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Many places have issued blockchain development action plans, and "blockchain +" is ready to show its strength

Time : 18/05/2022 Author : y0tg2q Click : + -
        Recently, Hebei, Guizhou, Hunan, Beijing, Guangzhou, Ganzhou and other provinces and cities have issued blockchain development action plans to plan the construction of blockchain platforms and promote the "online" of enterprises. The domestic blockchain industry is facing a rare development opportunity. At present, blockchain technology has been implemented in the scenarios of judicial certificate storage, government administration, people's livelihood services, food traceability, supply chain management, etc. in the future, it may play a big role in the fields of new infrastructure, industrial chain transformation, public services, etc., and prepare for high-quality development. During the epidemic prevention period, Mr. Ma, a Beijing citizen, fell in love with online shopping. After he recently received a box of Anhui Dangshan crisp pears, he found that there was a QR code with "blockchain traceability" written on the package. After scanning with his mobile phone, the "identity" information of the box of pears, such as the sales e-commerce name, authentic origin location, product characteristics, Quality Alliance, etc., was clear at a glance, and even the scanning times were clearly displayed.
        Mr. Ma said, "seeing such detailed and accurate product information, I have more confidence in product quality.". The application of blockchain technology in online shopping is an epitome of the application scenarios of active innovation technology in various regions in recent years. According to the 2018-2019 annual report on China's blockchain Development released by the China blockchain ecosystem alliance, blockchain technology is the most active application in the financial field, and has formed a number of new products that can undertake actual business in cross-border payment, asset management, supply chain finance and other aspects; It has made phased achievements in the field of electronic deposit certificates and public welfare charities; It began to explore in the fields of medical services, government management, transportation and logistics.
        In this context, many provinces and cities in China have recently issued blockchain development action plans. In the plan, the construction of blockchain open innovation platform and the promotion of key enterprises to "go online" have become the focus of each underground step. For example, the action plan for the innovative development of blockchain in Beijing urban area, issued by Beijing in early July, proposed to take the lead in forming a "Beijing plan" for blockchain enabled economic and social development by 2022; The opinions on accelerating the application of blockchain technology and Industrial Development issued by Guizhou Province in early May proposed that by 2022, 3 to 5 blockchain open innovation platforms and public service platforms will be built, and more than 100 growing blockchain enterprises will be introduced and cultivated; The "three year action plan for the development of Hunan blockchain industry (2020-2022)" issued by Hunan Province at the end of April proposed that by 2022, more than 10 blockchain public service platforms should be built to promote 30000 enterprises to go online; Guangzhou, Guangdong and Ganzhou, Jiangxi also proposed to cultivate a number of key blockchain enterprises and promote typical application demonstration scenarios.
        During the epidemic, the "overweight" blockchain technology was developed throughout the country. Experts said that since this year, the demand for digital social governance innovation and software and hardware infrastructure construction has increased significantly, and the potential of blockchain technology in the technical transformation of industrial chain and government governance has become more prominent. "When more and more people realize and enjoy the convenience of digital life, they are more determined to carry out digital reform and actively ‘ go up the chain &rsquo Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of economics and law, said that during the epidemic prevention period, blockchain technology has obvious advantages in information management, emergency materials and food safety traceability, as well as identity authentication management.
        For the digital economy or blockchain technology, this epidemic is a development opportunity. After the epidemic has spawned a large number of digital needs, blockchain will play a greater role in production and supply chain coordination, public security early warning, SME financing and other aspects. Build a "virtual factory" of Nankang furniture by using blockchain technology to trace the source of Gannan navel orange products &hellip& hellip; In recent years, Ganzhou blockchain enterprises have been emerging, involving more and more businesses such as digital licenses, digital bills, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, filing and notarization, copyright protection, digital finance, etc. To this end, a blockchain service hall was recently established locally to ensure that these businesses are handled centrally.
        According to the relevant person in charge of Ganzhou City, the service hall, on the one hand, pays attention to the application and promotion of blockchain services in the fields of education, employment, precision poverty alleviation and other livelihood areas, on the other hand, pays attention to the integration with the real economy. Through field testing and trial, it introduces some blockchain service platforms that are closely integrated with the real economy and easy to promote, so as to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. Some experts said that from a national perspective, such attempts to innovate blockchain service mode and solve the difficulty of integrating blockchain technology with people's livelihood and the real economy are gradually increasing. As an emerging technology in the era of digital economy, blockchain technology also faces many difficulties in scientific research, implementation and other aspects. Including technology, blockchain encryption technology faces technical risks such as inference and even traceability; In terms of landing, there are problems such as limited application fields and low industrial agglomeration effect; In addition, there are bottlenecks such as the lack of professionals.
        The action plans issued by many places also aim at these difficult points. For example, the action plan for the innovation and development of blockchain in Beijing puts forward four key tasks: leading innovation and building a blockchain theory and technology platform; Driven by demand, build and implement a number of multi domain application scenarios; Cluster development and cultivate the integrated and interconnected blockchain industry; Factor guarantee and build a leading talent echelon of blockchain. Affected by the epidemic, the accounting period of downstream engineering projects in some industries has become longer, and the pressure on upstream small and medium-sized suppliers has increased. This once made some small business owners very anxious and dared not take the big list. How to get through the business flow, logistics and capital flow, so that the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain can "turn" together? Zhejiang's approach is to build a blockchain receivables chain platform.
        The platform launched the accounts receivable deposited in the supply chain as "blockchain accounts receivable", which solved the fraud risk that traditional accounts receivable financing is difficult to prevent. After the upstream supplier receives the blockchain receivables issued online by the supply chain enterprise, it can transfer and realize to the bank on the same day, eliminating the cumbersome procedures such as underwriting and signing, witness and confirmation of rights in the past, and the "hardened" funds between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain are revitalized. At present, blockchain applications are still in the early, niche and trial operation stages. With the landing of 5g technology, the increase of market data volume and the improvement of technical problems, more application cases are expected in the future. Experts said that in order to achieve safe and sustainable development of blockchain technology, we must first solve the technical problems, especially to achieve technical security, decentralization, scalability and other issues, which requires the cooperation of all parties; Secondly, legislation should be passed in a timely manner to protect the legal problems that may be faced in the development of blockchain technology, and at the same time, we should severely crack down on the use of blockchain technology for illegal and criminal acts.
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