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Near foundation announces cooperation with bitgo, a cryptocurrency custodian

Time : 24/09/2021 Author : b21y6l Click : + -
        Recently, near foundation announced its cooperation with bitgo, the cryptocurrency custodian, which will support the near foundation agreement and its assets through qualified custody services. Institutions holding near tokens will be able to trust and pledge through qualified escrow wallets on bitgo. Near foundation will also use bitgo to host its own vault. Nurichang, vice president of bitgo products, said that the new partnership means that developers engaged in projects such as exchanges and agreements will be able to use bitgo's programmed wallet to launch support for near. It is also building bitgo betting support for near itself.
        It is understood that the near foundation agreement was founded by alexanderskidanov and illiapolosukhin in 2018. It is an open source platform for distributed applications. Mariekeflament, CEO of near foundation, said that the cooperation with bitgo proves that near is committed to expanding its ecosystem, which is an important step for near and its entry into the field of institutional investment. In April 2021, it launched RainbowBridge, which allows users to transfer erc-20 tokens between Ethereum and near blockchain.
        In June of the same year, it joined the icon blockchain transmission protocol, allowing native tokens, contract calls and data to be sent to BTP partners, such as Polkadot. It also established cross chain compatibility with Cardano's stable currency aradana and launched the Ethereum layer-2 extension protocol aurora.
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