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Oklink of oklink cloud chain launched the "eye of heaven on the chain" function blockchain + big data to comprehensively help the security on the chain

Time : 27/05/2022 Author : uv1z08 Click : + -
        Bullwhip reported that in recent years, the difficulty of anti fraud has become higher and higher. The rapid development of financial technology has improved the universality of people's access to financial services. At the same time, the injection of new words such as blockchain and financial technology has made financial fraud more situational, and fraud means more virtual and intelligent. On September 1, Beijing time, oklink officially released the "eye on the chain" function. Based on the in-depth analysis and continuous update of massive online data, "online SkyEye" provides users with transaction atlas, address analysis and online monitoring functions. At the same time, it is also the first online data monitoring and transaction behavior visualization tool free of charge to all users.
        Oklink "SkyEye on the chain" aims to assist law enforcement departments in law enforcement, crackdown on illegal production, intelligent police assistance and other work by using blockchain technology, continue to expand the diversified application scenarios of blockchain, promote the new infrastructure industry based on blockchain, and give new value to the industry for exploring "blockchain +". Anonymity is one of the basic attributes of blockchain networks, but it does not mean that the data on the chain cannot be analyzed and traced. Taking bitcoin as an example, the transaction records on each chain are saved on the bitcoin network. These records are public and anyone can query them through the oklink block browser. Through oklink's "eye on the chain" function, users can more easily and quickly obtain the context and capital flow of addresses and transactions.
        At the same time, relying on the rich address tag data of oklink browser, the "SkyEye on the chain" function gives key prompts to the funds flowing into the exchange, which is convenient for users to track. When users want to track the funds involved in a transaction, the common method is to click the transaction hash in the block browser constantly to track the latest transaction step by step. This method is not only cumbersome, but also extremely unfriendly to users. Through the transaction map function of "eye of heaven on the chain", just input the transaction hash you want to query and set the corresponding parameters, you can easily get the visual map of the transaction and easily understand the context of capital flow. For ease of display, this time set the transaction amount to more than 10btc, check the relevant transactions on the fourth floor after the transaction, and click "generate map" to get a visual chart of the capital flow of the transaction.
        After several split transfers, the 15000 BTCs have flowed into multiple addresses. Click "download" in the upper right corner to download the generated pictures. For deeper tracking, you can continue to click the address above to check the flow of funds. Through the address tracking function, you can easily obtain the flow of funds in the chain. This function has rich application scenarios in tracking stolen digital assets, transaction traceability and AML anti money laundering. The transaction map function can help track the funds of a transaction, while the address analysis function can provide data and visual charts after an address interacts with other addresses.
        Here, take the bitcoin address in the twitter hacking incident in July as an example. First, enter the address you want to query, set the time interval you want to query, the corresponding transaction threshold and the number of mining layers, and select at least one in the inflow and outflow directions. After setting, click "start analysis". It can be seen that the address analysis function automatically gives the relevant data corresponding to the address, including the balance of the current address, the time of the first transaction, the number of transactions, etc. At present, the address has carried out 399 transactions that meet the preset conditions, and received 12.87 BTCs in total. The yellow line segment in the figure is the transfer out record of the address. Click the address in the line segment to directly query the details of the address in the oklink browser.
        Through the "transaction map" and "address analysis" functions, you can actively query the capital flow and address information on the chain. But if you need to monitor some addresses or funds and get tips at the first time when transactions occur, what should you do? At this time, the "chain monitoring" function can be used. The online monitoring function is divided into "address monitoring" and "transaction monitoring". The former can monitor the dynamics of some addresses, while the latter can be used to monitor the funds involved in a transaction. Add the address or transaction that needs to be monitored to the list of "online monitoring", and set the balance change range, you can get the first email notification when the funds are transferred, so as to avoid the trouble of continuous monitoring of human flesh.
        Technology drives finance, and finance benefits the public. It can be predicted that blockchain will play a greater role in the future financial anti fraud, build a safe new ecosystem of digital finance, and enable the intelligence of police. The anti fraud process is an ecological closed loop, which requires the organic combination of technology, scene and data. Data provides a strong guarantee for anti fraud. The decision-making of anti fraud is driven by data, and the data mining and analysis cannot be separated from the support of anti fraud technology. Finally, these data and technologies will serve the scene and users. Relying on oklink's business scenarios and multi-dimensional data, in terms of technology, oklink has built a complete intelligent anti fraud closed loop based on big data, real-time computing, graph computing and other technologies, so as to solve the fraud problems such as address query, tracking, positioning and so on.
        By analyzing and processing massive data on the chain, oklink combines its own technological advantages to build an ecological landscape of "big data + blockchain", which provides users with accurate and reliable blockchain information services, promotes the implementation and application of blockchain technology, and escorts the healthy development of various industries. It is worth noting that oklink is the core business of oklink, the world's leading blockchain industry group. On August 28, oklink announced the launch of the "blockchain heavenly eye" program, which will comprehensively help improve the security of blockchain and the stable and healthy development of the industry, mainly through the research and development of data tracking system on the chain, external technical support, and the cohesion of enterprises.
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