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Sorry to say hello without talking about "blockchain"? See what they say

Time : 22/05/2022 Author : jek6py Click : + -
        [orange tourism] in 2018, there is no hotter term than "blockchain". This "grassroots accounting technology" is called "an important achievement of the fourth industrial revolution after steam engine, electrification and computer" by Klaus Schwab, the founder of Davos forum. He predicts that 10% of the total global GDP will be stored by blockchain technology by 2025. Subsequently, the people's daily used three pages to discuss the concept and future development feasibility of this technology; During the "two sessions", local government representatives and enterprise representatives have expressed their concern about blockchain. Now, it seems to have reached the situation of "being embarrassed to say hello without mentioning blockchain".
        But how will blockchain affect the world?. In fact, in the eyes of computer professionals, this technology is not a "novelty", which was proposed as early as 2008. Wang Lu, a computer information technology professional, told Pincheng Tourism: "this technology has been studied for many years, and it will take a long time to implement it. Just as artificial intelligence has appeared in the last century, but it has not been applied in practice until recently, it is believed that the full outbreak of blockchain technology application will take time.". On March 8, Zhu Xiaohu, a famous investor, said in an interview that the blockchain foam would burst this year. "For start-ups, if this outlet is a fake outlet, it is likely to be martyrs.".
        On March 7, Kaifu Li, the founder of Innovation workshop, also announced that all blockchain 3o'clock groups had been withdrawn. It can be seen that some investors have begun to realize that it is too early for blockchain to really break out. Now the market needs an objective attitude and wait and see. On the whole, the biggest advantage of blockchain lies in decentralization, distributed accounting and tamper proof, that is, to make the valuable information transmission of the whole Internet more credible, which can greatly improve the efficiency of existing asset flows and reduce transaction costs. However, the "information security problem" is like the sword of Damocles hanging on it. If this problem is not solved, the application of blockchain is just a mirage.
        It is always a pity if a technology only exists in concept and cannot be connected with reality. As for blockchain technology, the application is still in the "primary stage". Well known financial columnist, foreign exchange market Xiao Lei, an observer for bitcoin and other electronic currencies, pointed out: "Blockchain applications have been tried in anti-counterfeiting, traceability, point-to-point payment and other fields. Specifically, in the industry, in fact, the world has begun a large number of attempts and applications in the financial field, such as the NASDAQ Exchange in the United States and the bill trading market of the Central Bank of China. Blockchain technology has been used in the financial field. At present, the impact on the financial field is relatively large, because bitcoin and other industries currently have strong payment attributes, which can Bypassing many existing financial institutions to achieve the purpose of payment and trading may also affect more financial intermediary businesses in the future, such as the impact on securities companies, investment banks, insurance industry and other levels.
        ”。 He believes that the tourism industry is a very good scenario for blockchain applications. For example, making a blockchain proof of assets for the idle assets of the tourism industry may make it easier to form a model in which prices regulate the low and peak seasons, and the efficiency is much better than the current pure Internet online model. In addition, the tourism industry itself is a service industry. From the perspective of user experience, how to solve consumers' concerns about the consumption of scenic spots, such as fraud, in fact, we can use blockchain to track commitments and trace the source of various scenic spot consumption products, which will increase consumers' sense of trust. According to other media reports, at present, the application of blockchain in the tourism industry mainly includes: accelerating the overall efficiency of Ota industry, directly linking global travel service providers (enterprises or individuals) and consumers, taking travel accommodation booking as the entry point, building a future travel service ecosystem based on trust, incentives and zero Commission; Manage hotel inventory; Make sharing tourism more convenient; Realize information disclosure and make an objective and real evaluation of the tourism platform.
        Klaus Schwab believes that the most prominent application is for those so-called disruptive companies, such as Uber, Didi, abiying and other companies that call themselves sharing economy models. At present, these companies are not real sharing, but aggregate service providers. Blockchain software can complete the work of aibiying. "We assume that a company called b-airbnb is a blockchain distributed application software, which is shared by all people who want to rent a house. When someone wants to rent a house, use this software to filter the conditions, find the right room, and use blockchain to deal with contracts, authentication, digital payment and other issues, without any Unicorn company as an intermediary platform to extract intermediary fees.
        ”He told the media. When Klaus Schwab is immersed in the imagination of the great changes that blockchain has brought to the human world, we can also easily find the problem: what if the information released by b-airbnb company is false? How can we ensure that the information published in the blockchain is true and effective?. "Blockchain has two points that are very difficult to control. The first is the accuracy and authenticity of information. When there is a large amount of information, how to mine effective and accurate information from noisy information requires a lot of technical support through big data mining, processing, cleaning and so on, which affects the timeliness of the application field.
        The second and more important point is how to ensure the security of information. Information insecurity does not mean that the transmission is not true. On the contrary, the transmission is very true and will not be tampered with or deleted halfway. But you don't know whether this information itself is valuable, true or false. " Wang Lu said. Xiao Lei agreed with this view. He said: "blockchain is mainly to solve the problem of information security from the perspective of trust. Distributed accounting is first transparent, followed by security, but the current problem is that blockchain technology needs a bearing target, which is virtual currency, which can be called token. There are indeed hidden dangers in the custody and storage of this.
        ”。 Nevertheless, Xiao Lei believes that blockchain technology is an important technology to promote the transition of society from information internet to value Internet, and its popularity will become more and more obvious. Therefore, the overall trend is optimistic and worth looking forward to. But at the same time, we should also be alert to the problem of "excessive hype". As Netease CEO Ding Lei said publicly, blockchain technology itself is no problem, and can also solve many problems. The application scenarios are very rich and extensive. Just don't hype in the name of technology and gimmicks, but promote blockchain according to the specific application scenarios. Practical application: Baidu launched the blockchain open platform baas in July 2017, and was named "Baidu trust", which is mainly used to help enterprise alliances build their own blockchain network platform. At present, it has supported the authenticity of more than 50billion yuan of assets.
        Zeng Ming (Chairman of the academic committee of Alibaba group and head of education of lakeside University) views: how to judge whether blockchain is a disruptive technology? I think it's hard to make a sure judgment at this stage. But even if the same technology is disruptive to different people, the answer is different. Practical application: Alibaba has a wider application scenario for blockchain technology, especially in commodity supply chain and logistics. For example, tmall global and rookie alliance have announced that they will use blockchain technology to track, upload and verify the logistics full link information of cross-border imported goods and strictly prevent counterfeiting. Ma Huateng's view: blockchain technology can be applied in many fields, especially in the uniqueness of digital authentication objects.
        Just like a file or a ticket in reality, blockchain technology can be used to ensure that they cannot be copied or tampered with. Compared with traditional IT technology in the past, blockchain is of epoch-making significance in truly simulating the uniqueness of documents and receipts in real society. Practical application: at present, Tencent's blockchain team belongs to Tencent's financial technology business line. Tencent's actions in blockchain are also mainly concentrated in the field of supply chain finance, and has launched the blockchain financial level solution baas. At present, Tencent has more than 20 patents in the field of blockchain underlying technology.
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