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Can nftmfer, a gray-scale online tribute to MFER, break the circle in the domestic minority?

Time : 11/12/2021 Author : o7t5az Click : + -
        At first glance, this dynamic is only a warm-up to the upcoming musiczone (music space) function, and it uses niche social media as the channel. After this dynamic, the user "Charles X" also updated two related dynamics, one is the introduction of the use scenario of musiczone and the functions that users can experience. As soon as the news came out, it detonated one of the few MFER circles in China, and thus affected the social circle of MFER. However, in terms of 51 likes, 39 comments and 63 forwards of the dynamic, its communication benefits are limited. What is MFER and why should it promote new functions? Who is this "Charles X"? Why choose this publicity method? The answers to the above questions may help us predict the direction and next step of Tencent's transformation in Web3.
        Perhaps many friends who only pay attention to the domestic digital Tibetan ecology are slightly unfamiliar with the word MFER, and MFER is the most dazzling new star in overseas NFT. MFER is a match man virtual image created by a blockchain enthusiast as mysterious as Satoshi (Satoshi Nakamoto), the father of bitcoin, in November 2021. The old brother named himself sartoshi, because he is engaged in art, and his name must have an art (Art), which is also different from Satoshi Nakamoto. Shi Zhong, the author of light black technology, gave brother sartoshi a transliteration of grounding gas &mdash& mdash; Nakamoto is stupid, because SART's pronunciation is similar to stupid.
        In addition, there is another thing that shows that this brother is really a little stupid. Now, Nakamoto silly brother has retired, leaving his MFER series. There is no official twitter, discord, etc. in this project, only the community spontaneously organized by mfers. In his view, the self-expression of the new era is not as delicate and decadent as bayc, nor is it a cool pull of cyberpunk, but is real, ordinary but different. Sartoshi's Twitter avatar is an image of ge you paralyzed in a computer chair and dangling a cigarette. Isn't this just ordinary modern people? As for the simple and easy to imitate form of match people, it also reflects sartoshi's concept of NFT works: mfers are generated from sartoshi's hand-painted works. This project is completely public, and you can use MFER at will.
        As for MFER's initial name, sartoshi said frankly that it was born out of the indescribable English motherfucker. As stated in the documentary "histoyofsearwords" by Nicolas Cage, the king of bad films, the word fuck has a variety of uses, which helps us vent our dissatisfaction and convey our emotions; Put it in any part of the sentence, it seems to be smooth, and the meaning of the sentence suddenly has emotion and emotion. MFER here is the abbreviation of motherfucker, which means all kinds of strong emotional expressions of modern young people.
        MFER's mantra LFG is also the abbreviation of letfuckinggo. MFER, which has no official, no copyright regulations, no fancy stories and subsequent empowerment, and adopts cc0 (abandoning all copyrights and retaining only trademark and patent rights), has become popular overseas. It represents that the most extensive young people wantonly use MFER match man image for secondary creation, and sartoshi also takes MFER as a solid step in the development of Web3. Luo Jinhai, the founder of 2140, once commented on the current development of Web3.0: we may experience a fairly long web2.5 era of centralization and decentralization.
        The most typical is opensea, which is a standard web2.5 product. It has centralization and decentralization. It has the front end of the Internet and the back end of the blockchain. Nowadays, there may be no online products and projects, but MFER, which is completely decentralized and community-based, may be the project closest to our ideal Web3.0: easy to understand, easy to create, community harmony, viral meme, spontaneous sharing, and NFT that is closest to the general public. For example, the recently popular "ice cream Assassin", the ugly but expensive ice cream led by Zhong Xuegao and Rex Ji, filled the freezer shelves in summer, and emptied the wechat change of young people who were not rich.
        As a result, young people created the new term "ice cream Assassin", and re invited ice cream brands such as green tongue and pudding, which were on the edge of elimination, to re create the lines of many films by changing the elements to show resistance. "We are ordinary people, but we yearn for freedom and refuse to be defined." Supplemented by MFER's extremely low second innovation cost and broken circle cases, this should be the reason why Tencent chose MFER. Although Tencent's Web3 transformation is not a big bang, friends who pay a little attention must have heard of it. For example, Tencent began to recruit a large number of Web3 related talents and began to invest in overseas NFT enterprises. Unlike decentralized MFER, Tencent is a centralized centralized platform, which essentially conflicts with the spirit of Web3.
        Therefore, Tencent's way from web2 to Web3 must not be easy. The user signature of Charles x is @tencentmusic, a product manager who is working on web2.5 but believes in Web3 in web2 company. From this point of view, Charles x is probably the product manager of Tencent music, and is likely to participate in the development of its upcoming new function musiczone and the creative planning of using MFER to break the circle. In the follow-up updates of Charles x, we can find that musiczone allows users to carry out music related activities in private spaces (rooms), such as listening to music and playing musical instruments; It also allows users to go out of private space and enter public space (world, others' rooms) for social activities.
        This is actually a simple meta universe application experience, or a new form of expression of ancient applications such as QQ home. However described, its essence is cyberspace. In fact, the QQ project team next door has already launched similar applications, adding a "small nest" Application in the new QQ dynamic column to support users to create, decorate and expand their own unique space, design their own unique virtual image, and visit the space of other users. It even supports live broadcast of the king's glory event on TV or listening to music on vinyl records. In this way, throwing away MFER elements, musiczone is actually a corner of the application of meta universe landing under Tencent's horse racing mechanism.
        As for the follow-up, whether match man MFER won with simple and lively graphic design or QQ Xiaowo won with exquisite 3D modeling needs to be verified by the market. Words such as openness, privacy, consensus and co construction are gradually popping out of my mind, but the weight of these words is not as good as the decentralization throughout the history of Internet development. Web2.0 is characterized by taking the giant platform as the core, forming multiple mutually exclusive ecosystems. The platform divides up the data and value of the cyberspace world, and tries to consolidate and improve the monopoly position of the platform ecology by competing for traffic access. The most typical is that we can't directly share e-commerce links such as Taobao and pinduoduo on wechat.
        "As long as there is enough exposure and memory points, then things (personnel and things) can catch fire." The language comes from a marketing director of a public relations company. Since 2010, our fragile nerves have been overwhelmed by viral marketing, brainwashing advertising words, and stereotyped manuscripts. Instant is a social platform that has been transformed from a push type information app to allin social networking, focusing on interest social networking. In the domestic social platforms dominated by wechat and Weibo, instant and xiaohongshu generally distinguish users by interest. Thanks to the algorithm mechanism of accurately triggering push before, it instantly maintains an efficient and concise user experience. It has not only filtered most speculators who adhere to the currency circle thinking, but also won't cause disgust due to large-scale publicity. Instead, under the idea of MFER's spontaneous publicity, it gradually broke the circle in the form of people to people.
        Limited by the total number of instant users, Charles X's dynamic has not achieved good-looking data, but this must bring new ideas to the domestic NFT digital collection.
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