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2020 blockchain industry investment and financing report: uncover the blockchain industry from the perspective of capital

Time : 10/03/2022 Author : at1q5r Click : + -
        Blockchain is a distributed accounting technology that is jointly maintained by many parties, uses cryptography to ensure transmission and access security, and can achieve consistent data storage, difficult to tamper with, and prevent repudiation. In 2020, in the impact of the epidemic, the ability of blockchain to build multi-party collaborative trust in a non trust environment has attracted much attention. Innovative applications such as charitable donations, food traceability, access and communication continue to emerge, playing a supporting role in the resumption of work and production in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and becoming a dazzling "new star" force in the new infrastructure. Recently, the central government issued the action plan for building a high standard market system, proposing to increase investment in new infrastructure, promote the construction of communication network infrastructure such as the fifth generation mobile communication, Internet of things and industrial Internet, new technology infrastructure such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, and computing infrastructure such as data centers and intelligent computing centers.
        It can be seen that blockchain has clearly placed an important position in China's economic transformation and development in the new era. At the same time, on the one hand, the virtual currency represented by blockchain technology has been repeatedly banned. In 2020, China's regulation has launched a heavy attack, and many places such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou issued virtual currency warning announcements to crack down on virtual currency scams. On the other hand, although many enterprises have made many attempts under the promotion of policies, the implementation of applications as the value support of blockchain is still slow. Is it the extended suspicion in the evolution of technological innovation or the rational discussion caused by pseudo demand that all kinds of debates around blockchain? Capital is the key support of industrial development. To gain insight into the current situation and trend of industrial development, the interpretation of capital perspective is particularly critical.
        In the eyes of capital, what role does blockchain play? Does it really have intrinsic value? Who is the main pioneer of investment and financing in the blockchain market at present?. In response to the above problems, the 2020 blockchain industry investment and financing report, jointly written by gyro Research Institute and it orange, and jointly released by planet daily, carbon chain value, Shenzhen information service blockchain Association and chain securities economy, is on the market today. This report will elaborate the current development status of the blockchain industry by exploring the internal and external driving forces and development process of blockchain development, Through the analysis of the overall and sub sectors of investment and financing, we dissect the problems and prospects of the current blockchain development, aiming to strengthen the public's understanding of the intrinsic investment value of blockchain and promote the continuous improvement and development of blockchain capital market.
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