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Blockchain official website,Huo coin China blockchain integration platform has become the designated application of BSN platform integration

Time : 30/06/2022 Author : u6vspb Click : + -
        On July 9, the official website of BSN officially displayed the application of "Huo coin China blockchain points platform", which has become the designated application of BSN platform points. "This platform effectively solves the problem of traditional points waste of current enterprise level merchants. The bottom layer of the points platform can issue general points on the chain and exchange them with the points of platform merchants. For example, Taobao points can take the subway, and pinduoduo points can be exchanged for goods in 4S stores." Fan Jin, head of Huo coin China Industrial empowerment center, introduced. It is reported that the score issuance and exchange platform built by Huo coin China based on blockchain technology selects the baas score service of Huo coin China based on fabric alliance chain at the bottom to realize the distributed storage, tamper proof, transparent and fair of scores on the chain.
        At the same time, the platform fully integrates the technologies of data marketing, one thing one code, online promotion and so on, and can provide FMCG enterprise customers with services such as "full production and full process traceability platform", "blockchain pass marketing management platform", "blockchain intelligent transaction and data storage platform". At present, the deployment and release of the "huocoin China blockchain points platform" on the BSN official website have been completed. "In the future, BSN will invite Huo coin China to continuously enrich the application of more categories and jointly build the overall network ecosystem of BSN platform." Said heyifan, executive director of BSN development alliance. "In the future, huocoin China will work with BSN to promote blockchain technology innovation and landing applications in more fields, so as to contribute more to the ecological construction of BSN.
        ”Fan Jin said.
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