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Zhonggai chip stock Haowei technology closed up 478% on the first day. The founder once invested in Jianan technology

Time : 17/10/2021 Author : q0o5k2 Click : + -
        On Tuesday (July 12) local time, zhonggai chip stock nanolabs $na officially landed on Nasdaq, with the stock code Na. After a 27% drop in the first peg, it quickly rose, and finally closed up 4.78%. Haowei Technology issued 1.77 million American Depositary Shares (ads) this time, with each ads corresponding to two class a ordinary shares. The issue price range is $11.35 to $11.51, and the proposed fund-raising is about $20million. Nanolabsltd, the substantial controlling shareholder of Zhejiang Haowei Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haowei technology"), previously submitted an IPO application to the SEC in June.
        Earlier, it was reported that the company had secretly submitted its statement to the SEC as early as last September. 45% is used for the research and development plan of ASIC chips, smart network cards, visual computing chips and metaverse computing network platform ipolloverse. Haowei technology is a distributed chip developer, founded in 2019. Its business corresponds to Fabless IC design. It is committed to high bandwidth, high-performance special processor chips and solutions, developing high throughput computing (HTC) chips, high performance computing (HPC) chips, distributed computing and data storage solutions, intelligent network interface cards (NICs), visual computing chips and distributed rendering.
        These technologies all correspond to the underlying infrastructure of the metauniverse. Ipolloverse mentioned above (fundraising purpose), which is a blockchain based distributed GPU computing network, aims to provide underlying computing and storage requirements for future metauniverse applications, especially 3D real-time rendering capabilities. It is worth noting that kongjianping, the founder of Haowei Technology (see the above figure), previously invested in Jiannan technology $can in 2015. After that, Jianping technology became the "first share of blockchain". Later, Kong Jianping served as a director of Jianan technology company and left after the expiration of his term of office in 2020. At that time, there was also the news of "Jianan technology infighting".
        Sun Qifeng, vice chairman of Haowei technology, also has the background of Jianan technology. The prospectus shows that in the whole year as of December 31 of that year, Haowei technology achieved a revenue of 39.44 million yuan (RMB, the same below) in 2021 and about 2.13 million yuan in 2020; The gross profit in 2021 was about 4.09 million yuan, compared with 856000 yuan in the same period of the previous year; The operating loss was 179 million yuan in 2021 and 36.92 million yuan in 2020; The net loss in 2021 was 175 million yuan, compared with 37.7 million yuan in 2020. In terms of revenue details, pineapple G1 miner and pineapple g1mini miner provided HTC solutions, which contributed about 38.07 million yuan to the sales of products in 2021, accounting for more than 90% of the total revenue of the year.
        In September 2021, according to blockchain daily, nanolabs completed nearly $20million in equity financing, led by yongwan capital, followed by hashkey and several other investors. Earlier, Haowei technology announced at a chip Innovation Conference in December 2020 that the company had completed Angel round and a round of financing, with a total amount of nearly 100 million yuan.
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