn, Zhejiang University will offer a course of "blockchain and digital currency" to some senior undergraduate and graduate students. This course mainly explains the principle, technology and application status of digital currency, analyzes the technical architecture and development technology of the current mainstream blockchain technology platforms eth (Ethereum) and hyperledger (super ledger), analyzes the enterprise level alliance chain technology platform, and introduces blockchain application cases. In the later stage of the course, Zhejiang University will also consider adding professional directions related to blockchain according to the teaching situation, and set up corresponding postgraduate courses to cultivate research talents. In April, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology officially incorporated the principles of blockchain technology and open practice into the undergraduate course, mainly to help students gradually deepen the course from the aspects of blockchain principles, development foundation and so on.
        At the same time, the "hacker marathon" activity is also held irregularly, and students are arranged to compete for the development of real projects. After the course, students will be issued certificates and recommended to practice in enterprises. At the end of April, the University of international business and economics signed a contract to introduce Huike group's "blockchain +" program education solution, and will embed the "blockchain +" program education solution into the jointly built big data analysis and application, "Internet +" and strategic decision-making professional system, focusing on cultivating compound talents with blockchain thinking and industry analysis and application capabilities. Beihang incorporated the blockchain course into the undergraduate training plan this year. The course contents include blockchain principles and technology and blockchain experiment and engineering practice, mainly for junior students who have mastered the basic knowledge of computer and cryptography and understand the common sense concepts of economics.
        It is reported that several well-known domestic universities, including Peking University, Nanjing University and Shanghai University of Finance and economics, are also promoting blockchain related projects and opening blockchain related laboratories or research centers to lay the foundation for the construction of a broader talent training system. In view of the current chaos of blockchain training in China, the editor applauded the rapid action of major famous schools, and also reminded students and friends who have ambitions in the blockchain industry that they should be cautious in choosing training. They should trust national education and brand institutions, understand and think more before starting. A few yuan of training can't be used. Blockchain technology can't be achieved in a day! At present, simple knowledge popularization or short-term so-called practical training students in the market, even if they can absorb knowledge, is only the tip of the iceberg. The so-called Rome wasn't built in a day. What's more, blockchain is a new and practice-based technology collection, and its origin is not from textbooks, but entirely from the practice of related projects.
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