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Will quantum computers destroy blockchains? What should I do?

Time : 21/06/2021 Author : d0r5gj Click : + -
        The computing power of the whole network is rising. Assuming that you use the computer, I also use quantum computer. Then everyone is divided into bitcoin according to this proportion. No impact. I think so about this problem. Now the existing banking system and financial system use this set of encryption algorithm. If quantum computers are born, the existing financial system may collapse completely. But in fact, encryption and decryption have always been accompanied. You can decrypt with this computer, and I can also encrypt with a more advanced algorithm. For example, there is lattice encryption. The research of quantum computer has been developing steadily. There are always news breaking out in the market.
        You make a move, I make a move, the story of spear and shield. In the future, blockchain will also upgrade itself. For example, encrypt the previous data in a new way, and upgrade the current node code to improve security. If there is a risk, it is a case that a person, in a small laboratory, quietly and suddenly found it, and then quickly broke all encryption methods. This may be OK. If there is such a worry. That can actually be a hedge. For example, you can invest a small amount of money in the stocks of companies that are now studying quantum computers. You can relax. The speed before capital is the fastest. Once they make any breakthrough, the share price will soar and the existing capital will be harvested, not just the money of blockchain.
        Personally, I'm not too worried. In my opinion, the real meaning of bitcoin is not here. Encryption algorithm is just a tool in the middle. Technical tools can be updated and iterated. Spear and shield have been upgraded. Under what circumstances, bitcoin is useless? When the moral level of human beings has entered a very high stage, people can fully trust each other, and there is no need for a set of mathematical formulas, a set of accounting methods, and a central organization to ensure network credit, bitcoin should be over.
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