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The blockchain of "district potential Morning Post" is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution; Blockchain technology has developed to a critical point

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : ql4mae Click : + -
        "District potential Morning Post" is a morning information channel created by district potential media for users, providing the latest, fastest and most valuable global blockchain information and digital currency information. Let some people understand the "regional potential" first!. According to btcmanager, WISeKey, a well-known Swiss network security and Internet of things company, has reached an agreement with the blockchain Institute (BRI) to launch two new blockchain research centers in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Geneva, Switzerland. Previously, in November 2018, WISeKey announced to join the blockchain Institute (BRI). Hu houkun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, said, "this year may be an important year for technology, because many technologies have reached the critical point.
        ”He stressed that many new technologies have been prepared, such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and so on, which are increasingly widely used. What is more symbolic is that 5g technology is ready to go. Hu houkun predicted that 5g smart phones will enter the market in June this year. "When we hold the winter Davos annual meeting next year, many of you will use 5g smart phones.". According to cointegraph, citing the report of Indian Financial Express on January 22, Indian Institute of banking technology development (idrbt) released the blueprint for the implementation of banking blockchain. It is reported that the organization is cooperating with the Indian government, banks and industry to establish an interoperable blockchain platform.
        It is reported that idrbt was established by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 1996 to conduct research and experiments in the banking industry. Since there are no relevant regulations in the blockchain field in India, the blueprint is said to have proposed a roadmap for the adoption of blockchain technology in several fields, and proposed to establish agreements to allow financial institutions to interact through decentralized platforms. According to cointegraph, a survey of institutional investors conducted by pollright on behalf of the global blockchain Business Committee (gbbc), a market research company, showed that 63% of respondents believed that senior business executives did not understand blockchain technology enough.
        Pollright reportedly interviewed 71 institutional investors, including private equity funds, hedge funds and pension funds. In addition, 30% of the respondents believed that their understanding of emerging technologies was "average", and the remaining 7% of the respondents believed that senior managers' understanding of blockchain was "good". In addition, 76% of the respondents said they did not think that senior business executives of large companies were committed to blockchain, but it was expected that the global expenditure on blockchain technology would increase by 108% in 2019. 33% of the respondents believe that the application of blockchain in financial services and banking will increase significantly within two years. According to cryptoglobe, adenafriedman, President and CEO of NASDAQ, published an article saying that the invention of cryptocurrency is a "great embodiment of genius and creativity", and should have the opportunity to find a sustainable future in the world economy.
        Cryptocurrency needs to face some practical problems, which either find practical utility, followed by years of stable and sustainable business progress, and integrate into the economic structure (such as the Internet). Or it will not be widely adopted, and its commercial applications such as exchange media will be limited. According to the official website of consensys, during the Davos forum, sheilawarren, the head of blockchain of the world economic forum, said in an interview: "we regard blockchain as a basic technology. When scalability achieves a breakthrough, decentralization can increase equal opportunities and solve the problem of personal autonomy in data and other aspects in a more humanized way.
        We believe that blockchain technology is the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution. Whether we like it or not, the government is the most successful distribution platform. If we can find a way to actually deploy and use blockchain technology through the government, then we will make a big step forward. ". According to financemarks, the Polish financial regulatory authority (KNF) has added two cryptocurrency start-ups to its list of payment service providers and provided them with operating licenses, coinquista and bitclub. According to KNF notice, coinquista and bitclub can now provide Polish customers with a variety of payment services and solutions, including accepting cash deposits and withdrawals.
        According to cointegraph, the official website of bakkt, a cryptocurrency platform, shows that the platform is recruiting some senior positions. Bakkt hopes to hire blockchain engineering director, blockchain developer, security engineering director, senior full stack engineer, mobile developer, test software development engineer, financial director and at least one institutional sales member. All of these positions are located in Atlanta and New York City. Some positions also include Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv and Singapore as optional locations. According to the South China Morning Post, Weng Xiaoqi, CEO of huocoin global station, said in an interview that although the trading volume once shrank to one tenth of the historical record of the platform, the Beijing based company still made monthly profits.
        Weng Xiaoqi said, "we don't know how long the bear market will last, so we may still be difficult to survive. We must plan in advance and spend money carefully." He declined to disclose the income of Huo coin, but said it mainly came from transaction fees. Weng Xiaoqi said that although Huo coin is still seeking to expand its main trading business, it is also reducing employees in loss making departments such as venture capital and news aggregation. According to the analysis article on the theft of cryptopia on the New Zealand exchange published by elementus, a blockchain infrastructure company, hackers have split the funds in the past few days and gradually transferred them to the exchange for cash. The article shows that hackers have transferred funds to 14 exchanges and tried to withdraw cash.
        Among them, hackers sent the most funds to bibox, coin an and Huo coin, which were about $326600, $279500 and $147700 respectively (more than 85% of the total stolen funds). The exchanges that received hacker funds also include hitbtc, coinexchange, digifinex, bittrex, etc. Of the $16million stolen, the vast majority (about $15million) are still in two wallets controlled by hackers.
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