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Honesty + transparency! Peruvian supermarkets let you know meat information from "head" through blockchain Traceability Technology!

Time : 23/06/2022 Author : jozyvn Click : + -
        As a new technology that is believed to lead a new round of global technological and industrial changes, "blockchain" is undoubtedly one of the hottest words in 2019. In Latin America, blockchain technology has been applied to people's daily life. A large chain supermarket in Peru, a South American country, has applied blockchain technology to enable suppliers and consumers to trace and verify the source of meat products. As one of the largest supermarkets in Peru, since December this year, the supermarket has pasted corresponding logos one by one on the medium and high-end meat products supplied by more than 20 stores. The whole process of the supply of these meat products is tracked and recorded by blockchain technology.
        Marco ·, chief operating officer of Peru blockchain start-up; ESPASA: blockchain technology has been introduced since the birth of cattle and other animals, that is, tracking records from the breeding stage, including vaccination, feeding, feeding temperature, environment, etc. all the details before slaughtering will have corresponding electronic certificates. Experts pointed out that blockchain can be regarded as an account book, and each block can be regarded as a page of accounts, which is linked by recording the sequence of time to form a "account book", and every link of cattle from breeding to slaughtering to transportation to the supermarket is recorded in this "account book". Based on the basic nature of blockchain "distributed" and "tamper proof", it ensures the "honesty" and "transparency" of information, which is the basis for blockchain applications to bring a sense of trust to consumers.
        Diego, a local consumer in Peru: I think it's incredible. I can understand the whole production and cultivation process of the meat I want to consume now, which ensures my health. I think it's great. In the coming 2019, many South American countries, including Peru, have vigorously promoted the development of blockchain technology in many fields, and more application potential of blockchain has been developed and applied in energy market, digital identity, supply chain, financial services and other aspects.
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