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2020 two sessions blockchain proposal forward-looking: establish norms, new foundation built focus of attention

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        Before that, blockchain was upgraded to a national strategy after 1024 speech; In April this year, the national development and Reform Commission officially incorporated blockchain into the new infrastructure &hellip& hellip; Blockchain has received great attention from the central and local governments, so representatives also paid more attention to the blockchain field during the two sessions. The pulse of inter chain combs the proposals and views of several representatives of the NPC and CPPCC recently. Compared with previous years, the proposals of representatives of the NPC and CPPCC this year focus on the "tree specification" of blockchain; In the application direction, the representative also pays more attention to the combination of blockchain and other fields in new infrastructure, especially in the field of industrial Internet.
        The pulse of inter chain has been combed. In 2018 and 2019, representatives of the two sessions submitted proposals and expressed views around blockchain. In 2018, the representatives of the two sessions mainly proposed corresponding regulatory measures against the chaos of excessive speculation in some areas of blockchain and token financing in the name of blockchain. This year, the focus is on "breaking" blockchain chaos. In 2019, the representatives of the two sessions focused on blockchain applications, and the application scenarios proposed in the proposal were even richer, including health care, smart city, battery recycling, supply chain finance, credit reporting system, charity, intellectual property, food safety, etc. At the same time, there are also proposals for blockchain regulatory measures, but more importantly, it is to promote integration and development.
        By 2020, the pulse of mutual link has noticed that the contents of the proposals and views expressed by the representatives of the two sessions recently are mostly related to the establishment of blockchain norms, and have a more macro and in-depth understanding of blockchain development. This stage focuses on the "establishment" of the development direction and path of blockchain. For example, Gong Fuwen, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, and Luo shaming, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, all expressed corresponding views. On May 18, the China Democratic National Construction Association released the proposal of the Central Committee of the people's Republic of China on guiding the healthy development of the blockchain industry, pointing out that there are still problems in the development of China's blockchain industry, such as unclear target positioning, insufficient research and development of core technologies, industry standards to be standardized, weak industry supervision and so on, which need to be solved urgently.
        And put forward relevant suggestions, such as: clarifying industrial planning and strengthening policy guidance; Strengthen demonstration applications and build blockchain "Chinese brand"; Strengthen the research on the underlying technology of blockchain and consolidate the industrial foundation; Establish blockchain product testing center and establish industrial standards; Strengthen the self-discipline of the blockchain industry and constantly explore the supervision mode. This is to analyze the development situation of blockchain in China from a more overall perspective, and put forward measures to establish norms for blockchain development, such as policies, demonstration applications, test centers, industrial standards, etc. Gong Fuwen, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of the Shaanxi Higher People's court, also proposed the establishment of blockchain norms in the special proposal for blockchain.
        On May 18, he said that he planned to submit a proposal on blockchain boosting social governance to the NPC and CPPCC this year. And further pointed out that although blockchain has great potential to promote social governance, immature and non-standard problems are inevitable in the early stage of application. In this regard, Gong Fuwen stressed that to solve this problem, it is necessary to further strengthen the research on the basic theory and standard system of blockchain and other technologies, and formulate special regulations to provide guidance for the application and development of new technologies. Earlier, on May 15, Luo shaming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic League and vice chairman of the Quanzhou CPPCC, proposed to add a special plan for the research and Application Layout of blockchain technology in the "14th Five Year Plan" when talking about accelerating the development of blockchain technology, enabling the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry chains, supply chains, value chains, and the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of the real economy, We will deploy blockchain industrial parks and blockchain featured towns across the country to support the healthy growth of blockchain enterprises in the main business areas.
        Accelerate the integration research of blockchain and new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of things and 5g, and improve their scalability, security, interoperability and cross chain extension and strong chain level. Strengthen the research on blockchain standardization and the exchange, docking and cooperation between national standards and international standards, and comprehensively improve the international cooperation level and ability of China's scientific and technological innovation. From this point of view, the research and formulation of blockchain standards seems to have become the consensus of domestic blockchain development. In fact, the construction of blockchain standards in China is also accelerating. In April, two blockchain national standards were approved for project establishment; A national anti-counterfeiting and traceability standard has made clear requirements for the application of blockchain in this field; One provincial and local standard of "blockchain + epidemic prevention and control" was approved and released; In addition, Hangzhou Karate Association also said that it would establish a series of new industry standards in blockchain + karate.
        Moreover, the relevant standards of domestic blockchain have not only increased in number, but also formed a clear standard system, and the standards within the system are gradually being implemented. On May 15, a newspaper article of the CPPCC showed that Zhou Yanli, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and former vice chairman of the CIRC, said that the application of blockchain technology is of great significance to the insurance industry. However, blockchain is also facing challenges of data security and privacy protection. In this regard, Zhou Yanli made suggestions: first, speed up the unified legislation of data protection; Second, promote the establishment of self-discipline organizations in the financial technology industry. China should build a data management system in line with its own development from its own national conditions; Third, traditional financial institutions should build a complete data governance system; Fourth, emerging fintech companies should handle data more prudently.
        Legislation, self regulatory organizations, digital data governance system &hellip& hellip; Both guarantee the security and privacy of blockchain in a standardized form, and promote the development of blockchain technology and applications. At the same time, the pulse of inter chain has noticed that some of the proposals and views released by the representatives of the two sessions and various factions involve specific blockchain application fields. Among them, the focus is on the combination of blockchain and other fields in the new infrastructure, especially the industrial Internet. On May 15, the people's Political Consultative Conference reported that Cheng Jing, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Zhongguancun Zhizao street, proposed that chain (blockchain) network (Industrial Internet) collaboration is imperative.
        Blockchain involves many new infrastructure industry opportunities in 5g, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other fields. Based on the interdisciplinary integration, blockchain technology brings opportunities to solve the problems of efficient collaboration between institutions, people, and equipment. Therefore, chain (blockchain) network (Industrial Internet) collaboration is imperative. For the current status of blockchain applications, Cheng Jing said that due to the lack of top-level design of blockchain applications, blockchain has formed a unique blockchain network in every field, thus forming a data island. In terms of industrial economy implementation, it needs to go through the construction of the underlying architecture and the chain, and the commercialization and platformization of the blockchain network in order to truly usher in the application tide.
        Industrial Internet will become one of the main battlefields of new infrastructure in the future, and the collaboration between blockchain and industrial Internet will make industrial Internet more credible and its information will have greater value. It is also the direction of industrial Internet. At May 13, Securities Daily reported that Luo shaming, member of the CPPCC National Committee and member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic self government League, proposed that China, as a large country in the world's factory manufacturing industry, must use blockchain and other technologies to upgrade the industrial Internet to industrial intelligent networking, so that the traditional manufacturing production factor allocation mode, production and operation mode Enterprise organizational form and manufacturing service ecosystem are developing towards personalization, flexibility and cloud "intelligence" of manufacturing &hellip& hellip; Make the real economy reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase reputation.
        On May 14, it was reported that when talking about deepening the top-level design of the new infrastructure of "5g+ industrial Internet", Su Bo, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of the economic committee, mentioned that the development of 5g based Internet also provides a new stage for cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other technologies, and we should spare no efforts to develop 5g technology and build a perfect 5g industrial system. In a recent interview with reporters, Liu Wei, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman and CEO of Jiadu technology, said that the construction of a new smart city with the urban brain as the core should be accelerated, and a new generation of information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, 5g and the Internet of things should be used to build an urban information model and platform artificial intelligence hub.
        The proposal proposes to apply blockchain technology to improve the railway "nervous system". It is suggested to learn from foreign advanced technical experience, make full use of the technical characteristics of the blockchain system, such as transactions between all nodes without trust, the open and transparent operation of the database and the whole system, and the inability of nodes to cheat each other within the rules and time range of the system, so as to reduce the logistics service risk of railway enterprises, improve the transaction volume, and enhance the railway's control over the whole logistics service. Previously, according to the statistics of inter chain pulse, there were 21 proposals and views related to blockchain during the 2018 two sessions; In 2019, there were 34 proposals and views on "blockchain".
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