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Time : 25/04/2022 Author : ofqcm3 Click : + -
        When you open Taobao to find the seller of yellow diamond, have you ever doubted the authenticity of praise and reputation? When you travel thousands of miles a day, over mountains and mountains, the pictures you take are posted on the Internet. Have you ever worried that they will be erased and reproduced by the author at will?. With the advent of the 5g era, the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives, and the demand for trust system, content control, property protection, financial security and other aspects is becoming increasingly strong. The core breakthrough that leads these issues lies in blockchain. The 2020 Internet Yuelu summit opened on September 8. The international audio and video algorithm optimization Summit Forum was co organized by Tianhe Guoyun, and Tan Lin, chairman and CEO of the company, attended as an entrepreneur representative.
        Tianhe Guoyun is the first Internet enterprise with deep-rooted blockchain research and development in Hunan Province. It has successfully developed Tianhe government chain, Tianhe Industrial chain, Tianhe cultural and creative chain, Tianhe security chain and other platforms, and has been successfully applied to the party government integration office platform, national electronic contract filing platform, justbao, excellent copyright and other applications. "On a global scale, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, but with the continuous development and extension of technology, it will definitely affect everyone's life." Tan Lin said. Tianhe Guoyun set up a subsidiary Tianhe Cultural Chain in malanshan video cultural and creative industrial park of "China V Valley", aiming to promote the protection and preservation of copyright by using blockchain technology and help the development of audio and video digital industry.
        "Once the creator's works are published online, they are easy to be erased by a third party. The author reprints them. It takes a long time to apply for copyright. When the copyright is implemented, infringement often occurs." Tan Lin said. After the application of blockchain technology, every step of the creator's creation is recorded, permanently preserved and visible to the users of the whole network, so it is difficult for infringement to occur again. "For example, if you write an article with WPS, once the blockchain is linked with WPS and you click save, all users of the network can see your operation. You are recognized as the first author of this article." Tan Lin said, "this is a problem that must be solved in the development of digital industry after 5g popularization.". "Everyone likes to look at the seller's score and credit when shopping online, but many times there is some moisture in these scores and credit.
        ”Tan Lin said that if blockchain is applied to the online shopping system, no matter the seller or the buyer, every step of the operation in the network will be recorded by the system, maliciously swipe points, and the behavior of inviting people to follow and comment will be at a glance. In the blockchain, there is no administrator role. Since its birth, every action of every user in the chain will be recorded and made public to everyone, which ensures fairness and openness to the greatest extent. Tan Lin was once an associate professor and senior engineer of the University of national defense science and technology, and a distinguished researcher of Hunan University. With multiple auras, he resolutely stepped into the ranks of entrepreneurship and ran on the blockchain track. With the development of the Internet and the advent of 5g, blockchain, as an emerging industry, has been extended to digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, digital asset trading and other fields.
        As the second era of the Internet, blockchain can solve the problem of trust and optimize production relations. Its anti-counterfeiting and anti tampering features enable everyone to establish their own integrity nodes in the blockchain network. "There are still many problems to be solved in the early stage of blockchain, such as efficiency improvement, on chain supervision, cross chain interaction and so on." Tan Lin said, "we should seize the time to take the lead in making breakthroughs. If one day, China leads the world through the development and application of blockchain, I was once a brick and honored.". Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. The following year, it began to set foot in blockchain and officially launched its own supply chain project.
        In 2019, the company ranked 14th among China's top 100 blockchain enterprises, leading the development of the industry. "Since the establishment of the company, we have participated in the Yuelu summit. We can clearly feel the continuous improvement and optimization of Hunan Internet development ecosystem, and more and more people are willing to join us and cooperate with us.". Tan Lin said that the Yuelu summit has enabled more and more people to see the Hunan power in the Internet industry. Over the past four years, Tianhe Guoyun has successively introduced about 20 talents from abroad, all of whom are now the backbone of the company. At the same time, more and more enterprises are actively seeking cooperation.
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