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LNG Miner: a multi-functional miner with multiple benefits, high configuration and high specification that integrates six major functions

Time : 29/03/2022 Author : gfj31m Click : + -
        This multi-functional mining machine system is jointly developed by LNG and Zhongke blockchain. It can purchase mining machines through workload proof and produce LNG every day. As a new generation of high-performance blockchain miner, LNG attaches particular importance to the value of blockchain commercial applications, and has especially cooperated with the China Academy of blockchain research to jointly develop the miner. Six practical functions are integrated to enhance the value of blockchain commercial scenarios:. The advantage of LNG storage is to greatly alleviate the pressure of bandwidth, and solve the limitations of traditional local file system in file size, number of files and so on. It is suitable for communication between networks. In addition to common technologies, it also has the following advantages:.
        LNG multi-function mining machine can also help the Internet achieve decentralization, which will change from the aspects of blockchain web page addressing, access efficiency, data storage, privacy protection and data trading. Once the decentralization is realized through LNG multi-function miner, the Internet access speed will undoubtedly be faster and more bandwidth resources can be saved. In essence, LNG multifunctional miner is a file transmission system based on P2P (peer-to-peer transmission), CDN (distribution network) and blockchain technology. P2P and CDN technologies realize distributed file transmission, and the filecoin blockchain of LNG multifunctional miner constructs an incentive mechanism to realize the sharing and exchange of blockchain resources for storage and retrieval.
        LNG multi-function miner will not require every node to store all contents, and the owner of the node can freely choose the data he wants to maintain. This is like a bookmark. Besides backing up your own website, you voluntarily provide services for other concerned content. The difference is that this bookmark will not eventually become invalid as before. The copying, storage and website support between LNG multi-functional mining machine nodes are easy. Only one instruction and website hash are needed. If LNG multi-functional mining machine is popularized, the number of blockchain nodes reaches a certain scale. Even if each node stores only a little content, the accumulated space, bandwidth and reliability are far beyond what HTTP can provide.
        As a result, the distributed web will become the fastest, most reliable and largest data warehouse on earth. With the gradual expansion of the Internet Ecosystem and the arrival of 5g technology, the development of storage technology still faces great challenges even today. We believe that the traditional centralized storage scheme is destined to be replaced by the distributed storage scheme. In addition, LNG will also launch blockchain mining machine + diversified ecological integrated financial services to provide mining solutions with higher yield.
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