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Create a zero threshold quantitative trading tool, and send the world's first blockchain grid transaction

Time : 08/08/2021 Author : 4zytw5 Click : + -
        In recent years, with the rapid progress of blockchain, AI and other new generation information technologies, the field of digital assets represented by bitcoin has flourished. In particular, in the past two years, the global economy is undergoing great changes that have not been seen in a century. In addition, the "black swan" epidemic since 2020 has caused a huge impact on the entire economic environment, and the dollar's position has been shaken. Countries have begun to implement loose monetary policies. Mainstream digital assets such as bitcoin have become important products for investment institutions and investors to hedge against inflation. With the high-profile admission of traditional financial institutions such as PayPal, square, JPMorgan Chase, etc., a soaring model has been opened, Record high. 500)this.width=500align=centerhspace=10vspace=10rel=nofollow/。
        In this context, the market performance of the three blockchain exchanges of domestic currency security, fire currency and okex has become the focus of public opinion recently. In addition, an innovative blockchain trading platform, (hereinafter referred to as, has attracted great attention of the trading market and investors by providing investors with intelligent quantitative trading tool services by aggregating the trading depth from platforms such as coin security and Huo coin. The reporter found that at present, there are few relevant reports about in the domestic media, and a more detailed introduction came from Bloomberg, a world-famous financial media last year. 500)this.width=500align=centerhspace=10vspace=10rel=nofollow/>。
        According to relevant data, Pai was founded in Singapore in January, 2018, and gathered elite teams from global well-known companies such as HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Tencent, Alibaba, cheetah mobile, etc. it is committed to providing blockchain investors with zero threshold, low-cost, efficient and high-quality quantitative investment and trading tools through technology empowerment, and constantly improving transaction efficiency and investment experience. At present, Pai users are distributed in the United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions, with a monthly transaction volume of about $5billion. Under the wave of blockchain, digital asset exchanges represented by Huo coin and Qian'an have emerged. However, brokers, who play an important role in traditional financial markets, have not had much impact in this field.
        From the perspective of investor experience, at present, most blockchain exchanges pay more attention to providing users with trading products and improving experience by improving service efficiency. However, for a long time, even if digital assets themselves represent a "new" trend, the trading method still stays in the "old" era, requiring manual trading. Moreover, blockchain asset transactions such as bitcoin represent high leverage and high risk, and the entry threshold is high, making it difficult for investors to control risks. This is the reason why has been increasingly favored by the industry and investors in the past two years. It is understood that based on its insight into the market, paiwang redefines blockchain asset trading from the perspective of protecting investors. By integrating scientific and technological innovation with digital asset trading, it is the first in the world to launch blockchain grid trading, transforming the grid tools widely used by professional investment institutions into a new generation of quantitative trading tools used by ordinary traders with zero threshold, Lead the blockchain industry from traditional manual trading to the era of intelligent trading.
        500)this. width=500align=centerhspace=10vspace=10rel=nofollow/>。 Empowering investors and "making investors smarter" is an important goal of paiwang. As Bloomberg reported, what Pai net pursues is to "let users overcome human weaknesses and become rational investors". Relying on big data and intelligent algorithms, can help ordinary traders overcome greed and fear caused by market fluctuations, realize 7x24 intelligent trading, scientifically manage positions, optimize capital utilization, minimize risk probability, and bring new trading experience to users through new quantitative trading tools such as trading robots.
        Security is the eternal focus of the investment and trading market, and having a formal license has become an important standard for investors to judge a platform. Therefore, in addition to providing user-oriented service experience, well-known blockchain asset exchanges such as Huo coin have been sparing no effort in security compliance. It is understood that since its establishment, Pai has actively embraced regulation on a global scale. It has obtained the MSB (moneyservicesbusiness) license issued by FinCEN in the United States in April 2020, which has demonstrated its strong strength with practical actions and demonstrated its determination to provide compliance services to users around the world. According to the news, Pai is currently applying for the first batch of CMS digital payment licenses from MAS, the monetary authority of Singapore.
        Based on the concept of providing compliance services and extreme trading tools for blockchain traders, Pai has been favored by the world's top capital. At the beginning of its establishment, it received well-known capital investments from Gaorong capital, Shunwei capital, Zhenge fund and so on.
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