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Technologies such as the "district potential Morning Post" blockchain have promoted the development of the network security industry

Time : 04/08/2021 Author : y2vax9 Click : + -
        "District potential Morning Post" is a morning information channel created by district potential media for users, providing the latest, fastest and most valuable global blockchain news and digital currency information. Let some people understand the "regional potential" first!. The article "making steady progress on the journey to a powerful network" published in the economic daily pointed out that the network security technology based on big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain has gradually matured, the scale of the network security industry has reached a new high, the international competitiveness of network security products and services has significantly increased, and the development of China's network information technology has undergone historic changes. According to cointegraph, the Swiss government legislative body, the Federal Parliament, has approved a motion instructing the Federal Council to adjust the existing cryptocurrency regulatory legislation, including the existing provisions of procedural instruments of the judicial and administrative authorities, so that these Provisions also apply to cryptocurrencies.
        The proposal aims to determine how to curb the risks related to cryptocurrency and whether the entities operating cryptocurrency trading platforms should be equal to financial intermediaries, so as to be subject to financial market supervision. According to 360's official news, recently, 360 security brain detected a wave of gandcrab5.2 bitcoin extortion virus e-mail attacks launched by overseas hacker organizations specifically targeting relevant government departments in China. Up to now, not only personal computers, but also government departments, universities, enterprises, research institutions have become the targets of gandcrab blackmail virus family attacks. At present, 360 security guard has decrypted version 4.0/5.0/5.0.2/5.0.3/5.0.4/5.1 of gandcrab blackmail virus, and fully supports the full series of powerful detection and killing of gandcrab blackmail virus.
        According to China Securities News, Cheng Xiaoyong, director of Baocheng futures Finance Research Institute, said that the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) suspended futures contracts for several reasons: first, bitcoin futures have no physical support, and it is difficult to realize the futures trading mechanism of future return, which leads to no bottom line for bitcoin futures speculation; Second, bitcoin is inherently deficient in acting as a currency. It is a virtual product based on e-money and blockchain technology, and has almost no effect on the real economy in terms of payment and storage means; Third, it is out of regulation. The demand for bitcoin is often considered to come from money laundering, tax avoidance and avoiding the regulation of cross-border capital transfer; Fourth, bitcoin futures stopped trading in CBOE, which means that bitcoin, a mainstream financial institution, is not recognized.
        According to newsbtc, vladzamfir, chief researcher of Ethereum foundation, believes that Ethereum obviously lacks effective control and human participation, and has a tendency to abide by Szabo's law. Zamfir opposes the idea of improving or changing technical maintenance according to the agreement stipulated by Szabo. He believes that the view of "codeislaw" is that the words are inappropriate, which is "too thorough anti law, so it is not suitable to be part of the legal system of reasonable encryption". Therefore, he still opposes the autonomy represented by blockchain. According to bitcoinexchangeguide, 3iqcorp bitcoin fund, which was denied regulatory approval, has just asked the Ontario Public Securities Commission (OSC) to hold a public hearing to review their rejection decision.
        OSC rejected the prospectus of 3iqcorp bitcoin fund last month. They ruled that it would not be in the public interest to approve a bitcoin based fund when people were worried about the usefulness of cryptocurrency as an investment method. In this regard, 3iq has begun to seek to shelve the decision made by OSC. In its application, 3iq said that compared with other investment funds in the market, regulators have set stricter standards for their funds when considering liquidity, valuation and custody. According to ambcrypto, danberkowitz, a member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said in a recent interview with blocktv that recently it was found that many market participants wanted to be regulated.
        However, CFTC needs to ensure that encryption products, like any other products traded in the market, comply with all CFTC standards, and CFTC is very actively involved in this process. If a regulated cryptocurrency market atmosphere is created, some companies will venture into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In addition, he said that compared with other emerging industries using unfamiliar technologies, the cryptocurrency industry has no major fraud or market manipulation. According to Forbes, on March 18, Chicago Mayor rahmemanuel mentioned cryptocurrency and blockchain when talking about the fintech movement at a conference in Chicago.
        He said that the adoption of encryption may be inevitable. He said that the nation-state was falling apart or declining. Urban countries are rising, and the previous political environment will change. One day, someone will find a way (whether it is Argentina or other countries, 10 years later or 5 years later). When they face the financial crisis, when they start to discuss how to use cryptocurrencies to survive, they will find that this moment has come. At the same time, he believes that at some time in the future, there will be another way for money to deal with the debt market. According to cryptobriefing, coursera, an online education institution, is cooperating with INSEAD, a business school, to launch blockchain professional courses to help entrepreneurs understand blockchain technology.
        The new curriculum, known as the "enterprise blockchain revolution", aims to provide advanced education and skills for secondary vocational professionals who want to implement blockchain in their business or start blockchain centered projects. According to coindesk, in the court notice on March 19, the Canadian law firm millerthomson announced that it had appointed an official steering committee composed of creditors of the cryptocurrency exchange quadragacx. The committee, composed of affected users of quadragacx, will guide the work of the law firm and Ernst & Young (ey) to try to recover the $136million cryptocurrency missing from the exchange.
        Nova Scotia Supreme Court judges Michaelwood and Ernst & young, who are supervising the case, have signed on to the Committee and its alternate members.
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