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Baidu super chain and its partners set up an open source working group and donated the foundation of the operating system two years ago

Time : 24/06/2021 Author : 7flx4a Click : + -
        At the blockchain sub forum of the 2022 open atom global open source summit held a few days ago, baidu super chain and its partners jointly established the xupercore open source working group, which will help more professional developers and enterprises make good use of blockchain and prosper the blockchain open source ecosystem. Baidu super chain xuerchain donated the foundation of the entire operating system xuercore to the open atom foundation as early as 2020, providing professional developers and enterprises with convenient opportunities to apply blockchain technology. Xiao Wei, general manager of Baidu blockchain, believes that Web3.0 brings opportunities for sustainable development of blockchain for at least 10 years.
        Web3.0 applications such as NFT, digital collections, and metauniverse continue to be popular, making blockchain a necessity for the entire industry and an infrastructure for the next generation of value Internet. "Blockchain relies on open source to survive. Only open code can ensure its security, transparency, openness, traceability and tamperability," Xiao Wei said. Based on the concept of open source and openness, Baidu has created a free super chain operation platform, through which it can customize and manage its own chain, and the use experience is no less than that of paid products on the market. The platform can provide chain management services of multi terminal interoperability and Multi Chain switching for developers and enterprises who lack technology and capital accumulation, and build an ecological community, which will promote the large-scale implementation and application of blockchain technology in the industry.
        "Baidu super chain is not a chain. Its core is called xupercore, which can help enterprises and developers define the chain they need, which is more flexible and efficient." Xiao Wei further explained. Behind xupercore, there is deep technology and industry precipitation: it has 600 + blockchain core technology patents, single chain performance up to 87000 TPS, and has launched 30 + full scene, industry wide and field wide solutions. Up to now, Baidu has more than one million users of digital collections, and the cumulative number of collections registered on the chain has reached millions. The world's first monthly digital collection and the digital collection of the Chinese zodiac series by art giant Huang Yongyu have received good market response.
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