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Mathematical principles of blockchain | digital currency and public chain economy

Time : 10/07/2022 Author : hrs0uk Click : + -
        My blockchain book, mathematical principles of blockchain, has been officially published and distributed by Tsinghua University Press. Please check on various book purchase websites. Each public chain is a large or small economy. Although they are just emerging, they may grow and mature. In the process of growth, the private chain and alliance chain corresponding to each company will be attached to one or more public chains, thus forming a public chain economy integrating the real economy. Every company may become a private chain or alliance chain across the public chain, just like the current multinational companies: multinational companies are cross sovereign, and the companies behind the private chain and alliance chain can also become cross chain companies across the public chain and sovereignty.
        In the era of digital economy, the mobility of consumers, producers and investors is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the competition between public chains is essentially the competition of market system: which public chain has a lower degree of monopoly, more sufficient market power, more effective incentives for innovation, and better reflects the survival of the fittest, the more it can attract honest and innovative companies, consumers with high purchasing power, and smart investors. Some public chain economies with higher quality companies, consumers and investors will further achieve greater development and become cross sovereign economies with large-scale cooperation. Therefore, there will be fierce competition between public chain economies in terms of market system, and their digital currencies will be exchanged through exchange rates, such as bitcoin and Wright coin.
        The dollar price of bitcoin is actually an exchange rate price. At present, there are more than 100 public chain systems, but most of them are designed for issuing coins. There are few chains based on the operation of real economy business, forming a market with "many roots but no leaves". Although the number of developers and applications is very important for blockchains whose goal is more than issuing coins, the design of market system is more critical, which is a magic weapon to attract high-quality companies, consumers and investors. Private chains and alliance chains will be attached to public chain economies, and the competition and interconnection between public chain economies will constitute the Internet of value. Which public chain economy can better adapt to the development of productivity in the digital era, which public chain economy will achieve greater development.
        Our future work, consumption, investment, entertainment, and life will be carried out on this value Internet. Fair competition and collaboration and trade fairs that encourage innovation are the characteristics of this value Internet, which will create the most suitable production relations. This is where the well-being of the people of the earth and the future of globalization lie.
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