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Digital technology enables the financial industry to meet the needs of industry development

Time : 05/10/2021 Author : tuwdjl Click : + -
        With the development of digital technologies such as blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the digital economy has gradually released strong momentum. According to the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy, by 2025, the added value of core industries in the digital economy will account for 10% of GDP. The continuous fermentation of COVID-19 has further accelerated the process of enterprise digital transformation. All industries are carrying out the process of industrial digitalization. The traditional financial industry is not falling behind. Seize the east wind of innovation, and lead its own development with digital technology from the internal system, process optimization, user marketing and other aspects, so as to carry out digital transformation in an orderly manner. In January 2022, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the guiding opinions on digital transformation, and Nanyang Commercial Bank (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Nanyang Commercial Bank") immediately established the overall organizational structure and functional division of the bank's digital transformation, forming the "deepening digital transformation plan", involving the digital operation and management of six business lines, data capacity and scientific and technological capacity-building.
        In terms of retail business, we will drive the operation of "customer group + customer layer" with big data, enable the digitalization of wealth management, and promote the upgrading of sales management of normalized headquarters and branches; In terms of corporate business, digital tools are used to implement the product digitization scheme for corporate customers such as institutional customers and business parks, and the collaborative operation mode is tailored for science and technology enterprises and strategic emerging enterprises; In terms of risk control, we will promote the use of digital risk control tools in the whole process of credit around the digitalization of risk control before, during and after loan. During the epidemic in Shanghai in the first half of 2022, nanshang China successfully launched the remote office scheme by relying on the intelligent project of the new building of "mobile office, one click screen projection, wireless coverage". Under the condition of ensuring information security, nanshang China's IT team responded quickly, realized the continuous operation of key businesses in the shortest time, and built a solid production safety "cloud" defense line.
        As an innovative medical and health service platform, magnesium health carries out digital medical science and technology innovation, provides a bridge to connect the medical and insurance industries, and successfully develops an ecological model of "Internet + medicine + medicine + insurance", that is, fully integrate the medical industry, insurance industry and Internet scientific and technological resources, reduce the pressure of medical treatment, and contribute to the construction of a multi-level medical security system. From the perspective of digitalization, magnesium health has introduced Internet technology into the health insurance industry, solving the problem of low-frequency communication between insurance companies and customers, thus bringing triple changes in user experience, channels and marketing to the insurance industry, and returning insurance to its essence. From the perspective of users, after purchasing health insurance, users can get long-term health promotion and improvement, so that the role of insurance is no longer the "buyer" after the event, but a real service provider and companion.
        The digital innovative medical payment and patient welfare platform "Kangfu health" under magnesium health provides patients with "Internet + medical management" services. Through innovative payment, innovative retail and innovative services, Kangfu health has deeply opened a value chain between chronic diseases and special drugs, and introduced pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmacies and commercial insurance companies to solve the difficulty of patients buying drugs While the long-standing problems of expensive drugs and lack of efficacy guarantee have realized the accurate touch and efficient transformation of pharmaceutical enterprise sales. Recently, the licensed financial institution Societe Generale consumer finance relied on the blockchain electronic deposit technology to link the whole process of credit electronic data, and connected with the Quanzhou intermediate people's court integrated financial case handling platform. The case trial cycle was reduced from 6 months to 7 days, which effectively saved time and cost, improved the efficiency of case handling, and became the first financial institution in Fujian Province to realize one click batch automatic litigation.
        At present, the institution has handled more than 100 financial cases online through the application of blockchain technology. The relevant person in charge of Societe Generale Consumer Finance said that blockchain technology has three major characteristics: non forgery and tampering, traceability and open, transparent and verifiable, which can better assist in the construction of traceability and dispute resolution mechanism, and effectively realize data protection and consumer rights and interests protection. Blockchain technology, with its anti-counterfeiting and tamper proof characteristics, has changed the centralized rule of man management, making the social regulatory system rely on the constraints of smart contracts and codes. The innovation and application of blockchain technology will also provide a revolutionary digital solution based on blockchain technology for building an honest society.
        The blockchain electronic depository system launched by industrial consumer finance is a successful exploration under the background of "digital Finance + smart justice". Using new information technology means such as blockchain and big data, on the premise of fully protecting data security, through the data connection between the business system of financial institutions and the financial case handling system of the court, the online integrated operation of post loan disposal is completed, and a new mode of dispute resolution of financial cases is opened. The CSRC recently issued the opinions on accelerating the high-quality development of the public fund industry, which, as an important programmatic document of the industry, focuses on guiding fund managers to build a team, platform and integrated investment and research system, and do a good job in the accumulation and inheritance of investment and research capabilities.
        Shenwanlingxin fund follows the direction of industry supervision and advocacy to create an important starting point for a systematic asset management organization with shenwanlingxin characteristics &mdash& mdash; Shenwanlingxin KAP key assumption platform. It is reported that the platform has condensed three key assumption tables, including the key assumption table of total research, the key assumption table of variety research, and the key assumption table of portfolio management. Chenxiaosheng, chairman of shenwanlingxin fund, said that the ultimate goal of KAP's key assumption platform is to build a "systematic investment" model and a "institutional rationality" of inheritable professional asset management institutions. It is understood that the project was initiated in October 2021. Through the joint efforts of the investment research team, risk control team and it team, the construction of Kat form has become a system.
        At present, the first phase of "shenxiaogu applet" has been tested internally, and has basically formed a working platform. The first phase of the framework and system development of the whole system have been completed. The launch of relatively mature aggregate applet solves two problems concerned in aggregate research. One is how much market expectation is; Second, what changes have taken place in market expectations. This is the current stage achievement of shenwanlingxin KAP key assumption platform. Chen Xiaosheng said that in the future, he hopes to push it to customers hierarchically within the scope of compliance, help the market better understand the existence and changes of consensus expectations, and even help the government management better understand the market and economy, and manage market expectations, which is also the social significance of shenwanlingxin KAP key assumption platform.
        As an intelligent financial service platform, digital technology has actively built an infrastructure around the strategic goal of digital transformation, introduced leading technical concepts and underlying systems, and further strengthened the digitalization and systematization of enterprises. At present, the one-stop portal of digital technology content has integrated business data Kanban, project management platform and other functions. Business data Kanban can realize the presentation of functions such as the geographical distribution of business data and the proportion of different borrowing financial intervals, help the business team trace the effectiveness analysis of new function update iteration or experimental function launch, and improve the quality and efficiency of business management. As a visual online platform, the project management platform realizes the functions of digital management, digital traceability, digital interaction, etc. of all projects, liberates the miscellaneous matters of traditional project management, helps the project team focus on the project "tackling difficulties", improves the project promotion efficiency and execution efficiency, and finally promotes the development of business.
        In the view of digital technology, for financial institutions, digital transformation is conducive to two levels of operation and operation: at the operational level, it can improve the breadth, depth and efficiency of enterprise management; At the operational level, it can provide the optimal solution by optimizing the actual experience of employees, enterprises and users. As an important strategic direction of building a new development pattern, digital economy will be an important source of the development of the financial industry in the future. Guided by consumer demand, the financial industry accelerates the development of new forms of digital finance, and then better and more efficiently meets social needs, leading the industry to a new stage. (end).
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