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Weekly report of chain game players (112118)

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : wx0gsc Click : + -
        Chief welfare officer chain Xiaoyin live broadcast; Chain game players take you to open a new mode of future games: game assets on the chain; Genesis 11.3 officially launched the chain game player platform; "Nine hell magic sword" 11.4 officially launched the chain game player platform; The era of Cang officially launched the chain game player platform on November 6. At 5:00 p.m. on November 5, 2020, chain Xiaoyin, the chief welfare officer of chain game players, shared the live broadcast with millions of viewers in the live room around the two themes of "blockchain Games open a new mode of game assets on the chain" and "chain Xiaoyin, the chief welfare officer of chain game players, take you to play and earn money". Chain Xiaoyin said: in the process of living and learning, we need to adjust appropriately. Moderate games are a good way. The sense of honor and achievement brought by Games will make people forget the troubles of life, but when we play games, we often feel worried, because the ultimate ownership of game assets belongs to the game business, we have paid a lot of time and money, but the game will eventually stop serving, When the game stops operating one day, the equipment and props we have worked hard to obtain will be gone.
        However, in blockchain games, we don't need to worry about this at all, because in blockchain games, our game assets can be linked to the chain and become truly legitimate assets. Even if the game is closed one day, the assets still exist, and even can be transferred to other games. In addition, blockchain games will provide circulation scenarios for the trading system of jointly building asset storage and circulation, and game assets can be traded and circulated across scenarios. The legal confirmation of game assets is the basis for the survival and development of blockchain games. In blockchain games, each game is a scene Island, and its users, assets, scenes, etc. are relatively independent. Its props, equipment and other game assets can apply to the authority, register the confirmation, and obtain the confirmation certificate, so as to become a legal and compliant asset with legal effect.
        In addition, blockchain games will provide circulation scenarios for the trading system of jointly building asset storage and circulation, and game assets can be traded and circulated across scenarios. Users will chain game assets, change the ownership relationship of game assets, and the transaction information will also be recorded on the game blockchain. The user holds the game asset certificate, which means that the ownership of the game asset belongs to the user, and the user has the ownership, disposal right and use right of the game asset under his own name. When the game asset transaction is completed, the game asset certificate is changed and the game asset transfer is completed. When the game enters the era of trusted digital copyright, chain game players will provide trusted infrastructure for the game industry, provide game asset confirmation and distribution services for game enterprises, and provide game asset trusted trading services for game users, so as to realize the perfect combination of game assets and token economy, and bring new game experience to users.
        At present, chain game players have officially signed a contract with the copyright chain to become a strategic partner in the blockchain game field. Under the joint guidance of the administrative department and the court, we will do a good job in the top-level design of the chain game industry. At the same time, we will take the lead in launching blockchain games that meet this standard. Let's wait together!. Based on Egyptian mythology, Greek mythology, Nordic mythology and ancient Chinese mythology, Genesis God describes the war between the world's creation gods and the development and rise of mankind. 5v5 classic mode, rich copy design of PVP and gve, and the most authentic fighting experience. Entertainment chaos mode, random props, surprise again and again, you are the God of Genesis!.
        "Nine hell magic sword record" is a ghostly mobile game that will be launched in 2020. It's predestined to follow your footsteps all the way. The hearty battle rhythm, freely matched professional skills and a variety of task systems will make players unable to stop. Let's go into our demon world together!. The story of Liaozhai style, combined with the exquisite style of the underground, takes you on a fantasy adventure of ups and downs. In addition, fun social networking, rare magic weapon forging and silver will develop multiple ways to help you punish evil and save ghosts in your adventure!. The era of heaven is a new upgrade. Roguelite explores how to play! This is a strategic placement card mobile game. Famous CVS such as Huaze coriander, youmubi, yugongtian, Sugita Zhihe, etc. give their love and voice, and well-known painters at home and abroad Bi Fengyu, ask, spirtie are popular to participate in painting. Taking adventure in different worlds as the main line, they summon Legendary Heroes at will, freely match strategy combinations, receive rich benefits with one click, and integrate leisure placement, roguelite exploration, and role development, Embark on the exploration journey of multiple ways of playing!.
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