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Time : 03/04/2022 Author : c0tnko Click : + -
        1. Bitcoin, dogcoin: you can make money by moving your mouth. Do you think he will build cars at ease? A few years ago, there was a popular saying in the US stock market: a meal is as fierce as a tiger, and the rise and fall all depend on trump. This year, there is a popular saying in the coin circle: no matter how excellent the operation is, it all depends on musk!!. Musk tweeted again in the early morning, meaning that he did not admit to manipulating the market, and only sold 10% of his position before. Bitcoin miners will use clean energy in the future, and Tesla will resume bitcoin trading. Bitcoin and others also rose in response. On Musk's line, GEC environmental protection currency: the editor of this project has talked about it many times. Its essence is a pyramid fund dish. I hope you can evacuate as soon as possible! Recently, this project has been named by Sichuan for being suspected of illegal organizations.
        3. Satoshi Nakamoto BTCs: I've talked about this project before. It's just a imitation disk! Not recommended! The total amount has increased by 100 times, and personal assets have also expanded. I don't know what routine the project party plays. It is recommended to evacuate!. 4. Chia: the project has collapsed, the price has been declining, and the mining income is getting lower and lower. The people who frantically paid for it a month ago are now mute and eat Coptis. It's too painful to say. It's too miserable. With the same configuration, the price now only needs half. 5. XYD green energy: the official group customer service has always said that system maintenance, but generally speaking, as long as the platform starts to adjust and control the currency price to the opening price, the project has begun to have problems.
        6. Fight politely: restart twice, the trader swindles the recidivist, and it's too late not to run again. The trader is from Shandong, a recidivist. Before the opening, pintuan Le has run away. At first, the traders started to like the dishes. They usually went to the post bar to attract people. The project group pulled leeks basically to increase revenue in the early stage to lure leeks into the water. At present, the group spent 80 people to invite the trust. You can go to the post bar to search for "group trust keywords",. 7. Gospel: this project has collapsed. Previously, a self-help Committee was set up to raise money from many victims. Now things have failed, and everyone began to wake up and call the police.
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