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Du Xiaoman and Li Feng attended the digital Expo: blockchain development is still in its initial stage

Time : 25/01/2022 Author : xjwt9c Click : + -
        Li Feng said in his speech: "At present, the development of blockchain is still in a very initial stage, and we should clearly realize that the industry is far from mature; at the same time, the infrastructure on which blockchain depends is not mature at present. Under this background, the blockchain industry should focus on technology to solve three key types of problems. First, core technical problems, such as algorithms, performance and so on; second, the technical standards of the blockchain industry should be formed; and then Second, we need to carry out more continuous and in-depth scene exploration to make the technology and application landing. ". At present, the implementation of all blockchain products is based on Baidu's "baas" blockchain open platform, which relies on Baidu trust blockchain technology framework, and aims at convenient deployment and access, reliable decentralized trust mechanism, robust service capability, rich operation and maintenance tools and excellent system performance to help institutions quickly build blockchain networks and applications.
        Relying on the underlying technical characteristics, it can trace and trade safely, efficiently and at a low cost. It is suitable for payment and clearing, digital bills, bank credit management, equity certification, stock exchange trading, insurance management, financial audit and other fields. In the first half of this year, the blockchain capability of baas platform was further expanded, and a variety of standard blockchain solutions including Ethereum and super bookkeeping books were gradually supported. According to the introduction, baas will customize and flexibly configure the attributes, templates and mechanisms of blockchain projects according to the actual business scenarios of the enterprise. Support real-time block writing and querying with high concurrency and low latency, support multi copy replication and multi instance deployment, and ensure data consistency.
        More importantly, technical solutions including asymmetric encryption, signature, certificate authentication, audit, authority control, isolation, consensus mechanism, etc. will be adopted to comprehensively ensure the safety and reliability of data and communication. Up to now, the platform has supported the authenticity of more than 50billion yuan of assets.
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