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The price increases 1800 times a year. Is NFT the IQ tax

Time : 01/01/2022 Author : zf13uq Click : + -
        But in the NFT market, such transactions happen almost every day. In this blockchain based digital world, the decisive factor of value is not NFT itself, but the consensus of participants. At present, the "boring ape (bayc)" NFT, which is popular all over the world, is undoubtedly a typical representative. Since its birth in April last year, NFT has been sought after by many domestic and foreign celebrities, including curry, O'Neill, Justin · Superstars such as Bieber and Jay Chou bought one after another. As of May 6, the floor price (the lowest price in the market) of the "boring ape" series NFT has risen from 0.08eth to 147eth (about US $420000), and the price has increased 1837 times in just over a year.
        Around the May Day holiday, investors such as Zhu Xiaohu, Cai Wensheng and Lin Jiapeng, as well as listed companies such as Greenland Group, Bei Qingsong and Li Ning, announced that they had purchased boring ape NFT. Are Chinese enterprises and investors following the trend or seeing the potential value behind the "boring ape" NFT? Will the big guys also be charged "IQ tax"?. Jiangzhaosheng, a senior researcher at the Ouke cloud Chain Research Institute, told, "it is indeed possible to follow the trend, but more likely to be optimistic about this track. Because they have been in the field of investment for so many years, they have clear self-awareness and judgment, and will not do things that blindly follow the trend.".
        ”。 In fact, behind the popularity of "boring ape" is the continued popularity of NFT around the world. The latest statistics show that the global NFT sales in 2021 have exceeded US $17billion, while in 2020 it was only US $82million, an increase of about 210 times. And in the exploration of NFT, domestic enterprises are not willing to lag behind. Fenghuang "storm eye" learned that at present, Alibaba, Tencent,, BiliBili and other Internet companies, as well as some small and medium-sized enterprises, have launched various digital collections and digital artworks similar to NFT. It should be noted that the current domestic NFT and digital collection market is still mixed.
        While enriching the digital economy model and promoting the development of cultural and creative industries, there are also risks and hidden dangers such as speculation, money laundering and illegal financial activities. Following Stephen · Curry, Justin · After international superstars such as Bieber, Chinese enterprises and investors are also being "a monkey" fomo (fomo is a blockchain industry term, which refers to a psychology of fear of missing). On May 1, caiwensheng, the founder of metu company, sent a message in his circle of friends, saying, "being fomo, I can't help buying bayc#8848 (that is, boring ape NFT) for this otherdeed#8848 land.
        ”。 On April 30, according to opensea data, an address named "allenzhu.eth" bought the boring ape with the serial number of "bayc#9279" at the price of 170eth (about 500000 US dollars), and the English name of Jinshajiang venture capital management partner Zhu Xiaohu is allenzhu. It is reported that Zhu Xiaohu's latest wechat Avatar has also been updated to "bayc#9279". On April 30, smart massager brand "beirelaxed" bought bayc boring ape \1365 with 179eth. The official said: 1365 number has a special meaning for beirelaxed, and we expect you to go to bed early every day for 365 days a year.
        On April 29, Greenland Group announced on its official official account that it had purchased boring ape bayc#8302, and based on this, it launched the NFT image boring ape bayc#8302, which symbolizes Greenland Group's digital strategy. According to the introduction, the digital meaning of 8302 is: 8 homophonic "Ba", 30 represents the 30th anniversary of the founding of Greenland Group, and 2 refers to taking this as the starting point of Greenland's second entrepreneurship. Greenland Group said that in the future, Greenland g-world will be built to connect virtual reality and realize online and offline scene interoperability through VR and AR technology. Li Ning group has cooperated with "boring ape" and sold related products earlier.
        On April 21, China Li Ning announced that it had reached a cooperation with the non homogenous token (NFT) numbered #4102 under the boredapeyachtclub to sell the series of products of "China Li Ning boring ape Trend Sports Club". If stars and investors buy boring ape NFT out of curiosity, collection and personal behavior, why should listed companies with strict financial audit spend millions of yuan to buy boring ape NFT?. Zhou Xinjian, executive vice president of Nuwa Nvwa digital collection e-commerce platform, told storm eye: "this is the embodiment of traditional enterprises actively embracing new technologies and new things.
        For traditional enterprises and investors, the best way to understand the new concepts of NFT and metauniverse is to participate. ". Jiang Zhaosheng believes that the purchase of NFT by traditional enterprises such as Li Ning and Greenland is not a fad. In fact, it can bring them many benefits. "First of all, you can use NFT, metauniverse and other technology trends that young people pay more attention to to to market among young people." "second, you can use the IP of NFT for commercial development. As long as you buy this NFT, you can use this NFT for a series of peripheral and commercial operations, and the ownership and commercial operation rights belong to you, without time limit.
        There is a big difference between this and the previous traditional way of IP cooperation. " Jiang Zhaosheng said to "eye of the storm" on "eye of the storm" learned that on April 28, the boring ape #4102 giant pixel sculpture parachuted into Li Ning's Beijing Sanlitun store to participate in the flash event with the theme of "boring or not boring" as the acting manager. At the same time, Li Ning also launched a series of clothes with "boring ape" patterns. In addition, Jiang Zhaosheng also pointed out that it does not rule out the possibility that Li Ning, Greenland, times easy and other enterprises are laying out the yuanuniverse in advance. Because before and after they bought NFT, the company behind "boring ape" also launched the metauniverse game otherdeedforotherside.
 "storm eye" learned that since this year, Geng Jing, executive president of Greenland Group, chairman and President of Greenland Jinchuang, and chairman of Greenland digital division, has mentioned yuanuniverse many times. On March 1, Greenland Jinchuang issued a document saying that on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of Greenland Group, Greenland Jinchuang, as an important carrier of Greenland digital transformation, will spare no effort to build a Greenland meta universe g-world with virtual and real symbiosis, and grandly launch a series of digital collections for the 30th anniversary!. In fact, before enterprises and investors entered the entertainment industry, some stars and singers had become players of "boring ape" NFT or other NFTs earlier.
        According to media reports, Jay Chou once owned a "boring ape" NFT worth about 500000 dollars, but it was later stolen. In addition to the "boring ape", Jay Chou also owns phantom bear NFT. On December 31, 2003, Jay Chou and Kunling couple showed the NFT image of phantabear (phantom bear) on the social platform respectively. Jay Chou said in the accompanying text under the picture that this was "the first special gift received by brother". According to some media reports, the founder of the parent company behind the revenue main body of the "phantom bear" NFT publisher is Jay Chou's good friend and the current normalized "fitness coach" Liu Zhenhong.
        Lin Junjie also bought "boring ape" NFT and used it as the avatar of his social account. In addition to buying NFT avatars, Lin Junjie also publicly announced on social networking sites that he bought three virtual lands on decentraland, costing about $123000, or about 7835000 yuan. In foreign countries, "boring ape" NFT has been pursued by stars and singers since its birth. According to incomplete statistics of's storm eye, up to now, there have been NBA star Stephen · Curry, famous pop star Justin · Bieber and billionaire mark · At least 28 celebrities, including Cuban, bought the "boring ape" NFT.
        Bayc ecology includes 10000 unique style NFT avatars of boring apes. Each ape has different clothes and shapes. Boring ape NFT can be a member of the yacht club, and can also get special benefits for members. When it was first launched, the single price of "boring ape" NFT was only 0.08 ether (ETH), which was worth about $190 at that time. All 10000 NFTs were sold within a week, making latecomers have to buy boring apes on NFT platforms such as opensea. According to nftgo IO data showed that on April 27, the NFT floor price of boring ape (the lowest price in the market) hit 147eth (about $420000), a record high.
        Compared with the price of eth just launched, the price has increased 1837 times in just one year. However, after the heat passed, the price of "boring ape" NFT has dropped a lot. As of May 9, the NFT floor price of "boring ape" was 89.7eth (about $287000), which has fallen by about 38.77% compared with the high point. On April 30, yugalabs announced that it would launch a new nft&mdash specifically designed for the game& mdash; "Otherded", the NFT will be used as a voucher for some virtual land in the metauniverse game otherside.
        Otherdeeds will be sold to the public and will also be provided to the existing owners of "boring ape" bayc and "mutant ape" mayc. According to the "otherded" sale rules, Zhu Xiaohu, Cai Wensheng, Li Ning, Greenland and other enterprises that recently purchased bayc can also obtain the otherside in the metauniverse. Therefore, some people think that their purchase of NFT is also preparing for the layout of the metauniverse. At the same time, the transaction volume of boring ape NFT also kept hitting new highs. According to the latest data, as of May 4, the total transaction volume of "boring ape" NFT has exceeded $2billion, a record high, becoming the third NFT series with a transaction volume of more than $2billion.
        According to the historical transaction data, the total transaction volume of bayc exceeded US $1billion on January 4 and US $1.5 billion on March 18, which means that the transaction volume of the NFT series has doubled in four months. It is hard to imagine that yugalabs, which is now valued at $4billion, was only an unknown small company with only four founding employees and few people pay attention to it a year ago. The two founders of yugalabs were interviewed by media such as rolling stone and the new Yorker anonymously to discuss the origin story of bayc. In the interview, they talked about that they were both in their 30s, met when they grew up in Florida, and had literary ambitions.
        They are all interested in the encryption industry and want to create some kind of NFT series. Later, they proposed the concept of rich apes living in swamp clubs, hired a free illustrator to draw the image of boring apes, and worked with two engineers as co founders to implement the operation of the NFT series. Statistics show that the number of cryptocurrency wallets belonging to NFT users (people who hold or trade NFT) has exceeded 2.5 million in 2021, up from 89000 a year ago. The number of buyers increased from 75000 to 2.3 million. NFT's full English name is non-fungibletoken, which translates into Chinese as "non homogenous token", which is indivisible, irreplaceable and unique.
        The concept of NFT is nothing new, but its real popularity is due to the participation of large art auction houses and influential artists since the epidemic. On March 12, 2021, the post-80s online artist beeple's work "every day: the first 5000 days" was made into NFT by Christie's, a famous art auction house, and sold for a sky high price of $69.3 million. On April 16 last year, Edward middot, the protagonist of prism gate; Snowden made the court judgment covered with his own portrait into NFT, sold it online for a sky high price of $5.4 million, and donated the auction proceeds to the FPF foundation.
        Last August, a "pixel Avatar" NFT sold for nearly $100 million. Theblock reported that an NFT work under auction, "cryptopunk3100" had a quotation of 35000 eth, about $90.5 million. In the view of some people in the industry, "everything can be NFT". The significance of NF is to give "uniqueness" to things that can be seen everywhere in life, and then produce "artistry" and "transaction value". A typical example is that in January this year, a man from Indonesia made his self photos in front of the computer every day between the ages of 17 and 21 into "ghozalieveryday" series NFT for sale, and the result was $630000.
        This kind of business that makes ordinary people send out "I can't understand, but I'm shocked" has been staged repeatedly since last year. For these sky high NFT works, many people think it is "IQ tax". Many people also questioned the so-called "irreplaceable" of NFT. On May 4, Tesla CEO musk briefly changed his twitter avatar to bayc series NFT (boring APE), which contains 107 images of "boring ape". Meanwhile, musk tweeted a joke about the irreplaceable feature of NFT, saying, "I don't know … … it seems a little replaceable.".
        Soon after, musk changed his avatar. Shortly after musk changed his avatar, michaelbouhanna, vice president of Sotheby's, a well-known auction house, shouted to musk on social media, hoping that he would delete the avatar used, or publish it after obtaining the authorization of the original buyer. Jiang Zhaosheng told, "because NFT itself is a kind of data, and most of it is operated and managed by the community, its own value or price is still determined by the consensus of the community, which is very different from the traditional value that determines the price.". As for the query of NFT's "non homogeneity", Jiang Zhaosheng pointed out that from the technical point of view, NFT must have the characteristics of non homogeneity, and technology can indeed give NFT uniqueness, such as unique identification code, non homogeneity, traceability and other characteristics.
        However, in actual operation, it may break away from the technical characteristics and produce some man-made uncontrollable factors. "For example, using others' NFT as their avatar or trading in private through screenshots, downloads, etc., actually constitutes infringement. But at present, the industry is still in its infancy, and the relevant laws and regulations are still imperfect, so it is difficult to legally define the copyright and ownership of NFT. In the current regulatory environment, the laws in the real world are still in conflict with the rules in the NFT world." Jiang Zhaosheng said. Zhou Xinjian believes that it is normal to have doubts. At present, the development of the whole industry is still in a very early stage, not only users, but also the identification of NFT value in the industry is not mature enough.
        Some NFT projects will have some foam, but some can run
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