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Issue 109: how to mix coin circles (Part 2)

Time : 22/01/2022 Author : ekgzch Click : + -
        There is also Weibo. I pay special attention to dozens of Weibo accounts, and I also need to see their trends every day. In the past, this was my main source of information, but it was also difficult to manage. I need to constantly pay new attention and screen people;. The mobile terminal uses mytoken IO app. Why not use non small apps on the mobile end? Because in the past, there was no app for non small size, but now I have it, but I'm used to it and don't want to change it. It can be seen that the speed of product launch is very important, and user habits are difficult to change. Occupy the user's desktop early, and it will be difficult for the latter to replace it. I don't play futures and seldom trade. As a last resort, transactions are generally made with otcbtc, Huo coin, okcoin's overseas stations and AEX.
        For example, on April 24, 2018, EOS ranked fifth in circulation market value and trading volume. (now EOS has been blasted, its market value is still the fifth in the whole network, and its trading volume has reached the third in the whole network). When the circulation market value and trading volume of a coin do not match, on April 24, 2018, bitcoin ranked 22nd in gold circulation market value and 12th in trading volume; Compared with the original chain, it ranks 25th in circulation market value and 10th in trading volume. It proves that the currency is being traded and exploded crazily. In the end, either its market value ranking catches up with the trading volume, or its trading volume falls back to the market value ranking. Anyway, the mismatch cannot be maintained for a long time. On April 24, 2018, bitgold and Biyuan chain were blasted. Is it a good opportunity to ship? In the short run, yes, but in the long run, it may lead to your failure.
        At that time, I saw that the market value of stellar coins ranked 10th, but the trading volume ranked second. At that time, stellar coins were more than 30 cents, so I shipped them. In the short term, it was right, but after 94, the star coin was blasted to 5 yuan, and I stepped out. I love xiaofeixuan: hearing what you said, I carefully examined myself and analyzed it to the soul level. I found that I am nothing good, and the only thing I am good at is making leeks and losing money. Please remember, thousands of leeks, we are not particularly able to lose. We are the keepers of the coin circle. It is of great significance to keep the big guys alive. Cough. Lamb loves financial management: haha, I can't help adding one after seeing that your article has been n praised. Although the money is only enough for a steamed stuffed bun, I feel good. I used to play spinach. I bet twice or return to 0 for 90 minutes at most. Frying money is completely different. I have to think about it myself and believe that others have only the consequences of being cut.
        Xue Hongsen: thanks for sharing. It's really quick to make money just by frying coins, but it's more luck than your ability. Lengthening the time dimension may not guarantee that you are a victorious general. Therefore, in the currency circle, in this market with such a wealth creating effect, you must rely on what you're good at to improve your influence. The difficulty is to know what you're suitable for, and you have to fit in with the currency circle to give yourself an advantage, At present, it seems that we can only keep doing things and "try". Once we find them, we will dig deep. Blogger, what do you say?. Chang Hong: it's very important to find your own position in the coin circle, including mining, platforms, lectures, money speculation, writing to earn royalties, and of course, money earned by likes and comments.
        Dongfeng: it's really important to find your own position. No matter what field you are in, you can play the greatest value by focusing on the most suitable position for yourself. Blockchain & For Xiaobai, I think the most suitable positioning in the early stage of coin circle is that it is a learning outlet with little access requirements. Seize the power of the outlet and find appropriate ways to improve yourself. As for the benefits brought by investing in digital currency, it is actually the added value in the process of learning. After the initial study, we can think about where the most suitable field in the blockchain world is. This is the beginning of self-worth maximization.
        Digital Wealth: most people may have to pay a certain price for cognitive growth in the mixed currency circle. It is also a necessary process from small white leeks to old leeks. In this time-intensive Jianghu, finding out your personal positioning and doing what you are best at should be the most sincere and practical advice of Nangong teacher's automatic control. Aunts are beginning to enter the market, indicating that the currency market has entered a new stage. Careful Walker of the coin circle: prepare to position yourself and find the best entry point. It's easier said than done. And most people just can't locate accurately. Only a few "industry elites" can do it. Even so, not all of them can rise to the sky step by step. Most of them constantly try and make mistakes, adjust, try and make mistakes again, and finally succeed.
        If you are not sure to be a part of it, then buy money honestly, hoard money, buy money, hoard money, and repeat it. The probability can also reach the peak of life, but pay attention to the mainstream money.
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