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Gamefi track appears chain game aggregation platform (Part 1)

Time : 06/02/2022 Author : sazrkc Click : + -
        Since Facebook's parent company changed its name to "meta" and laid out the meta universe, Internet giants and capital have followed suit. At the beginning of November, NVIDIA announced the layout of virtual identity; Microsoft said it would implant a virtual experience collaboration platform and introduce cosmic elements; Thesandbox, a blockchain meta universe game invested by Softbank, received $98million in financing. Due to its own economic system formed by encrypted assets, blockchain games are becoming the most easily drained and cashable product in the landing process of the "meta universe". The currently popular gamefi mode composed of "game +defi" is the hottest, which may also be an important reason for Softbank to invest in thesandbox.
        Gamefi's "game +defi" attribute presents two kinds of operation logic in the product. One is to use defi (open finance on the chain) with game elements to game the rules of financial attributes such as liquidity farming income, transaction and loan, such as the process of liquidity farming income of defi, or integrate NFT (non homogenous token) elements to generate game equipment and improve the yield of farming; The other is to take the game as the leading role and finance the game assets with the help of NFT, so as to make the assets generated in the process of the game up the chain and allow these assets to circulate, exchange and realize in the crypto market, so-called "earn while playing".
        Under such logic, gamefi racetrack has formed various chain games, and there is also a trend of integrated development. In addition to a single game, capital also began to pay attention to the infrastructure of the track, such as the cross chain aggregation application platform of chain game (chain game entrance), building the basic public chain of the game, etc. the former is related to the experience of traffic users. Compared with online games, the biggest progress of chain games is to improve the liquidity of game assets and increase the economic system and financial attributes. But what hasn't changed is that the chain game is still unable to get through because of the different mechanism of the chain, just as you play both Tencent's hero League and Netease's Fantasy Westward Journey, but the equipment and virtual assets generated in these two games are not interconnected, let alone the exchange relationship.
        The same is true of today's chain games. With the blooming of basic public chains, various chain games run on different blockchain networks. Players often switch different blocknetworks in their wallets to experience according to market hotspots. Operation troubles are just one of them. More importantly, game assets on different chains can only circulate in their respective chain markets. Players expect blockchains to solve the pain points that the Internet could not achieve in the past. Is there a one-stop platform entrance for gamefi? Can NFT assets in different games circulate on the same platform? Can players have a unified management account without switching blockchain networks?. In fact, gamefi chain developers have noticed this demand, and integrated gamefi applications are emerging. In this issue, defi cellular will review the representative products under this trend in the first and second articles.
        Mobox is a gamefi platform built on the BSC blockchain. Just like its name, it is a "box" containing many chain games with "defi mobile farming" as the core. Mobox is like a large arcade game hall, where players can play various small games, including farm mining games, combat games and so on. Mobox gamified the process of "DFI mobile farming" (which domestic players call mobile mining). After players pledge certain encrypted assets to enter the game, users form game characters in the form of NFT. Some characters "mine" in the "mine", and the small "mine car" transports the "minerals" produced from time to time. The picture is very interesting and interesting.
        Square pet Momo is an important element in mobox ecosystem. It is the role NFT of players in the game. Various game scenes in the ecosystem are designed around momonft, and all small games should be linked through momonft. Each momonft represents different players, and there is a randomly generated calculation force value behind it, which will determine the player's income in the game. Since each square pet momonft represents different players, players can certainly choose different images to replace themselves in the game. According to the appearance, momonft sets five kinds of image roles for players: birds, beasts, fish, monsters and people; There are quality differences in each category of characters, which can be divided into five levels: ordinary, good, excellent, rare and epic. The characters with different levels have different skills and calculation power values. Players can upgrade their character quality by consuming other low-quality momonft, so as to improve the calculation power value and increase the earning ability.
        Mobox tries to build a meta universe around momonft, and plans to use this NFT to achieve cross game and cross platform interoperability. The encrypted asset with code Mbox is generated by mobox platform and has rich functions. It is not only the fuel for accelerating the upgrading of game characters and abilities in the game, but also the settlement currency for players to earn profits in the game. In the early days, users could obtain Mbox rewards by providing liquidity for the "mbox-bnb" fund pool built in Momo farm. At present, the reward activity has ended. Now, players can automatically produce Mbox after generating momonft, and the number of outputs depends on the proportion of momonft's computing power value in the total computing power value of game players.
        If you want to play mobox games, you need to understand the three sectors of its ecology: the defi sector &mdash& mdash; Momo farm, players get Mbox output by locking up encrypted assets; Chain travel plate &mdash& mdash; For example, gold coin masters, players get game rewards by participating in the game through momonft characters; UGC plate &mdash& mdash; The game encourages high-level players to create their own playing methods for momonft or create new games using other assets in the game. After users get the momonft role, they will automatically generate the calculation force value to generate the "mineral" Mbox revenue reward. Of course, holding this role, players can also play various games in mobox and get game rewards.
        Blockbrawler is an RPG (role-playing game) that pays attention to combat strategy. There are six hero classes in the game: barbarian, Dueler, monk, Ranger, assassin and witch. By smelting and collecting equipment sets, matching skills and talents, heroes can form a powerful combat genre to fight with other heroes or bosses. The game has a ranking list every week, and the successful ones can get Mbox rewards. If you want to be on the list, players should constantly improve your momonft calculation value, because this calculation value determines your ability to collect gold coins, equipment and skill books in blockbrawler &mdash& mdash; Gold coins can upgrade equipment and character levels, and skill books can upgrade skills.
        Accordingly, the higher the calculation power value of momonft, the higher the efficiency of gold coin collection, the stronger the combat effectiveness of heroes, and the higher the victory rate of the battle, it will be possible to enter the list. Tokenmaster is a round based casual game of taking turns to fight monsters. Players need to increase their total gold coins in the game, compete with each other, and finally become the "gold coin master" with the largest number of gold coins. In this game, your momonft character itself will produce some gold coins. Of course, the speed of coin production also depends on your character's computing power. In addition, "looting", "arena", "millionaire" and "exploration" are also important ways to produce gold coins.
        The games of "plunder" and "arena" belong to the round system. In "plunder" mode, players can send 3 momonfts to fight and plunder other players' gold coins; In each battle, you can get a star for each momonft defeated by the other party. The more stars, the more gold coins you can plunder. In the "challenge" mode, players need to pay Mbox as a bet to participate in the challenge of the challenger, or they can take the initiative and wait for other players to challenge, and the winner will win the opponent's Mbox. "Monopoly" and "adventure" are games in which players increase their revenue alone. There are three "adventure" routes for your momonft character. Each route will be randomly rewarded with a certain number of Mbox, which can be explored once a day. However, momonft of "adventure" requires rare quality and high level, and novices cannot participate.
        "Monopoly" is a lucky turntable game. Every time you consume 26 Mbox in the game, you can come to the turntable and have a chance to win 2 times, 5 times, 10 times or even thousands of times of gold coins. Tradeaction is a trading simulation game. Players can use virtual assets to simulate investment. They can set investment strategies according to their own trading knowledge, observe the trading strategies of other players, and compete with their rivals in "who is the smartest investor". At present, there are three options for simulation competitions &mdash& mdash; "Millionaire", "crazy leverage" and "battle of bulls and bears", players do not need any fees. The competition will rank according to the trading income results and issue Mbox awards.
        Millionaire &mdash& mdash; In the game, players will get virtual assets of US $1million, which can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to earn profits. The ranking of players depends on their profits and losses. The higher the ranking, the more Mbox will be rewarded. This game is a bit like the virtual trading game often held by crypto asset exchanges in the past. Players can exercise their trading level in the game. Crazy lever &mdash& mdash; Like millionaires, users can choose to buy or short with 100-1000 times leverage, and then rank by profit and loss. Bull bear war &mdash& mdash; In betting games, players need to predict the trend of bitcoin within 120 seconds, pre rise to vote for bull, otherwise vote for bear, and if the judgment is correct, they will get points, and the score results will be included in the ranking list to evaluate the reward.
        Galagames is a decentralized game platform built using blockchain technology. It has the dual functions of game developers and game stores. Its main functions include the maintenance of the decentralized network of the platform itself, game development, game distribution and game prop trading market. In addition to the games developed by galagames team, the platform will also attract other game studios to launch externally developed games and aggregate a variety of chain games, hoping to become an entry point for game developers and players. You may think of steam, the world's largest comprehensive digital distribution platform. This platform is a well-known aggregation service provider for game players to buy, download, discuss, upload and share games and software.
        Yes, galagames hopes to build itself into a steam on the chain. In the decentralized galagames ecosystem, due to the existence of blockchain technology, players have complete control over their own game assets. These game assets are recorded on the chain and will not be lost because the game company stops operating. In addition, the game assets on galagames can also be migrated to other games, which is an important feature different from traditional games. For example, in the mobile game "glory of the king", the bronze sword of the player is a game asset and can only be used in the game. The game developer can modify the appearance of the sword, but if "glory of the king" stops working, your sword will cease to exist with the stop of the system. The ownership of this sword belongs to the game developer.
        In the chain game on galagames platform, you get a sword. This sword is expressed in the form of NFT. You can upgrade it. All its information is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. Even if the game stops, this sword still belongs to you. You can transfer it to others or choose to migrate it to other chain games. Galagames not only allows players to have absolute control over game assets, but also allows players to directly sell and realize the game assets you get in the chain game through the NFT trading market provided by the platform. In the future, galagames plans to form a separate blockchain network to reduce users' operating costs on the chain.
        In order to ensure the experience of the game, the platform supports the game itself to run under the chain, and game props and assets that play different functions in the game will be cast into NFT uplink according to needs. NFT props after being linked can exist independently of the game and be traded outside the game, which means that galagames platform is likely to help traditional games link players' game assets with one click, and even form a circulation place. Gala is the pass of galagames platform, which is mainly used to pledge the nodes and maintain the normal operation of the blocknetwork carried by the game. In addition, Gala is also one of the necessary assets for NFT market to purchase game props.
        If you are a simple Gala collector, you can participate in galagames ecosystem, pledge gala as a node or purchase node, and provide decentralized computing support, transaction verification and storage services for the platform, so as to obtain Gala rewards and NFT rewards for random games in the ecosystem. Townstar is the first game launched on the galagames platform, which simulates farm management, with a certain degree of strategy and competitiveness. Players can choose plots of land on the virtual earth, establish towns, and obtain stars through agricultural planting, commodity production and commercial trade. In short, this is a game about how to quickly build a high GDP town.
        In the game, workers attached to various buildings will always perform their respective duties. Players should create a superior and low-cost environment, not only to ensure that workers walk on a path with the least resistance, but also to enable workers to complete their work efficiently. For example, there is a piece of land close to the river, which is not suitable for building towns, but because it is close to the water, it can grow wheat or sugarcane. At this time, you need workers to help you water and manage agriculture, but how to assign jobs to workers needs to be decided by the players themselves; When the crops are mature, players need workers to transport them to cities and towns for sale. At this time, they need trucks, gasoline and other basic resources. Due to limited resources, players need to control the amount of gasoline consumed by each truck. Players also have to constantly adjust business strategies, manage manpower, and coordinate resources to maximize revenue.
        The land and game props operated by players can be sold and circulated in the trading market in the form of NFT. Town is the reward token of townstar game. However, due to the complexity of the specific reward rules, it is necessary to calculate various scores and asset weights. This design has brought trouble to players, and it is also a shortcoming of this game that has been criticized by players.
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